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WRINGLOCKE: Chapter 11.2

By Umberoff

hm hmm lotsa vagueness going on, whoops. also not sure how I feel about the fight in this one-- probably went by a little too quickly, mm. might've been better if it was tacked onto the end of last part like it was initially planned to, but eh!!

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Shit is goin down now. Gosh I really love the way you use your colours umber!  ALSO SLAM DOWN, ONE FOR SIEG.  Leon ya better watch yerself before you wreck-- Welp  Guess Arian went straight in for it... Don't be so mean dude D:  EVEN JEFF ISN'T ENJOYING IT AND USUALLY HE'S THE ONE SAYING DUMB STUFF.

[ g a s p ] Don't you d a r e hurt my spidermuffin. Imma whack ya a new one.... sdkjfkasjdf HE HURT JEFF.  D<  GO GET'M ELLE. And it seems Leon took a come back right there! ONLY to be slammed back down, oof Arian is really out for him isn't he?

That is some convenient alarm blaring... .... That damon looks scared.... HMMM...

BEN TO THE RESCUE.  dsfkdjsf level six... they don't have the credentials. Oh god pls tell me they'll be ok...
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rereading these pages, knowing who damon is, and seeing damon's reaction..................................... oh god fuck........ umber i'm very Frightened ??? about what has happened to our boy ??
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very late response buuuuut >83c
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Oh my goodness, I love to see of this world where journey is mandatory in preparation for military service. There's always been the underlying feeling of something sinister.
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Oh dear oh dear! Be this a natural disaster or something else?
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Yay! Another page! You got me worried dude I was scared for them  Waaaah!  Maybe I just don't have much faith in their strength... hehe
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