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WRINGLOCKE: Chapter 22.1



that's fine probably. i don't know how to draw explosions.

HELLO! SO! sorry for the kinda unintentional, unannounced hiatus. it was sssorta a combo of things... but. uh. well.

I debated with myself for ages on whether I should even talk about this. but it's been so long and weighing so heavily that at this point I really do just want to be honest about my situation. for the record: I'm not ending anything, don't worry. just dealing with Stuff. the long version is below so if you don't care to read my whining, then feel free to skip it



so yes, part of the reason for the long delays is various life things-- jobs and family and Adulting and etc. but those are really just bumps in the road. the fact of the matter is that my mental health as a whole has been way worse these past few months. most days it's just lots of prolonged feelings of [vaguely gestures hands], but more frequently than ever I'm dealing with a lot of gross feelings that make it nearly impossible to properly work on art. these have always been things I've occasionally dealt with in small amounts, but never to the degree it's been lately. I have been making efforts to get past some of this recently, but mostly so I can finally do the Actual Responsible Stuff I've been putting off like commissions. granted, it's not like comic stuff hasn't been done at all-- I chip away when I can, mostly when I can detach my mind enough to just Do Work without thinking, so my buffer thankfully isn't completely dry. just a little slow and full of lots of "only 75% finished" things.

I don't want this to be interpreted as ~the first sign of the end~ because I'm not planning on quitting the comic any time soon. the sheer love for my dingus faux-pokemon fanfic is probably the only thing actually keeping me going, lol. it's just... taken way more effort and mental energy in order to actually have it exist lately. I wish I could say it should be better soon, but I really can't guarantee anything. besides, every time I do say "no problems from here on out!" I seem to immediately fall back into a pit, so maybe if I just say "I'm trying but no promises I won't disappear for several weeks" then maybe I'll actually do better, lmao

so, uh, I guess that's my life update and why I've been so quiet lately. I really don't intend for this to be some sob story where I'm looking for pity-- I just wanted to give an open and honest explanation for where I'm at, since it's become such a prominent problem and it's been five months since the last update seriously what the christ

anyways sorry again for the long wait, but thanks a lot for the reading and the patience. regardless of my hellbrain, I'm still excited to get into the events and characters in act 2, and I hope you like them too! maybe actual plot will happen at some point!! wow!!!!!

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Open the new arc with a bang!  Your suicune is so dreamy!