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WRINGLOCKE: Chapter 18.1



W-W-W-WE'RE BACK BABY!! I finally got all these pages fresh and ready and I am so excited to unleash them unto the world. originally, I was gonna post 'em weekly, but I'm just TOO EXCITED AND IMPATIENT so fuck it Y'ALL ARE GETTING A NEW PAGE EVERY SATURDAY AND WEDNESDAY. that's several months worth of freshly baked updates right at your doorstep! WOWZA!!!!!

IT, UH, HAS ADMITTEDLY BEEN A LOT LONGER THAN I HAD WISHED. I sure didn't want it to be november when I posted these, but the short version is that I was basically just dealing with a whole ugly slew of demotivation issues and Bad Feels over the summer, and was struggling to get back on my feet in the fall. BUT I'm doin' way better now, so again I apologize for taking so long with these. (did you know I actually started sketching these pages in like early 2015? during my summer job in '15 I also sometimes woke up an hour early to lineart a few panels. it has been. a long labor of effort.)

SO THE PAGE!! I didn't really realize what a huge disadvantage I was at in this gym until I actually started planning and writing this match. I was pretty bad at nuzzin' so I honestly don't think it ever even occured to me in my original playthrough way back when. does this end up biting me in the butt?! LET'S FIND OUT

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Love the very distinct (and pretty!) palette for the gym!