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WRINGLOCKE: Chapter 25.5



[says I'm gonna do shorter pages so I can update faster] [immediately has a long break between updates] HAHA WHOOPS, here's a longer page to make up for it.

it's so weird to think about how the last new member was...... siegfried......... like 4 years ago.............. (my catch rate was so bad in this run, lord). anyways HERE HE IS!!! i know he's a cop but it's a fantasy setting please don't hate them yet-- dalton's a bit weird in that they're the only character I had basically no personality or design for at all during the playthrough itself. usually I had at least a vague idea for everyone during the run, but dalton was just kinda a weird nothing that I didn't know what to do with and whose design I was unhappy with for a long time. it wasn't until I got the idea to make sudowoodo's spots into badges that they started to take form and slowly became the small justice gremlin that you see today.

so welcome to the team! don't waste it

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You know, I'm trying really hard but I can't figure out what gijinka Dalton is. Is he a Sudowoodo?