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As you guys know I am gonna give 30 dA points to that person who gives me a SS of exact 60k so it's closing in very fast so keep your eyes wide open :D

Anyways I just heard that Poland lost it's 90+ high officials including president in a plane crash, it's truly a tragedy. May they R.I.P.


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i never though i would win, just logged on dA went to your pro and look 60k.
Still a big thanx :hug:
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np :) I will post up a journal soon ;)
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I was waiting for your 60k pvs for 1 hour, and when I refreshed the page it was at 60 006 ! What do i do ? :'(

I've a screen.
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I already got a winner :)
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It was at 59 997 before refreshing D:
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ohh you were close :) but hope fully I will sometime soon hold another one ;) just need more donations :D and I will arrange another, and since you got a premium membership now just use my donate button found on main page and add it to your main page ;)
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but i've no point
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ohh no, I mean if you add that button on your main page, people (who want to) will donate you points :)
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And what can i do with points ?
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gather them till they are enough to buy some stuff on dA like tshirts, subscriptions etc etc :D but it might take ages for me it will :D
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Thank you so much for featuring me! Means a lot :)
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Nice selection! :)
If you were a Mac, you could be a great author on Iconpaper. :p
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hohohoho :D thnx XD
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i've been watching your pageviews, but i don't think i'll be the one to capture it lol!

oh that poland massacre was awful! i wonder if it was some kind of assasination from the russians. it's just too strange. seems fishy...

well btw cool features!
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well yeah agree it seems to be assassination because why did that particular plane crash? anyways it's too early to blame anyone
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yeah all the sudden, right when they were landing, the ENTIRE polish government crashes and dies! in russia, too. but we will find out...
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