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WRINGLOCKE: Chapter 17.3



wasn't my protagonist a totodile at some point? ... nah, that's ridiculous

Anyway, that's a wrap! I genuinely cannot believe it took me this long to use super bright glowing pinks on a page. Since it's also been a while: "what happened over at Azalea" is referring to this whole mess.

FUN FACT: don't worry, all these kids aren't drinking illegally. Drinking ages vary between all the regions, and Johto's happens to be the lowest at age 16. Thanks, Johto government!


So, basically, this semester's definitly been looming over me a fair bit. It was always a liiittle tough from the start, but now, we are slowly approaching the point where the next couple months are about to become pretty hellish, haha. Normally I'd just go ahead and say that updates may be slow then, buuuut...

Pacing and how well things are read at certain points are pretty important to me. And after looking over my notes for the next few chapters, I personally feel as though they are best read, well, not several months apart like I do right now since they're so long :V So after mulling over it a little, I'd, ideally, like to just finish up ALL those pages, and then release them, say, weekly for a little while.

... Which, as you can imagine, is a much harder feat to accomplish when you have your college's iron grip around your throat :'y GEE I sure am glad school life decided to get super hardcore at the same exact time I wanted to do this kinda update string!! Rest assured, I'm doing my best to work on Wringlocke as much as I can during freetime. On that front, I do have the next chapter basically done (which is super long and should count as like, 4 separate chapters honestly but I digress), along with the giant hurdle of writing, sketching, and setting up most of those bare bones for the rest like 80% finished. So at the very least, I'm close to getting a pretty clean path of just inking and coloring at this point that I just need to power through, but it may still take quite a while.

SO, I guess what I'm saying is that it's soooorta on haitus, but not really. Main updates may not happen for a while, but I got a few bonus treats and plans in the backlog for the meantime, so it won't be completely dead around here in that regard.

SO THAT'S IT!! Sorry that school just happened to get busy at this specific point, but them's the breaks I guess :T I hopefully can have this all finished ASAP, so thanks for sticking around!! 'w'

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So I'm re-reading this again because I adore it and I have to ask, why does poor Sieg always get so hung over? He seems to be the only one who ever has trouble with booze lol