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WRINGLOCKE: Chapter 17.2



whooOOPS AWKWARD CUT. I didn't really wanna do it there, but I couldn't really find a place to cut it otherwise without losing specific things I wanted to keep with each page. gotta plan these out a little better lol, c'est la vie...

anyways whoooo montages I spent way too much time on!! please choose your favorite appropriate montage music, although I personally recommend this.

I'm trying to strike a decent balance of information with Elle and Diane's backstory... it'll get some clearer details soon enough, but I'm hoping there's enough pieces there to get the general idea, which is all that's necessary right now. it'll probably help to go back and read the last page real quick, since it's been like a month.

FUN FACT: Diane's supposed to have a slight southern accent, though it's kinda hard to get accents across in text without going full on HOWDY Y'ALL AH DONE LOVE COWBOYS YEEHAW SUGAH but uh, hopefully it comes through :V

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I feel like I'm on vacation just watching! Lovya Ellie!