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WRINGLOCKE: Chapter 25.4



surprise few days later update! but rip lineart

so hey!! welcome to the new look. I'm uh... actually still not sure if it'll stay this way the whole time yet, lol? in some ways it's a lot faster for me than lineart, but a little slower in other ways. BUT it's also more fun for me and I think it compliments my color use more........ but time is ultimately my biggest concern, so, shrugs! we'll see if I change my mind about it later and go back to lineart, but for now it's a nice change of pace, so I'll stick to it for a little while and see how it goes

it'll be a little rough for these next few pages as I was still ironing out a process I'm comfortable with, so forgive me if it looks odd in places!

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whos that pokemon