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WRINGLOCKE: Chapter 22.2



who the heck are these guys

also: thank you all for the kind messages wrt the message on the last page. I'm still Trying My Best and slowly getting back into the swing of things, but I appreciate it and am super lucky to have such an understanding audience ;w; thank you again as I try to take care of all of this, wehh

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I really like how you took a unique approach with background noise. Like the words of the TV is not incoherent noise, but it's obvious by the way it blends into the background that it is no longer being listened to, especially with the juxtaposition of speech bubbles. (The way the words casually get cut off is a nice touch too; it shows that it's not the focus of the scene.)

We've all seen the scribbles and blurred out text, sometimes empty speech bubbles too. So I really like how you chose to convey this.

Is that Suicune I spy?