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August 21, 2010
What Lies Within by ~um0p3pisdn

~majcy92: I like it how just the eyes are in different color. Also her expression fits the text. It's a great art.

*MissAisling: When I saw the thumb I thought it was a drawing, but the sheer amount of detail is just amazing.

Also suggested by ~Jo-po
Featured by pica-ae
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What Lies Within

"What lies before us, and what lies behind us, is nothing compared to what lies within us." - Emerson

Thanks to everyone who suggested it this for a DD, special thanks to :iconjo-po: <3 u babe

And thanks to everyone who Commented/Faved

↓Have A Question? Read This↓

Did I use a stock image in this deviation? Yes. It's quite apparent, if you look at her hair.

Did I follow a tutorial in this deviation? No.
Although if you look at my oldest two typo pieces in my gallery, I have links credited to the tutorials in the description and you can see some of the stuff i've picked up along the way.

What Program did I use? Adobe Photoshop CS5

What Font did I use? Impact (transformed/distorted)

How long did this take? I worked on if for 3 days and I drank an unbelievable amount of coffee.

Did you watch me make this from beginning to end? No. So feeling compelled to tell someone what they have and have not done is . .. ridiculous, you know who you are ;)
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This piece inspired me to make this
LonnieCorley's avatar
Amazing work here.Would love to learn how this was done.
ToddDuquette's avatar
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Pls sir could you make some tut pls Master PLs :(
awesome work ...
jarzseald's avatar
hi, wheres your tutorials? :D i wanna learn from you. :)
anindiecalledkatrina's avatar
this is AMAZING! Love how you got the lighting, the way the font stands out, the way it actually looks like a person made out of words...EVERYTHING!!! x
kaLengcreative's avatar

i really want to can make it... maybe you could help me with slightly tutorial....? ;)
Movushi's avatar
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So good work, very nice
NickyG1's avatar
Very nice done! Compliments!
mct2art's avatar
wow dude, just wow !!!! love it
TheHawkeyeStudio's avatar
She looks so sexy, I wanna shake her letters off!
Haraldia's avatar
Very interesting, :)
Artsouls143's avatar
mind blowing... man... even iam also done typography portrait... for contest... but... mine is not looking 3d...

your portrait as life...

just check mine....


my first typography portrait.... and if u can help me out how u got that result in your portrait.......

so might be next ... portrait ... i will do better...

nice to meet u

HaV0cK's avatar
Just Aweeeesome....Really do love this piece....Great Job at this :)
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