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I really wanted to come up with a clever pun title but I got nuthin' sooo generic it is

anyways, sorry for the quietness on nuz stuff lately! I got explanations on the blog if you wanna know the deets, but past all that, I'm finally getting off my butt and just gonna be workin' to finish a bunch of stuff and be more active. so first off here's a bunch of warm-up drawings over the past few weeks! I've been thinking a lot about cute outfits lately......

I guess it doesn't make sense for characters whose clothing directly ties them to a pokemon to wear different unrelated outfits, but it also doesn't make sense to wear the same jacket every day anyway so THAT AIN’T GONNA STOP ME

I've also been getting interested in lineless art lately? I dunno if it'll lead to any major style changes in-comic (unless it does) (cuz seriously this style's wayyy quicker to do) (a-and just really fun and) ANYWAYS we'll see
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How do you even do lineless in LESS time than you do lined art? Wow!