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WRINGLOCKE: Chapter 25.1




gonna try a new thing where I'm posting slightly shorter but more frequent pages! if I think a really really long page would be better pacing wise then I'll still probably do so, but otherwise, let's see how this goes?? hopefully will be better for making my output more consistent.

fun fact: with the exception of the cameos, a good 90% of this chapter was done several months ago while trying to build my buffer. note to others: HOO BOY do not do this, because by the time you get around to finally posting the page, everything looks bad and you have to resist the urge to redraw literally all of it. I'm sorry it took me so long to stop drawing everyone so chunky. this is my hubris and I must lie in it.

also CAMEOS! we got a few here.
firstly is Landen who belongs to :iconjenndragon:
and then Lucy and (the back of) Kinzie, who belongs to bacongun.
thanks for letting me use them!! a reminder that I'm always accepting cameos, there's all that info how here~

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I love his Sudowoodo because it's not how I imagined a Sudowoodo at all :'D So smol but with all the power of the law behind them!
The color palette in this scene is super nice too.