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CM: Rapid Fire

By Umberoff
Second part of a commission for :iconmeiresthaimoros: of their Pony OC, Rapid Fire. I thought sunset colors would do nicely~ I hadn't drawn clouds in a long time so I had a hard time doing them and had to re-teach myself WHOOPS AHAHA.

Anyways, enjoy~
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Isn't "Rapid Fire" one of the newly revealed names of the OTHER Wonderbolts mentioned in the latest episode "Sweet and Elite", and not an OC? (I think the other was "Swift Foot" or something like that ... in addition to the "SpitFire" and "Soarin" we know)
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Ah, I just went to check the episode, and you're right. But the person who commissioned this had this OC before the episode aired, so it's probably just a coincidence.
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Oh ... okay then.
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:iconmother-of-godplz: This is beautiful. Makes me want to experiment more with color.
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Why thank you~
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Damn... just damn, simply amazing! :D
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Thank you! c:
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/)o3o(\ no.. thank.. YOU! for the awesomeness xD
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Oh wow. It looks great. I just love the sunset background. It's perfect for her! ...especially considering the colors. And for someone that hasn't done clouds, they sure look great. xD Thanks so much! I just love it.
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Ahh thank you, I'm glad you like it! c: Those clouds took foreverrr so I'm happy they also came out good~
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I was staring at this thumbnail at a while. I thought it was from a group for a moment and thought I would check it out anyway. x3
That shading looks really nice here. And unlike me, you know how to make the colors blend.
How come you don't use the 3 keys in your description? That must be a lot of copypasting.
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Pffft yey because it took me hours to learn to make those clouds look right gah.

Also I figure since this whole thing is more, uh, "displayed" and everything I'd at least type properly or people who don't know :Y
(... Also I fixed my 'e' key just before posting this SO)
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