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WRINGLOCKE: Chapter 18.4 (full size in desc)



edit: howdy, dA has been having sizing issues lately and shrinking longer images, which means this old page is now near illegible. thanks dA!!!! for now you can see it at it's proper size in here until the issue is resolved


well that's fine

sorry for the day late update! was shoppin' all day yesterday and forgot to post it when I got home

you don't have to worry about why goldenrod hasn't burned to the ground-- most gyms expect people to be using some crazy powerful attacks sometimes, and all gyms are specially proofed to handle stuff like that. also, typical fire attacks aren't really as strong as "actual" fire anyway, which is something I'll elaborate more on in an extra talking about types (double also, it's made a lot scarier than it actually is for effect ;V)

in case it seems confusing, just a small reminder that this isn't an unusual occurrence

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Holy psychedelic! The vibrancy! The chaos! You have a incredible way of portraying PSTD.