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Hate and Romance|| Damien LaVey x Male!Reader IV
Co-Author - poisonmantis
Monster Prom © Beautiful Glitch
Preview Art © jingleboy on Tumblr {}
Damien had been sitting near perfectly still for almost an hour, scared that if he moved, he’d end up with bigger problems than the cute boy on his lap. Amira and Blue had left for a party Liam was hosting, which meant they were the only ones who wanted to even consider going. Scott, at some point, had showed up at (Name)’s door unannounced. He was sitting on Brian’s lap, cuddled into his neck happily. Oz was sitting sideways in an armchair, legs sticking up into the air.
“We should go get like… dinner.” Oz’s voice was the loudest thing in the room, stopping the conversation Brian and (Name) had been having.
(Name) laughed. “Great idea, Oz. Brian, you wanna take Oz and Scott in your car?”
“Sure, man.” Brian nudged Scott, who hopped up, tail thumping. “Go get in the car. Here’s the k
:iconulysseswrites:UlyssesWrites 8 7
Lying in Order to Love || Deacon x Male!Reader I
Fandom - Fallout 4
Fallout 4 © Bethesda
Preview Art ©
“’Ah, what a sign it is of evil life, where death’s approach is seen so terrible!’”
“D! This is no time for fucking Shakespeare! We’re literally fighting one of the ruthless monsters of the Commonwealth, and you’re talking in 16th century Elizabethan!”
“Sorry boss.” Deacon apologized, though there was no real meaning behind his apology.
The two were currently fighting an Alpha Deathclaw. Not by choice; oh no. The Deathclaw came out of nowhere during a scrap between (Name), Deacon, and some Raiders. The Raiders were killed by the Deathclaw ages ago, so all that remained for the two was a giant mutated monster.
“Come on girl; show me that tummy.” (Name) mumbled, reloading his combat shotgun once he got some distance between him and the monster.
“I’m su
:iconulysseswrites:UlyssesWrites 10 8
Psionic Web || Peter Parker x Male!Reader III
In the world of Spider-man Homecoming, except it’s after the movie, and Peter is not a 15-year-old baby. Most details will be fanon.
Fandom - Spider-Man
Spider-Man © Stan Lee/Marvel Studios
(Name) woke up in excruciating pain.
He attempted to sit up in his bed, but his body was stiff and in too much pain. He groaned, pressing the heel of his hand to his forehead, feeling his head pulsate with a migraine. (Name) flexed his hand, feeling his fingers pop and relax since they were so stiff. His ribs burned in welting pain, lifting up his shirt to inspect the bruises that bloomed. Cursing at the injury, he reminded himself that he had to repair his suit, due to the tears on his back and sides from rolling on the asphalt to protect Peter. He winced in pain when his phone started to ring, (Name) groaning and searching around for his cell. He couldn’t find the cursed device, of course, seeing that his phone came unplugged from his charger in the middle of the night, making him
:iconulysseswrites:UlyssesWrites 24 12
Quick Thinking| Barry Allen x Male!Reader I
Fandom – Justice League, The Flash
Justice League; The Flash © DCEU
The Justice League; formed to combat the Mother Boxes, Parademons, and Steppenwolf. Now that there is no threat of total global annihilation from unknown entities and metahumans, the Leaguers returned to the lives they lived previously. Though, the League is in no way, shape, or form, ready to take on another threat as large as Steppenwolf. Bruce Wayne, when not superheroing, has been scouring the databases globally for anyone that would be a good fit for the small fledgling organization. He knew the importance of numbers, so he was working around the clock trying to figure out who to draft as a member to the League. It was difficult; he was a one-man team trying to figure out who would be the best first new member since the attack of the Mother Boxes, and none of the other Leaguers were around to give an input of who they wanted to see come into their ranks.
The only Leaguer he reached out to and received a
:iconulysseswrites:UlyssesWrites 17 2
Initium Novum|| Paladin Danse x Male!Reader I
Fallout 4 © Bethesda
Preview Image ©
(Name) was roaming around the Commonwealth, Dogmeat by his side with dog armour on and a cool bandana. He was tired; walking around the place and running away from annoying ass Raiders that were apparently everywhere and always popping out It was dark out, the stars barely visible from the radiation pollution in the sky. Dogmeat yawned loudly, (Name) muttering a ‘me too, buddy’ as the male sat on a nuclear-powered car that was run down from the lack of care and the heat from the atom bomb. Dogmeat sat on the torn seat on the passenger side of the car, (Name) cracking open some potted meat and feeding some to the pooch, having some for himself as well. Leaning back in the seat of the decrepit car, he listened to Diamond City radio to fill the awkward silence of the night. As he bent the lid as a scoop to eat the slightly irrad
:iconulysseswrites:UlyssesWrites 10 2
Hate and Romance || Damien LaVey x Male!Reader III
Preview Art © jingleboy on Tumblr {}
Monster Prom © Beautiful Glitch
Damien was sitting on the roof of the school, flicking lit matches off into the courtyard. He hadn’t been home or to class in days. He also hadn’t properly slept since the morning of his fight with (Name).
It wasn’t really a fight though, was it? It was more of Damien fucking up. Like always.
He could see (Name) talking to Polly and Oz. That’s fine. If he liked Oz so much he could date that gloopy little--
Another match flew into the air, fizzling out before it hit the ground. Damien could feel his eyes welling up with tears as he watched (Name) smile and laugh with Oz, grabbing his hand and tugging him to a small stand of trees. He could see (Name)’s grin from here.
His vision was too blurred to watch, but Oz was far too close. Was he kissing (Name)? Or were they just l
:iconulysseswrites:UlyssesWrites 17 12
Hate and Romance || Damien LaVey x Male!Reader II
COAUTHOR - poisonmantis
Fandom - Monster Prom
Monster Prom © Beautiful Glitch
Preview Art © jingleboy on Tumblr {}
Nothing was worse than school food.
Of course, unless you were friends with Polly. If you were friends with Polly then everything was worse than school food. School food was the best medium for dissolving experimental drugs found only in secret government labs or not-so-experimental normal drugs found in Polly’s ‘drug fanny pack,’ or the plastic bags the ghost girl taped to herself.
Damien, fortunately, was friends with Polly.
Unfortunately, however, Polly wasn’t here today.
So school food sucked again.
Damien dug around in his bag for any drugs spare from helping Polly sell shit to teachers.
One tiny bag of green powder fell from the open end of his backpack. It would have to do. He had no idea what it did, and was pretty sure Polly said it should be taken while alone. Damien stood and headed into the forest behin
:iconulysseswrites:UlyssesWrites 32 16
Hate and Romance || Damien LaVey x Male!Reader I
This is set a bit earlier than the game, but it will probably end with the prom date.
Monster Prom © Beautiful Glitch
Preview Art © jingleboys on Tumblr {}
Damien LaVey was known to be brash, stubborn, loud, a dangerous arsonist, and an asshole. Despite those descriptions, he still had his friends, somehow. The Demon Prince was sort of surprised himself for the fact, but he would never admit it, of course. He had Polly, who he drank and did drugs with, the money-crazed Vera, big heart but small brained Scott, vampire hipster Liam, and the Merfolk Princess Miranda. They were all eccentric and fucking crazy, so maybe it did make sense that they were all friends. Anywho, Damien is a menace and anyone that isn’t one of the five listed before is more than likely afraid of him and his stabbing/punching/arson-y/murderous ways. The school term was halfway over, and some were surprised that they survived, since the high school they attended was near
:iconulysseswrites:UlyssesWrites 40 19
Bullets and Tea || Spencer Reid x Male!Reader I
Fandom - Criminal Minds
Criminal Minds © The Mark Gordon Company
Doctor Spencer Reid was known to people outside of his work as ‘eccentric’, ‘oddball’, ‘know-it-all’, and even ‘insane’ sometimes. He was just intelligent, and ignorant people fear intelligence, so they avoid him like he’s the bubonic plague. He didn’t mind all that much, and continued his work while ignoring the judgemental world around him. He had more important things to worry about, like his cases at the BAU. He was currently at the BAU reading the file from the last case they just solved. It was about a string of murders where the victims would have stars carved into their throats, and eyeballs removed. It was definitely a head-scratcher, and the unsub was shot dead after he tried to shoot Reid himself when trying to arrest him. Stuff like him almost dying doesn’t really phase him as much as it did when he first started the job. It sounds awful; b
:iconulysseswrites:UlyssesWrites 31 1
The Engineer || Jesse McCree x Male!Reader II
Fandom - Overwatch
Overwatch © Jeff Kaplan / Blizzard
Throwing his head back with a groan, Jesse looked to the ceiling for entertainment. He was extremely bored, and he didn't know what to do. The gunslinger was surprised, he hadn’t seen the engineer Overwatch hired yesterday at all that day, wondering where he had gotten himself into. He knew he was up all night; he could hear the sound of lasers cutting into metals, and what sounded like him smacking metal pieces against one another late at night. He already spent an hour and a half in the range, tearing apart the already-crumbling targets Torbjörn made ages ago. They were dingy and dented, with some rust on the heads of the robots and the body of the training dummies. They’ve definitely seen better days, nearly exhausted entirely of their lifespans. If they were going to win a war against Talon, and any other organization against Overwatch, they would need better equipment. Maybe he’d slip that info in to
:iconulysseswrites:UlyssesWrites 33 8
Wild Wasteland|| Robert MacCready x Male!Reader II
Fandom - Fallout 4
Fallout 4 © Bethesda
Carrying the body of his fallen, bleeding friend, MacCready was followed by the Abernathys. Blake used his arm to swipe everything off of a wooden table as (Name) was gently set on the table. Lucy was ordered to gather some linens as Robert’s hand was pressed onto one of the large, bleeding wounds on (Name)’s chest from being stabbed by one of the Super Mutants. Once the linens were there, they started to wrap up the wounds littered all over (Name)’s body from his tumble and fly. Robert’s face felt tight from the dried tears on his face, his eyes dry. Supporting (Name)’s injured head, Robert cleaned the angry wound on his partner’s face, pushing his <h/c>, <style> hair out of the way. His chest was barely moving from the strangled breaths he could scarcely emit. A sewing needle and fishing line were being boiled in Purified Water while Connie put aside Antiseptic for Robert’s use, him nod
:iconulysseswrites:UlyssesWrites 12 5
Psionic Web || Peter Parker x Male!Reader II
In the world of Spider-man Homecoming, except it’s after the movie, and Peter is not a 15 year old baby. Most details will be fanon.
Fandom - Spider-Man
Spider-Man © Stan Lee/Marvel Studios
The pair of brainiacs finished their English project two days after the project it was assigned, which allowed the two to slack off and do whatever they wanted to do in their shared English class. The windows, which were normally opened, were closed due to the pouring rain outside. (Name) had a bag of Takis on his lap, ankles crossed as his boots were on his desk, scrolling down Instagram. Peter was studying for the Spanish test him and Ned have that afternoon, knowing that he’ll pass, but wanted to pass the time. The Spider-hero noticed that (Name) didn’t enjoy talking a lot in their classes, and that he was more chatty when they were outside of school, which he could kind of understand. After (Name) met (and harassed) Flash, the guy never even looks in Peter’s directio
:iconulysseswrites:UlyssesWrites 54 42
Psionic Web || Peter Parker x Male!Reader I
In the world of Spider-man Homecoming, except it’s after the movie, and Peter is not a 15 year old baby.
Most details will be fanon
Spider-Man © Stan Lee/Marvel Studios
“Parker, do you know the answer?” Peter was spaced out in class, playing some game on his laptop in the back of the classroom, when his Math teacher called on him for an answer. Closing his laptop screen half-way, he peered at the board and quickly worked out the problem in his head.
“712 to the 15th power.” He answered, the teacher nodding and explaining why his answer is right, the bell ringing and Peter quickly gathering his things up and practically darting from the room.
Running out of the building, he jogged down the stairs, throwing everything in his bag and running off the school’s campus. While walking, he stripped off his clothes and put his Spideysuit on, shoving his clothes in his bag as the black spider in the middle of his chest adjusted the suit to fit his body as
:iconulysseswrites:UlyssesWrites 66 10
Wild Wasteland || Robert MacCready x Male!Reader
Fandom - Fallout 4
Fallout 4 © Bethesda
Life has been hard for (Name) ever since the Great War; being led to Vault 111 and being put to sleep in the cryotanks, to only be ‘woken up’ to watch his son be kidnapped, and wife murdered. Once he woke up officially and was let out of his cryotank, he was immediately thrown into a world where every creature was mutated horribly by radiation and anything with a life wanted to kill him. He’s served for his country, so he had somewhat of a stable hand and level head when it came to combat-- nothing could’ve prepared him for the hellscape that was known as ‘the Commonwealth’. He’s met his fair share of Feral Ghouls, Radroaches, Mirelurks, Bloatflies, and other horribly mutated creatures. Not to mention the asinine population of Raiders, Synths, and Gunners. Everything wants to kill him, and all he’s done was sleep for 200 years, lose his wife, watch his son be kidnapped, and woke up seeking reve
:iconulysseswrites:UlyssesWrites 13 7
Prankster || Genji Shimada x Male!Reader V
Reader is the adopted son of Jack Morrison
Fandom - Overwatch
Overwatch © Blizzard
(Name) was in the office, the bell for the first available class ringing. He was in an office chair, tapping a pen to a song he had stuck in his head while he listened to the rambling of a story the secretary was telling him with disinterest. He nodded and made sounds of agreement and an occasional comment, though he couldn’t be bothered with anything she was saying. He grabbed the matte-finished, seafoam green Yeti tumbler he had in front of him, taking a drink from the tea inside of it. Swiping his cell from beside the tumbler, he frowned at the lack of response from Genji. In a small fit of depression, (Name) accidentally launched the pen he was playing with across the room, him shrugging at it and playing a game on his phone. He looked up when Jack walked into the room, putting his elbow on his son’s head as he took a drink from his large thermos as Gabriel stumb
:iconulysseswrites:UlyssesWrites 33 15


Arrested for DeviantART Crimes by MentalCrash Arrested for DeviantART Crimes :iconmentalcrash:MentalCrash 1,074 224 Kanna Kamui by yioyio Kanna Kamui :iconyioyio:yioyio 210 14 + tokyo trip + by MellowKun + tokyo trip + :iconmellowkun:MellowKun 2,205 82 Sansette Sketch by GhostfaceNikol Sansette Sketch :iconghostfacenikol:GhostfaceNikol 776 69 Gatotuna by Alderion-Al Gatotuna :iconalderion-al:Alderion-Al 399 26 dull by 01nu dull :icon01nu:01nu 370 11 Drawlloween Bat by IrenHorrors Drawlloween Bat :iconirenhorrors:IrenHorrors 1,174 23 Thinking Twice by js4853 Thinking Twice :iconjs4853:js4853 217 19 Connor and Hank by bluemist72 Connor and Hank :iconbluemist72:bluemist72 396 23 Self Portrait BashPaint by Ashlmet Self Portrait BashPaint :iconashlmet:Ashlmet 241 25 Piggyback by briannacherrygarcia Piggyback :iconbriannacherrygarcia:briannacherrygarcia 1,286 31
Harry Potter X Male!Reader - compliments.
Harry Potter X Male!Reader
warnings: fluff fluff and fluff
he/him pronouns used for reader
** aged up & professor harry
** harry is ~25+ and reader is 19
** harry and Ginny aren’t and never were a thing ahh
“You have beautiful eyes.”
The compliment caught him off guard.
Harry blinked, one moment he was ordering a tea and slice of lemon drizzle cake, the next he’s staring, blushing, at the waiter that just complimented him.
“Th-Thank you,” Harry stuttered, making the waiter laugh lightly at the reaction.
“You’re welcome, I’ll go get you tea and cake now,” You said absently as you walked away from him.
It was odd, Harry thought, that interaction defiantly didn’t feel normal. He decided to brush it off the most he could and went back to reading the muggle newspaper he picked up earlier in the day.
“Here is you green tea and lemon cake, is there anything else I can get you, Mr. Potter?” You asked as you p
:icondiamond-operation:Diamond-Operation 27 12
Mature content
T'Challa X Male!Reader - kitten. [pt.2] :icondiamond-operation:Diamond-Operation 28 20
For my favorite Writer and good friend! by InsomniAT800D For my favorite Writer and good friend! :iconinsomniat800d:InsomniAT800D 4 0 Real 50s rock hours by NewGlasses Real 50s rock hours :iconnewglasses:NewGlasses 357 93 marcie and bonnibel by KazunaPikachu marcie and bonnibel :iconkazunapikachu:KazunaPikachu 438 7



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