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WRINGLOCKE: Chapter 25.2




also oh hey that explosion that happened a few hours ago in comic but happened nearly nine months ago in real life time! HA HA, LOVE THAT COMICS PACING LIFE,,,,,

cameos this page are Milo and Riley, who belong to :iconreagentnein:. I was originally gonna put my own characters there to save me the harrowing and heavy decision of who should be doing a jackoff motion, but luckily, milo is a very rude boy. thanks!

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HHMMMMMM so in my second read-through of this I noticed that Sieg thinks the problem was with /his/  ID, not Elles. I had a feeling that old guy back in chapter 11.1 was making him a fake ID and this pretty much confirms it. But why does he need a fake ID? The old guy said the league was glad to have him ‘back’, hmmhmhmhmhmhmm. Mysteries abound! I’m so excited to find out what the story behind that is

Also I love the last panel ahaha, Leon was actually responsible about something Im so proud of him XD