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WRINGLOCKE: Chapter 21.4 (full size in desc)



edit: howdy, dA has been having sizing issues lately and shrinking longer images, which means this old page is now near illegible. thanks dA!!!! for now you can see it at it's proper size in here until the issue is resolved




holy heck, I remember like 1-2 years ago just randomly daydreaming about even reaching the end of of act 1 alone, man. it feels nice to be able to reach some kind of arbitrary milestone. it's even at the beginning of 2017, so it just feels right. kinda wish I coulda ended it at an even 20 chapters but eh, WHADDYA GONNA DO.

thanks a bunch for sticking with this overblown fanfiction comic of mine!! whether you were reading early on, super recently, or several years in the future, I really appreciate it and I'm glad y'all are enjoying it 'w' I'm super pumped to get into act 2, since a looot of stuff I'm looking forward to happens and it also has some of my personal favorite characters, BUT we'll get to all that eventually. there are also a few changes I'm considering wrt update schedules, style, and being able to make pages faster... but those are talks for another time.

speaking of schedule, this will also obviously be the end of the super frequent updates, which... I kinda went off schedule for a few times anyway, but hey it was still more frequent than "vaguely once a month" :V

anyways, see you for the rest of 2017 ✨

(also the reason elle still has her goggles when noctowl doesn't have the red eyes anymore is: because)

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I can't tell, is Elle a Noctowl now?