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WRINGLOCKE: Chapter 18.5 (full size in desc)



edit: howdy, dA has been having sizing issues lately and shrinking longer images, which means this old page is now near illegible. thanks dA!!!! for now you can see it at it's proper size in here until the issue is resolved



alright so.

I talked about this a bit on 18.1, but it wasn't until I started writing these pages that I realized what a big disadvantage I was at. my memories of my playthrough are fuzzy, but I don't think it even occurred to me that almost all of my team was weak here. it was one of my first nuz runs, I did dumb things, I forgot type match-ups all the time, I didn't prep at all, and I was terrible at catching (which ultimately worked for keeping my cast smaller, but still).

there's dozens of people who will testify to whitney's difficulty, and dozens more who will parade that that's just an over-exaggeration and she's really not that bad. plenty of people know the reputation, prep enough, have the strong enough 'mons, and get out with little trouble.

I was clearly not one of those people.

leon was low on health. someone had to go in there.


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Nooooo! How could Jeff die? He was so fun! *sob*