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Hate and Romance || Damien LaVey x Male!Reader III
Preview Art © jingleboy on Tumblr {}
Monster Prom © Beautiful Glitch
Damien was sitting on the roof of the school, flicking lit matches off into the courtyard. He hadn’t been home or to class in days. He also hadn’t properly slept since the morning of his fight with (Name).
It wasn’t really a fight though, was it? It was more of Damien fucking up. Like always.
He could see (Name) talking to Polly and Oz. That’s fine. If he liked Oz so much he could date that gloopy little--
Another match flew into the air, fizzling out before it hit the ground. Damien could feel his eyes welling up with tears as he watched (Name) smile and laugh with Oz, grabbing his hand and tugging him to a small stand of trees. He could see (Name)’s grin from here.
His vision was too blurred to watch, but Oz was far too close. Was he kissing (Name)? Or were they just l
:iconulysseswrites:UlyssesWrites 8 4
Hate and Romance || Damien LaVey x Male!Reader II
COAUTHOR - poisonmantis
Fandom - Monster Prom
Monster Prom © Beautiful Glitch
Preview Art © jingleboy on Tumblr {}
Nothing was worse than school food.
Of course, unless you were friends with Polly. If you were friends with Polly then everything was worse than school food. School food was the best medium for dissolving experimental drugs found only in secret government labs or not-so-experimental normal drugs found in Polly’s ‘drug fanny pack,’ or the plastic bags the ghost girl taped to herself.
Damien, fortunately, was friends with Polly.
Unfortunately, however, Polly wasn’t here today.
So school food sucked again.
Damien dug around in his bag for any drugs spare from helping Polly sell shit to teachers.
One tiny bag of green powder fell from the open end of his backpack. It would have to do. He had no idea what it did, and was pretty sure Polly said it should be taken while alone. Damien stood and headed into the forest behin
:iconulysseswrites:UlyssesWrites 28 16
Hate and Romance || Damien LaVey x Male!Reader I
This is set a bit earlier than the game, but it will probably end with the prom date.
Monster Prom © Beautiful Glitch
Preview Art © jingleboys on Tumblr {}
Damien LaVey was known to be brash, stubborn, loud, a dangerous arsonist, and an asshole. Despite those descriptions, he still had his friends, somehow. The Demon Prince was sort of surprised himself for the fact, but he would never admit it, of course. He had Polly, who he drank and did drugs with, the money-crazed Vera, big heart but small brained Scott, vampire hipster Liam, and the Merfolk Princess Miranda. They were all eccentric and fucking crazy, so maybe it did make sense that they were all friends. Anywho, Damien is a menace and anyone that isn’t one of the five listed before is more than likely afraid of him and his stabbing/punching/arson-y/murderous ways. The school term was halfway over, and some were surprised that they survived, since the high school they attended was near
:iconulysseswrites:UlyssesWrites 34 19
Bullets and Tea || Spencer Reid x Male!Reader I
Fandom - Criminal Minds
Criminal Minds © The Mark Gordon Company
Doctor Spencer Reid was known to people outside of his work as ‘eccentric’, ‘oddball’, ‘know-it-all’, and even ‘insane’ sometimes. He was just intelligent, and ignorant people fear intelligence, so they avoid him like he’s the bubonic plague. He didn’t mind all that much, and continued his work while ignoring the judgemental world around him. He had more important things to worry about, like his cases at the BAU. He was currently at the BAU reading the file from the last case they just solved. It was about a string of murders where the victims would have stars carved into their throats, and eyeballs removed. It was definitely a head-scratcher, and the unsub was shot dead after he tried to shoot Reid himself when trying to arrest him. Stuff like him almost dying doesn’t really phase him as much as it did when he first started the job. It sounds awful; b
:iconulysseswrites:UlyssesWrites 24 1
The Engineer || Jesse McCree x Male!Reader II
Fandom - Overwatch
Overwatch © Jeff Kaplan / Blizzard
Throwing his head back with a groan, Jesse looked to the ceiling for entertainment. He was extremely bored, and he didn't know what to do. The gunslinger was surprised, he hadn’t seen the engineer Overwatch hired yesterday at all that day, wondering where he had gotten himself into. He knew he was up all night; he could hear the sound of lasers cutting into metals, and what sounded like him smacking metal pieces against one another late at night. He already spent an hour and a half in the range, tearing apart the already-crumbling targets Torbjörn made ages ago. They were dingy and dented, with some rust on the heads of the robots and the body of the training dummies. They’ve definitely seen better days, nearly exhausted entirely of their lifespans. If they were going to win a war against Talon, and any other organization against Overwatch, they would need better equipment. Maybe he’d slip that info in to
:iconulysseswrites:UlyssesWrites 29 8
Wild Wasteland|| Robert MacCready x Male!Reader II
Fandom - Fallout 4
Fallout 4 © Bethesda
Carrying the body of his fallen, bleeding friend, MacCready was followed by the Abernathys. Blake used his arm to swipe everything off of a wooden table as (Name) was gently set on the table. Lucy was ordered to gather some linens as Robert’s hand was pressed onto one of the large, bleeding wounds on (Name)’s chest from being stabbed by one of the Super Mutants. Once the linens were there, they started to wrap up the wounds littered all over (Name)’s body from his tumble and fly. Robert’s face felt tight from the dried tears on his face, his eyes dry. Supporting (Name)’s injured head, Robert cleaned the angry wound on his partner’s face, pushing his <h/c>, <style> hair out of the way. His chest was barely moving from the strangled breaths he could scarcely emit. A sewing needle and fishing line were being boiled in Purified Water while Connie put aside Antiseptic for Robert’s use, him nod
:iconulysseswrites:UlyssesWrites 11 5
Psionic Web || Peter Parker x Male!Reader II
In the world of Spider-man Homecoming, except it’s after the movie, and Peter is not a 15 year old baby. Most details will be fanon.
Fandom - Spider-Man
Spider-Man © Stan Lee/Marvel Studios
The pair of brainiacs finished their English project two days after the project it was assigned, which allowed the two to slack off and do whatever they wanted to do in their shared English class. The windows, which were normally opened, were closed due to the pouring rain outside. (Name) had a bag of Takis on his lap, ankles crossed as his boots were on his desk, scrolling down Instagram. Peter was studying for the Spanish test him and Ned have that afternoon, knowing that he’ll pass, but wanted to pass the time. The Spider-hero noticed that (Name) didn’t enjoy talking a lot in their classes, and that he was more chatty when they were outside of school, which he could kind of understand. After (Name) met (and harassed) Flash, the guy never even looks in Peter’s directio
:iconulysseswrites:UlyssesWrites 48 40
Psionic Web || Peter Parker x Male!Reader I
In the world of Spider-man Homecoming, except it’s after the movie, and Peter is not a 15 year old baby.
Most details will be fanon
Spider-Man © Stan Lee/Marvel Studios
“Parker, do you know the answer?” Peter was spaced out in class, playing some game on his laptop in the back of the classroom, when his Math teacher called on him for an answer. Closing his laptop screen half-way, he peered at the board and quickly worked out the problem in his head.
“712 to the 15th power.” He answered, the teacher nodding and explaining why his answer is right, the bell ringing and Peter quickly gathering his things up and practically darting from the room.
Running out of the building, he jogged down the stairs, throwing everything in his bag and running off the school’s campus. While walking, he stripped off his clothes and put his Spideysuit on, shoving his clothes in his bag as the black spider in the middle of his chest adjusted the suit to fit his body as
:iconulysseswrites:UlyssesWrites 58 10
Wild Wasteland || Robert MacCready x Male!Reader
Fandom - Fallout 4
Fallout 4 © Bethesda
Life has been hard for (Name) ever since the Great War; being led to Vault 111 and being put to sleep in the cryotanks, to only be ‘woken up’ to watch his son be kidnapped, and wife murdered. Once he woke up officially and was let out of his cryotank, he was immediately thrown into a world where every creature was mutated horribly by radiation and anything with a life wanted to kill him. He’s served for his country, so he had somewhat of a stable hand and level head when it came to combat-- nothing could’ve prepared him for the hellscape that was known as ‘the Commonwealth’. He’s met his fair share of Feral Ghouls, Radroaches, Mirelurks, Bloatflies, and other horribly mutated creatures. Not to mention the asinine population of Raiders, Synths, and Gunners. Everything wants to kill him, and all he’s done was sleep for 200 years, lose his wife, watch his son be kidnapped, and woke up seeking reve
:iconulysseswrites:UlyssesWrites 12 7
Thank you!!!! by UlyssesWrites Thank you!!!! :iconulysseswrites:UlyssesWrites 6 12
Prankster || Genji Shimada x Male!Reader V
Reader is the adopted son of Jack Morrison
Fandom - Overwatch
Overwatch © Blizzard
(Name) was in the office, the bell for the first available class ringing. He was in an office chair, tapping a pen to a song he had stuck in his head while he listened to the rambling of a story the secretary was telling him with disinterest. He nodded and made sounds of agreement and an occasional comment, though he couldn’t be bothered with anything she was saying. He grabbed the matte-finished, seafoam green Yeti tumbler he had in front of him, taking a drink from the tea inside of it. Swiping his cell from beside the tumbler, he frowned at the lack of response from Genji. In a small fit of depression, (Name) accidentally launched the pen he was playing with across the room, him shrugging at it and playing a game on his phone. He looked up when Jack walked into the room, putting his elbow on his son’s head as he took a drink from his large thermos as Gabriel stumb
:iconulysseswrites:UlyssesWrites 30 13
The Prankster || Genji Shimada x Male!Reader IV
Reader is the adopted son of Jack Morrison
Fandom - Overwatch
Overwatch © Jeff Kaplan / Blizzard
Football tryouts had just ended, and the group was heading to Black Tap-- a burger and shake joint. Packed in (Name)’s SUV was Genji, Lúcio, Jamison, Tekhartha, Hana, Lena, and Zarya. (Name) was playing some relaxing tunes, his phone hooked up to his car by his aux cord. Everyone was laughing and enjoying themselves, (Name) adjusting his rear view mirror for a moment. They were behind Brett’s dark silver Ford Focus, a bumper sticker on the back reading ‘Honk if you hate homophobes’. (Name) looked over in the corner of his eye to see Genji smiling from a joke Lena told, (Name) wearing his own, small smile. Focusing on the road, he smacked his turn signal down gently, making a left turn.
“Damn, that place looks like a Tumblr’s aesthetic.” Hana said in awe at the stylishly minimalistic black restaurant.
:iconulysseswrites:UlyssesWrites 33 7
The Prankster || Genji Shimada x Male!Reader III
Reader is Jack Morrison’s Adopted son
Fandom- Overwatch
Overwatch © Jeff Kaplan / Blizzard
Waking up in the Ilios room, Genji felt oddly refreshed, though woke up with a massive headache and hangover. Massaging the spot that throbbed with pain, he felt the butterfly closure (Name) put on his opened forehead. He got up from the bed and walked over to the full length mirror, seeing the bruise that bloomed over his forehead gash overnight. Leaning in, he could see that the cut was a lot smaller than it was yesterday. Genji walked back to where his phone is, seeing a bottle of Tylenol on the bedside table, with a glass Voss bottle. He woke up his phone.
‘Left some Tylenol and water for you, pop two if needed. You’ll probably have a shitting headache. Come ‘round my dorm when you wake up.’ -(Name) [3:54AM]
Smiling at the text, he downed two Tylenols and took a greedy drink from the
:iconulysseswrites:UlyssesWrites 28 6
The Prankster || Genji Shimada x Male!Reader II
Reader is the adopted son of Jack Morrison
Fandom - Overwatch
Overwatch © Jeff Kaplan / Blizzard
The more the week went on, the more (Name) and Genji texted. Though, they didn’t share lunches, and Genji was sitting with kids his year at breakfast, Currently, the Japanese male was sitting with Hana and Lúcio, along with an Australian by the name of Jamison, a Brit female named Lena, and a bald male with nine, round marks on his forehead, whose name is Tekhartha. It was Wednesday morning-- meaning they were halfway through their first instructional week of college. There were no major pranks like the milk dump, or the PA Pussy Popping prank. Genji enjoyed the company of his new friends, laughing at a story the rambunctious Jamison was telling. With his phone sitting flat on the table, he would tap replies to (Name), who was all the way across the cafeteria, sitting with his stepbrother
:iconulysseswrites:UlyssesWrites 31 9
The Prankster || Genji Shimada x Male!Reader I
Reader is the adopted son of Jack Morrison
Fandom - Overwatch
Overwatch © Jeff Kaplan / Blizzard
A new semester was starting at Overwatch University. Old and new students flocked to the white and orange accented building, chatter and reunions in the air. Class for the new semester started officially tomorrow, the Headmaster, Jack Morrison, giving students a day to catch up with old friends and teachers, give tours on campus to new students, and let people move into their dorms.
Genji Shimada was excited for the uni lifestyle, bouncing in place. He was excited for the frats, for the pranks, for the parties, for the future hangovers and hookups. Hanzo, his stoic and serious brother, glared at him as a silent way to tell him to calm down. Both the Shimada brothers were new to Overwatch Uni; Hanzo being a new second year. They just moved from Japan to America to escape their controlling family. They made a deal with their father to live in Americ
:iconulysseswrites:UlyssesWrites 44 12
The Engineer || Jesse McCree x Male!Reader 1
Fandom - Overwatch
Overwatch © Jeff Kaplan / Blizzard
Jesse McCree was sipping an Americano coffee in a small cafe in America. His eyes were focused on something outside the bay window of the cafe, across the street, sitting on the fountain edge. The person had mohawked, red hair, a black, well-worn leather jacket, black trousers, and combat boots. Piercings the size of a water bottle cap were in his ears, along with spiked hoops on the shell on his ear, along with T-rex bites. His skin was tanned, and eyes were sunken into his skull.
”You have a visual, McCree?" His comm spoke in his ear, the voice easily recognizable as Agent Jack ‘Soldier 76’ Morrison.
“Yeah. Copy that.” Jesse replied into his coffee, the target sitting with his ankles crossed, a black suitcase with metal lining and designs on the case, and a electronic lock. “No one’s approached him yet.”
”I think I see the buyer, s
:iconulysseswrites:UlyssesWrites 55 21


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Preview Art © jingleboy on Tumblr {}
Monster Prom © Beautiful Glitch

Damien was sitting on the roof of the school, flicking lit matches off into the courtyard. He hadn’t been home or to class in days. He also hadn’t properly slept since the morning of his fight with (Name).
It wasn’t really a fight though, was it? It was more of Damien fucking up. Like always.
He could see (Name) talking to Polly and Oz. That’s fine. If he liked Oz so much he could date that gloopy little--
Another match flew into the air, fizzling out before it hit the ground. Damien could feel his eyes welling up with tears as he watched (Name) smile and laugh with Oz, grabbing his hand and tugging him to a small stand of trees. He could see (Name)’s grin from here.
His vision was too blurred to watch, but Oz was far too close. Was he kissing (Name)? Or were they just laughing together?
Damien couldn’t take it. He got up and climbed back down the building, furiously wiping at his eyes. Nothing was going right.
As he was walking to his car, Scott tackled him to the floor, tail thumping against the ground. “Hi Damien!!!”
“Agh… Hi Scott…” Damien groaned, trying to shove the dog boy off of his back. “What do you want?”
Scott hopped up and picked Damien up by the back of his shirt. Damien yelled and struggled, kicking the air trying to get down. “Brian wants to see you!”
“For what??” He struggled more. “Put me down!!!”
“Okay!” Scott set him back on his feet. “Let’s go!”
Damien followed his furry friend, unsure of what Brian would want with him. They were on OK terms, and they got along in class. He then remembered what happened between him and (Name)-- he never could really forget. The guilt settled back into his stomach as Scott rambled on about how great Brian was, making Damien want to rip out his own throat. The two walked across the school grounds, avoiding a teacher patrolling around the school, and they ended up in the auditorium. Scott led the angsty demon behind the stage, and in the proproom, where Amira, Oz, Brian, and Blue were sitting in their own chairs with their hands folded on their laps, looking absolutely serious and considering throwing Damien in a pool of holy water and salt. Scott bounced over to Brian and gave him a tight hug, complaining how he’d miss him, and left closing the door behind him. Damien stood in the middle of the room, looking at the four with a surprisingly calm expression.
Blue picked up a metal chair and unfolded it, pushing Damien into it. He was surprised by the amount of force she used, since she was always seeming so small and soft. Her brows were knitted close together, cheeks red, a deep frown, and murder in her eyes. Damien let himself be seated before he was punched in the dick, Blue retaking her seat next to Amira.
“So, what the fuck do you all even want?” Damien asked.
“Can we just use the salt now?” Blue asked.
“What? No?” Oz expected this behaviour from her, which is why all the deadly murder devices were in his possession. “Blue, calm down.”
“Don’t tell me to calm down, Oz.” Blue glared at Damien.
“Blue. Calm down.” Brian glanced at her.
“Calm down, Oz. It’s okay.” Amira patted his arm.
“Yeah, yeah. Fine.” Oz sat down, pulling out his phone.
“OOOoH ARE YOU TEXTING LIAM AGAIN--” Blue called out obnoxiously.
“Blue, I will break your neck.” Oz threatened.
“Is that possible?” Amira asked.
Damien watched them with a confused expression. He wasn’t sure what was going on. “Can someone explain why the fuck I’m here? Please?”
Blue huffed. “Why’d you say that to him? Why’d you have to be such a huge di--”
“Jesus, Blue calm down!” Brian sighed. “I know you wanna protect (Name) and all, but just shut up.”
Oz sighed. “So why’d you say it?”
“Fucking say what!? And who did I say this shit to!?” Damien glared around.
“(Name), duh.” Blue tossed a bit of hair from her face.
Damien froze. How many people knew? Did everyone hate him now?
Blue frowned. “Damien. Damien, pay attention.” Damien was snapped out of his daze.
“What?” He glanced between the four people in front of him. “Why am I here?”
Brian rolled his eyes. “Because you made (Name) cry. That shit doesn’t fly.”
“I… made him cry?” Damien hadn’t actually seen him cry, he’d only seen him tear up a bit. Knowing that (Name) had cried… His entire body felt like it was going to shut down.
“Yeah, you motherfucker. People like you are the reason why (Name) can’t open up to anyone.” Amira said with venom lacing every word.
“Amira, we agreed on being civil here.” Brian said as Amira leaned back in her seat with crossed arms.
“Well, he wasn’t being civil when he fucking screamed at (Name).” Blue interjected.
“OK, you’re not gonna fucking believe me when I say this, but I didn’t mean to say that nasty shit. Unlike what everyone says, I’m not a complete asshole every hour of the damn day. That’d be exhausting.”
“So, you blowing up on Polly is you being a kind and loving person who just wants the best for people?” Oz crossed his arms.
“Fuck you, Oz.” Damien narrowed his eyes.
Blue stepped forward. “Don’t talk to Oz like that!”
“This is getting nowhere.” Brian huffed, “we all need to calm down.”
“I agree.” Oz said as he relaxed in his seat.
“Look, I feel like fucking shit, alright? Hurting people that I don’t hate isn’t something I enjoy. I’ve been wanting to apologise to him, but I fucking haven’t seen him all week. He’s real fucing good at hiding, that’s for sure.”
“He hasn’t been in school. He’s been home since /you/ decided to be an asshat.” Amira spat.
“Yeah, so we’re dragging your ass to him so you’ll apologise.” Brian said, “obviously you aren’t trying hard enough, so we gotta push you.”
He wasn’t wrong. He’s had so many opportunities. He knows all of his social medias from being tagged in the same posts as him from their hijinks at (Name)’s place. Damien was just afraid if he confronted him, that things would go way more south than they already are. Damien only sighed, pressing his fingers into his temples and massaging the area, before he looked back up at the four friends.
“Yeah, you’re right. Been too chickenshit.”
“Brian’s gotta take us, he’s the only one that knows where (Name)’s place is. It’s hard to get to.” Blue said, still not completely on board with Damien even being near her friend.
The five were shoved into Brian’s car, and they once again made the trip to (Name)’s home. The ride was more sinister than the demon prince remembered; the decaying trees that looked like they had pained faces, and long limbs that reached out for help. He didn’t know what to say, to be honest. He’s never had to come clean about his emotions, and he wasn’t fucking about to do it now. He hated everything about (Name), and how emotionally vulnerable he was being. He had to do something, because he wasn’t sure there’d be anything left of him if things kept going on how they were. Damien billowed smoke out of his nostrils, pressing himself deeper into the seat, wanting to get shit over and done with already.
Before he knew it, though, they were at the golden gates once again. Damien soon realized that he wasn’t ready, and wished the ride was longer. He cursed to himself several times, wondering how the hell he was gonna fucking do this without unravelling the layers of emotions he’s built around the gay shit he’s been feeling. Anderson, the gargoyle from before, greeted them. Anderson must’ve known about his and (Name)’s scrap, because he was sure there was a flash of murder in his stone eyes. They were led into the home, Damien expecting to feel the heavy air of depression, but felt… happy, almost? There was some laughter echoing down the hall, quickly followed by the sight of Amos walking into the room, looking at Damien. There was no surprise-- he was expecting him.
“Amos! Where’d ya go? You runnin’ because you’re losing our chess game? That’s not noble.” Damien was completely surprised by the humour of (Name)’s voice that carried through the large home.
“I’ll be there in a minute! I have to check up on something.” Amos called out, before walking up to Damien and the others.
“Amos, I’m--“ Damien started.
“(Name) deserves to hear that, not me. Just remember, I’m as old as time, so I know how to deal with pests.” Amos said rather sickeningly, before he turned to leave the room, nudging his head to follow them into the living room. (Name)’s back was to him, him leaning into a plush armchair lazily, facing an expensive looking chess table. Sitting in front of him was a male with curly, medium length brown hair, a thin pencil mustache and a thin beard, playing chess with (Name). Anyone with half a brain would have recognized him as Horacio Stoica-- CEO of Kaisha Inc. Damien didn’t understand how he didn’t connect the wealthiest monster to the expensive house he was in. If he thought he was screwed before, now he was already dead and buried in his own tomb at this point.
“Sorry honey, I decided to take over because you were losing terribly to (Nickname).” Horacio laughed.
“You’re shit at chess.” (Name) laughed, still turned away from everyone. “You’re the one who taught me, and somehow I’m beating you.” Amusement laced each word.
“Hey (Name)!” Blue greeted happily, bouncing over to her friend and hugging him tightly, the other hugging him back. Damien nearly set himself on fire at the sight of a smooch given by (Name) to Blue’s cheek. There was a hint of a smile on her face and he wanted to rip her spine out.
“You’re skipping school now, huh?” (Name) said with amusement lacing every word, moving a knight, “check, Horacio.”
“Again? I swear, you should join a Chess League.” Horacio pondered over the wooden chess pieces.
“Maybe. I don’t think the school here has one. If it does, I’ll consider joining.” (Name) said.
“If there isn’t, I’ll fucking make one. I don’t care how much money I have to funnel into that school; you deserve chess.”
“Horacio, calm down.” (Name) laughed, smirking when his father cornered his king on accident. “Checkmate.” He flicked over the king piece with a devious grin, Horacio groaning loudly and slumping over in defeat.
“Dammit. I hate chess.”
“You suggested that we play more.” (Name) said as he got up from his seat.
Damien stared. What the fuck was happening? He just watched, pulling at the hem of his tank top.
“So, who’s your new friend? I haven’t seen him around before.” Horacio pointed out Damien, and (Name) turned around in puzzlement, the smile he had instantly filled with dread. He sucked in a tight breath.
Damien waved nervously. “Um. Hi. Yeah. I’m Damien LaVey. Uh. Yep. Okay.” He’d never been so nervous to meet someone.
“Horacio Stoica. No need for any fancy titles. I personally don’t like hearing all the ‘sirs’ and ‘misters’ all day, but I learn to deal.” Damien nodded. He had no idea why he was talking to (Name)’s parents. He just wanted to apologise to (Name), what if they all hated him?
(Name) only continued to stare, the nervous energy radiating off of him. Horacio stood up with a groan, and placed a hand on his son’s shoulders. Instantly, Damien could see the wrinkled forehead flatten, and the fear in his eyes calmed. He was stunned by how quick the transition was, as (Name) muttered to Horacio in another language, before he ran a slightly quivering hand through his hair.
“Let’s leave my dads alone while we go to the observatory, yeah?” Damien could tell his voice was strained-- he was trying to keep a level voice.
“Yeah! I love that place!” Blue cheered as she looped an arm around (Name)’s elbow, pulling him along.
Damien nearly punched her.
Amira made sure Damien didn’t bolt, which was totally his plan. He could totally hide somewhere here and not be found for hours. Albeit it a long ass walk back to the town, it would be better than this situation at hand. The six walked out of the home, and down a path that led to the observatory that Horacio had build on the land. (Name) pulled out a set of keys and rammed his shoulder into the door a few times to finally push the rusted metal door open, Blue muttering how she loves a ‘strong, independent man’.  
“Shut up, Blue.” Oz said, shoving her shoulder. “Just get in.” She complied happily.
Damien looked around the interior, vines growing in the space of the dome, the large telescope oxidized. There were some tables, some useless junk from what he could tell, and the stairway that led to the second floor, where the telescope was, hopefully. Blue wouldn’t leave (Name)’s side the entire time, Brian and Amira walking up the stairs to look through the telescope, while Oz poked around in a box on one of the scattered tables in the room. Damien really needed Blue to get the fuck away from (Name) so he could say what he wanted, but she wasn’t letting up.
Damn you Blue.
The demon didn’t know what to do, just keeping to himself for now. He was startled, though, when the sound of a record scratch was heard. Oz was playing a record on a record player Damien didn’t even see, probably because there was so much clutter in the room. Soon, the room was filled with the soft sound of David Bowie, and he could just barely hear (Name) humming along. Damien didn’t think the other was into music like what was playing currently, but there he was, snapping to the beat softly. It was weird, to see so much of his character in a situation as such as terrible as his and (Name)’s. He really needed to talk to him and fix what he fucked up.
Finally, Blue moved away from (Name) and hung out with Oz to look at (Name)’s records. Damien took his chance and walked across the room to stand by (Name)’s side. (Name) stopped snapping when he noticed Damien in his peripherals. A glare was sent from the corner of his eye, and it sent chills down Damien’s spine.
“Thought I told you to drop dead and to never come around me again.” Ouch.
“Your friends dragged me here.” (Name) looked at his friends, before (Name) grabbed the front of Damien’s tank top by the fistful, dragging him across the room.
“We’ll talk somewhere else.” (Name) let him go and pulled a rug up, and a hatch was there. Damien was certainly not expecting it. He opened the hatch, and moved out of the way. Damien peered into the darkness, seeing a ladder. Looking up at (Name), he was wondering how serious he was about getting him in that shady ass dungeon room. Though, the glare in his eyes and the cross of the arms said all. Damien sighed and hopped down the ladder, slipping on one of the rungs and cursed loudly. He was able to catch himself, though, and made it all the way down in the secret room. It was dark, that was all Damien could see. (Name) turned the flashlight on on his phone and climbed down after him. The lights flickered on, and there were papers all around the room, including a music stand and some tech.
“Damien.” (Name)’s voice was thick, like he was about to cry.
Damien panicked. “Oh god please don’t cry please--”
“Just… shut up.” (Name) took a deep breath and sat down on a rickety fold out chair. “Sit down.”
Damien sat.
“I didn’t want to do this, but Polly and Blue and Oz and everyone else made me.”
Damien braced himself. He knew what was coming. (Name) was going to call him out for all the shit he’s done.
“I’m not mad at you.”
“Well. Not as mad as I was. Oz… Oz reminded me that you haven’t been alive as long as I have. I was alive when being gay could get you killed. I was alive when every day I would hear about someone else getting shot, some new kid out on the streets after he came out to his dad and left the house bruised and bleeding with nobody to turn to. I was alive when after a pride event I would take the bus home and help a sobbing kid scrub the rainbow paint from his face as he told me that his dad would kill him. I was alive when people said that and meant that they were gay, they could be killed the next day by some shmuck patrolling the streets. I was alive when if you didn’t let your girlfriend fuck you whenever she wanted, or if you didn’t want a girlfriend, or if you were even slightly feminine, you were gay. I was alive when we were a fetish, a phase, a defect, an illness, whatever they wanted to call us, anything but normal people in love. I was alive when people couldn’t use a damn bathroom for fear of being attacked. I was alive when every day I would be called a sinner, a faggot, a fucking disgrace. I was alive when bringing a knife to pride was responsible because who knew what those homophobic assholes might do? You have no idea what it feels like Damien. How could you? Your life is so wonderful compared to what mine was 20 years ago. Being gay isn’t a crime. When you hear stories about a man being murdered for being gay you think ‘wow that must have been so long ago,’ not ‘oh god this happened last week too’ You don’t have to worry about who knows, who cares, who’s going to tell who. You didn’t have to a helpline in your emergency contacts, in case Uncle Jimmy and his Church friends got a little weird around you. You won’t die knowing that your father hated you and your baby sister told her friends her brother was a fag, thinking automatically it was a bad thing,” (Name) was crying now. Damien desperately wanted to hold him but the other boy wasn’t done.
“You didn’t mean for it to hurt this much, I know. I know, Damien, I just… I am sick of everyone thinking I’m crazy or overreacting because they don’t know how awful it used to be! I watched friends die because they told the wrong person! I’m sick of having to pretend like it never happened because it being okay is what happens now! I am terrified of the wrong person finding out, and it all happening to me again, and--” He cut himself off, holding a hand to his mouth.
“Hey, woah, I’m sorry. I didn’t know that was when you were alive. I’m so sorry you had to do that. I don’t ever want to see you like this, I’m sorry.” He gently took his arm.
“Damien, you don’t--”
“I don’t know what it’s like. I know. I never want to know.” He tilted (Name)’s chin up with one finger and wanted nothing more than to kiss him right there and then.
“I’m sorry.” (Name)’s eyes were full of tears. “I should’ve explained it beforehand.”
“Don’t be. Please, don’t be sorry. You survived that.. Right?” He never knew how (Name) died.
“I guess…” He sniffled.
Damien pulled him to his chest and held him, letting him cry into his shirt. He felt bad for being happy because he was holding (Name).
“Thank you.” Damien was shocked when he heard the boy’s voice.
“Thank me?” He gently pushed (Name) back. “For what?”
“Not laughing, I guess.”
“Why would I laugh? Nothing you said was funny or dumb. I’m so sorry that your life was like that. I mean it.” He kissed his forehead and hugged him again, heart pounding.
“Thank you, Damien.” (Name) hugged back, but let go when he heard his name being called. “We should go talk to them.” He stepped towards the ladder.
“Wait!” Damien grabbed his hand, making the blood rushing through his brain louder and his heart pound faster. “Please, I gotta make this up to you. I can I drive you home from now on, is that alright?”
“Uh, yeah, I guess. I’ll just have to remind Anderson. Thanks, Damien.” With that, and a small smile, he turned and headed up the stairs, calling out to Blue.
Damien felt hella fucking accomplished as he headed up that ladder. (Name) kicked the hatch closed and locked it, throwing the rug back over it. Blue was by (Name)’s side the second after the rug completely covered the door, and the two started to talk about this new show she was hooked on.
A huge weight was relieved from his chest and shoulders. Sure, he felt like shit for ever making (Name) feel the pain that he did, but the two were able to work it out, and that was great. He hadn’t noticed the tears collecting in the corner of his eyes until they tangled up his eyelashes. Rubbing his eye with his knuckle, he walked over to the box of records Oz was next to and sifted through them. There was a lot of Prince and David Bowie, along with old records from the 1980’s. Guess he likes the older music. Damien never thought the guy would be into the weird pop music he owned, but he didn’t judge.
“Fuck.” It rang out. Everyone looked up to see (Name) holding his hand, and Blue freaking out.
“You ok, Angel Face?” Amira asked the male.
“Yeah.” Even Damien could hear the lie.
“No you’re not!! You cut your entire palm open! Oh my god, we need to wrap it now!” Brian was already looking for a medkit.
“What the fuck happened?” Damien asked as he approached the two.
“He cut his hand on this really sharp broken piece of metal. He was holding it and he sliced his hand right open!” Blue said, holding (Name)’s arm. Damien grabbed (Name)’s wrist and pulled his hand away to see the three inch cut in his hand, oozing blood. He doesn’t understand how this could be ‘nothing.’
“You’re a fucking idiot. ‘Nothing’ my ass. This could be infected.” He took the wipes Brian offered and ripped the package open with his teeth. When he glanced up at (Name), he realized the boy was staring at his mouth. Did he have something on his teeth?
Ignoring the churning in his stomach- Fuck butterflies, this was a swarm of bees- Damien dragged the wipe along the cut, glancing up once more when (Name) hissed. “You alright?”
“Yeah. Sure. Burns.” he spoke through gritted teeth.
Damien nodded and wrapped up the cut. “Get your dad to look at it.”
“There’s no reason to, honestly. Thanks, Damien.” (Name) smiled. Damien didn’t know what to make of that. He just turned away and flopped into a chair. At first, (Name) didn’t move from his spot in the room, until Brian dragged him away to get medical help from his family. Damien could see a little ways behind Blue, the metal beam that had (Name)’s blood on it, a sick shiver running down his spine.
“Yo. Damien.” Blue waved her hand in front of his face. “You good?”
“What? Yeah. Sure.”
“You obviously aren’t…” Blue mumbled. Damien just couldn’t look away, from the blood. He attempted to, but it was also on the ground. Wow, this was a weird turnout.
“Heeeeelloo!” The face of Horacio popped into the observatory, “You kids ok? Let’s get you out of this place. I keep telling (Name) to keep out, this place isn’t safe.” He mumbled the last part to himself, “well, gotta fix the door I guess!” Horacio, for watching his kid bleed, was very chill. He left the observatory, giving them time to do whatever they needed to, before they all left together.
Blue watched Damien with a worried expression. “You sure you’re fine?”
“Yeah, Blue. I’m okay.” Damien shook her off and headed up the stairs after thanking Horacio. He walked towards where he could hear (Name)’s voice.
“Oz. You’re an idiot. He doesn’t like me.”
Why did he sound so sad?
“Jesus you’re dense-- Oh hey Damien!” Oz turned to greet the demon prince.
(Name) stared at Damien, his face unreadable. Something in his face made Damien’s stomach churn and his heart skip a beat.
Blue crashed in behind Damien and shoved her way onto a couch, already telling jokes. (Name) turned away to sit down, leaving Damien confused. He leaned against the wall and did his best to join the conversation.
“Hey, is anyone here going to prom? Like, with a date and not because we have to because we’re playing?” Amira asked the group.
“No.” (Name) was the first to answer, and Damien’s heart simultaneously dropped to his stomach and leapt in his chest.
“Hot Stuff, we really gotta find you a date.” Amira smirked at him.
“No thanks Amir.” (Name) mumbled, getting up to grab a pitcher and pouring out a cup of water. “I never really wanted to go with a date, you know? I know for a fact nobody would ever ask me.”
“OK, that’s bullshit.” Oz called out immediately.
“Hey, you fuckers got asked the same question. Why don’t you answer it and get off my ass?” He crossed his arms.
“I’m going with Scott.” Brian said out of the blue. Everyone turned to stare at him.
“Wait, you’re what??” Blue nearly fell off the couch she was laying across as she scrambled to sit up.
“Yeah. Asked him last week.” Brian seemed so unaffected by the amazed stares.
“What????” Amira, of all people, looked the most shocked. “Since when have you been planning this??”
“Since we started dating.”
“YOU’RE DATING?????” Blue nearly screamed.
Everyone freaked out. Except for (Name) that is.
(Name) stood in the center of the chaos, smiling. Damien tugged on his arm.
“You knew?” He asked over the yelling.
“Yeah, man. I know what it looks like to hide a relationship, even if they weren’t really hiding it. It’s that weird like ‘if you ask I’ll say yes but otherwise you’ll never know’ kinda thing. You did it alot to make sure the wrong people didn’t know when I was alive.” (Name) watched Blue tackle Brian with a smile.
Every time Damien heard (Name) talk about when he used to be alive it made him want to pull the boy into his arms and kiss him to make him stop talking about how awful it used to be.
Instead of that, he just nodded and sat on Amira’s recently vacated seat. After a few minutes, everyone calmed down and took their seats again. Unfortunately, with Damien sitting, (Name) was now the one without a seat.
“Oh, here, I can stand.” Damien moved to got up.
“No, it’s cool.” (Name) said, gesturing for him to sit back down.
He then sat on Damien’s lap.
“I like this seat instead.” A wolfish grin crossed (Name)’s features.
Damien was so fucked.

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COAUTHOR - poisonmantis

Fandom - Monster Prom

Monster Prom © Beautiful Glitch

Preview Art © jingleboy on Tumblr {}

Nothing was worse than school food.

Of course, unless you were friends with Polly. If you were friends with Polly then everything was worse than school food. School food was the best medium for dissolving experimental drugs found only in secret government labs or not-so-experimental normal drugs found in Polly’s ‘drug fanny pack,’ or the plastic bags the ghost girl taped to herself.

Damien, fortunately, was friends with Polly.

Unfortunately, however, Polly wasn’t here today.

So school food sucked again.

Damien dug around in his bag for any drugs spare from helping Polly sell shit to teachers.

One tiny bag of green powder fell from the open end of his backpack. It would have to do. He had no idea what it did, and was pretty sure Polly said it should be taken while alone. Damien stood and headed into the forest behind the school, holding the tiny bag. He found Polly’s hut that she used for her more intense drug trips.

He headed in, closed the rickety door and sat down. The bag was tiny. How was he supposed to take this? Eat it? Smoke it? He looked around and, not seeing anything to help him, decided to just eat the powder. What’s the worst that could happen?

It turned out that the worst that could happen was an intense drug trip full of hallucinations. Eventually, Damien probably fell asleep. His dreams were just as weird. (Name) was in most of them. (Name)’s ass was also in most of them, almost always attached to (Name) and sometimes almost on top of Damien.  

He liked most of his dreams. Some of them he liked a bit too much and would probably have to change pants.

Damien woke up in the room several hours later. He searched in the box of spare laundry they kept in the hut for emergencies, redressed himself, burned the ruined clothes, and stepped outside. He squinted, not remembering how bright the sun was. He walked a few feet away from the hut, finding his way back to the school grounds. The demon yawned and rubbed his stomach, the dead grass crunching under his black Converse, out of the forest finally. He was about to enter the back entrance of the school, but he noticed (Name) was sitting by himself, again with his back against the tree that would grab you. The tree, however, didn’t attack (Name), as he had one leg reclined out fully, and his other propped up and supporting a thick textbook. Occasionally, Damien would notice the minuscule and almost invisible movements of his lips as he would mouth some of the words and write them down on a notebook he couldn’t see. Damien knew it was wrong to look at another man’s lips and envision things that didn’t belong there on a normal basis, but he couldn’t stop himself. He couldn’t believe his luck, feeling heat trickle up at the back of his neck at remembering the drug-induced dreams he just had about the other.

(Name) cursed, snapping Damien out of his daze. He was angry, as he flipped his textbook off his lap, and it fell on the pages, (Name) sinking down the tree. The floppy hat he wore fell over his eyes, a gruff, somewhat cute huff came from the other. Damien looked at what the guy was wearing, which was a mesh sheer top, dark grey joggers, and a black cutoff wifebeater. (Name) was obviously having a bad time, a raspberry being heard from the defeated student.

“Did you fucking die from schoolwork? Because that’s relatable.” Damien snickered, seeing a single eye peer at him from the brim of his hat. Though, it didn’t watch him long, because (Name) closed his eyes.

“I will kill myself from this shit.” The gruff, but flat tone was back, unlike the other night in the jacuzzi, when he was enjoying himself. It was like his personality resetted.

“What are you even doing?” Damien sauntered over to the other and sat down next to him, not missing the other scoot away. Ouch.

“I’m studying ahead of the lesson. I already know everything about the current shit we’re learning about in class because I learned it in my old school, so I decided to go ahead.” (Name) pulled off his hat, setting it down on the ground, which was instantly grabbed by Damien and situated awkwardly on his head, the horns making it hard to wear it.

“Why the fuck would you do work /willingly/? That shit’s gay.” Damien said.

“Good thing I’m gay.” Damien was sure the stutter his heart did wasn’t normal. “I need to get good grades to graduate with honours and make sure that my family is proud of me.” (Name) didn’t seem happy with his own reply.

“That’s fucking boring.” (Name) shrugged.

“Yeah, well--” (Name) groaned as he got up, collecting up his things, showing his ass unintentionally. Damien made sure to absorb the sight as (Name) shoved everything into his bag, “sorry that you don’t like my lifestyle. It’s mine, after all, so don’t dwell too much on it.” Damien went to stand up, stood up for a second, before the tree pulled on his ankle and he lost his footing. Out of panic, he grabbed (Name) for support, who ended up being dragged down with him. Damien pinned the other underneath his weight, mind racing a million miles a second about how their bodies touched, what he felt, and the strangled groan (Name) made when his body hit the hard soil.

That’s not the kind of noise you make when you just hit the ground.

Damien sat back, virtually straddling (Name)’s hips. He noticed a rock behind the guy, beside his head, which probably was the reason (Name) made that noise. “You alright, man?”

(Name) nodded, gritting his teeth. “Yepjustfine”

Damien huffed. “No, you’re not. “ He ran a hand through his hair, then realized he’d just copied (Name) from his dream and quickly stood up before he could do any more dumb gay shit.

“Dude, I’m okay. Promise.” (Name) struggled to sit up, groaning.

Damien stood there for a second, mentally preparing, then scooped up (Name), carrying him to the parking lot. “Oh no. Oh, fuck you.” (Name) forced out between clenched teeth, having to wrap his arms around the demon prince’s neck for stability.

God he wanted to.

“Oh eat my FUCKING dick, demon cunt.”


Damien just stayed quiet, knowing that if he opened his big mouth he’d say something he would regret. He paused at the passenger door of his shitty pickup. “Open the door, dumbass.”

“Fucking… fine.” (Name) opened the door, still with one arm around Damien’s neck. His hands were surprisingly soft, and really cold.

He set the struggling (Name) in his arms down in the passenger seat of the car. The other looked like a grumpy bear as he sank deeply in the seat. Slamming the door closed, Damien got in the driver's side and started the engine. (Name) looked weary of the demon prince beside him, Damien was able to feel the glare.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m gonna fucking show you what normal kids do. We’re gonna go around town, fuck some shit up, probably get high in the process, and not worry about this trashy ass fucking prison.” (Name) went to open the door, but Damien locked the door before he could. (Name) only looked at him.

“Fine.” He grunted out, rolling down his window, folding an arm and resting it on the sill of the window, resting his chin on it. Damien would’ve just soaked in the image of (Name) with the with the warm yellow rays of the sun framing his face and streaming through his hair and all around making him seem like a literal angel or some kind of god but that was super gay and he didn't wanna think about how much he wanted to lean over and kiss him. Damien drove away from the school, and (Name) watched the scenery roll.


Damien pulled into a parking lot, making sure nobody was around. He didn't want to go to prison again. He'd rather not have to set the thing on fire again. He cut the engine and got out, opening the door for (Name). The other seemed to be in a daze, like he fell asleep. (Name) got out of the truck, wondering why the hell they were at the local park. There were some kids having a field day, playing soccer, or playing on the jungle gym. Damien watched as (Name) looked at a little girl in a red sundress run by, and what looked like pain stitched its way on his face. Though, it didn’t stay long, as the angry pomeranian expression returned. He looked displeased with what he was dragged into, but Damien knew that he’d catch on and enjoy himself soon.

Damien leaned against the hood of his truck, glaring at the kids. “We gotta wait.”


“Don't wanna hurt the kids. Dad would kill me.” Damien smirked. “Hypocrite.”

“What do kids have to do with anything?” (Name) was starting to get agitated.

Instead of replying, Damien just pushed off of his truck and opened the passenger door, then the door to the back seats. Rummaging around in his back seats, Damien pulled out a black canvas duffle bag and threw it onto the ground, crouching down to pick through the shit that was inside. Damien swore that he would one day organize this bag, but he would forget in a minute.

In fact, he already forgot.

(Name) Slav-squatted beside Damien, their knees bumping into one another, swatting away Damien’s hand and dragging the bag next to him. He looked very unimpressed with the shit inside: canned paint, hair spray, lighter fluid, gasoline, lighters, matches, knives, a machete, sharpening stone. He looked up at Damien with a ‘the-fuck-is-wrong-with-you-mentally’ look plastered on his face.

Damien pulled out a can of hairspray and a lighter. “Don't judge.”

“I'm not…” (Name) was judging hard.

Damien hopped onto the hood of the truck and flicked open the lighter, holding the spray end of the can to the flame. “C’mere.”

(Name) was suspicious, but walked over anyway. He hopped on the hood next to Damien, pulling a leg to his chest to rest his chin on, watching Damien expectantly. Damien flicked the lighter, and sprayed the hairspray, watching (Name) back away at the firespray. The other looked at the kids, who weren’t paying attention.

“Stop. I don’t want the kids to get any bad ideas.” (Name) tried to grab the lighter from Damien, who held it away, pointed it to the sky, and sprayed more fire. “I swear to fucking god, stop.” (Name) growled out and pushed Damien flat against the hood.

Damien’s first thought was that he was turned on.

(Name) snatched the lighter away from Damien and pocketed it. “They’re kids nearby. They copy everything. I don’t need to hear children hurting themselves with lighters and hairspray.”

“Kids can’t light lighters, stop worrying!” Damien said, not moving. (Name) pointed at one of the kids, Damien sitting up to watch the girl in the red sundress from earlier laugh and run off from her hiding spot. She had been watching them.

Damien flopped back down. “Who cares? Just wait for them to leave.”

(Name) huffed. “Fine.” He leaned back on his hands, giving Damien another wonderful view of his face. He really was pretty. He had freckles you could only really see in certain light but they were definitely there, just barely darker than his skin. Damien wanted to kiss them.

He was pulled from his thoughts by (Name) hopping down from the hood. “They’re leaving.”

Damien nodded and slid off the truck, grabbing the lighter fluid. “Good. “

“What are we doing?” (Name) looked calm. That was good, Damien didn’t want to fall for a pussy.

Wait, was he falling for this kid?

“Damien?” (Name) snapped his fingers in front of the prince’s face.

“Ah, um. Yeah. Watch.” He sprayed the wooden playground set with lighter fluid, smiling as he worked.

“Dude, what the fuck?”

“What?” He stopped and turned to look at him.”
“I thought we were gonna be normal?”

“We are.”

“Normal kids don’t set fire to playgrounds, Damien!”

“Normal kids aren’t fucking pussies, either. Hand me the lighter.”

(Name) sighed and handed him the lighter. Damien sprayed a trail of lighter fluid away from the playground, flicking the lighter open and closed. He stopped once he was a good distance away and waited for (Name) to catch up.

“Ready, dude?” Damien knelt by the trail of foul-smelling liquid.


Damien laughed wickedly. The fire caught the trail and raced along it, quickly catching the playground alight. Damien whooped and threw the remainder of the can of lighter fluid in, cheering when it exploded.

(Name) glanced down the road. “Damien, cops.”

“Ah, fuck, always ruining my fun. Let’s go.” Damien grabbed (Name) by the hand and pulled him  to his truck, laughing. “Get in, loser!”

(Name) hopped in and they sped off. Damien drove out of the city, stopping when he reached an old field. He hopped out, still laughing. “Wasn’t that fun?”

(Name) jumped out of the car and tackled Damien to the ground, hands on either side of the prince’s head.

Scenarios raced through Damien’s mind. Kiss him? Shove him off? Just freeze up because your mind is racing with gay thoughts and you don’t know what to do?


Damien just gulped. He’d never feared consequences before but now… he was scared of getting (Name) caught and scared of (Name) being mad and…

He was definitely falling for this guy. Whoops.

He let (Name) yell for a long time until the poor guy finally sat back.

Damien had a flashback to his weird dreams and had to bite his tongue. He really could not afford to get a boner right now, and if he…

(Name) ran an hand through his hair, eyes closed.


Damien watched him, hoping he could control himself.

(Name) stood up. “I guess it was kinda fun.”

“Really?” Damien sat up, confused.

“Yeah. Thanks for forcing me to skip school with you. I guess”

He stopped thinking. (Name) was happy? What? Then why had he been yelling?

“I’m hungry.”

Damien’s head snapped up. “Wanna go get food?”

“Hell yes.” (Name) hopped back in the truck.

Damien silently congratulated himself and jumped into the driver’s seat, pulling out onto the main road and driving back to town. “What’ll it be? Greasy fast food, greasy Chinese food, greasy pizza… what great choices!”

(Name) huffed, which sounded like a laugh to Damien. “Pizza sounds great.”

Damien nodded and tried to think of a way to impress him.

All he could think of was arson.

“I’ll pay, the least I can do.” (Name) fished out a minimalist flat wallet from his bag, checking how much cash he had, before folding up a fifty bill and held it out for Damien to take, “this is for gas as well. I hope you know, that playground you burned down will be erected again using my dad’s money. They donate a bunch of shit to the town.”

Damien felt like fucking shit, now Amos would spend money on a playground Damien just burned down. He couldn’t tell him to just, not pay-- it wasn’t his place. The fifty dollar bill in (Name)’s hand was being waved around.

“You don’t need to pay me shit.” Damien said.

“I’ll feel like shit if I don’t. I wasn’t raised to freeload.”

“You’re not freeloading.”

“Just take the fucking cash.”


“Take the cash before I punch you.”

Damien sighed and took the bill. “Fine.” He shoved it in his pocket and pulled into a Pizza Hut.

“Pizza Hut. Classy.”

“Shut your mouth.”

“Make me.”

Damien glanced at him. Did he mean that in a gay way or in an aggressive way or in an aggressively gay way?

(Name) hopped out, waiting for Damien. (Name) led Damien inside, Damien surprised that he held the door open for him. The two teens stood back, thinking about what they wanted on their pizza.

“I’m simple; garlic crust, pepperoni, and sausage. Plus, yaknow, the normal sauce and cheese.” (Name) said, crossing his arms. Damien was honestly surprised that the other even liked fast food pizza, since he was rich.

“I like pineapple on mine, and spicy sausage.” For the first time, (Name) looked disgusted.

“God, I know you’re from Hell, and a demon, but fucking pineapple? Really?” (Name) leaned against a wall. “I’m not putting pineapple on my pizza.”

“We can do half toppings.”

“I guess.” He was back to that bored tone, walking up to the counter where there was a moth humanoid with bright eyes behind the register. (Name) mentioned quickly that they get take out, Damien agreed. He hated eating around a bunch of people that thought they were more fucking entitled because they were older than them, and that they were less of a person because they were skipping school. Before Damien could walk to to the counter, (Name) stepped ahead and started ordering the pizza for the both of them.

Damien watched the other, what exactly was going on with him. The weird scars, the shutout personality, the seemingly cold personality, the bored and gruff tone, the gay feelings that he was giving him that made him want to rip out his horn.  (Name) stood to the side and leaned on the counter on his elbows, giving Damien a nice ass shot again. (Name) was talking to the female moth behind the counter, Damin too focused on not thinking up of all the scenarios in the bedroom where he’d have that view. Hearing the raspy laugh of (Name) jostled him out of his thoughts.

This guy was gonna be the fucking end of him.

His chest fluttered from the sound. Heat warmed his ears, the nape of his neck, and his face. Damien hoped that whatever was happening to him would end soon, because nothing good would come out of liking the emotionless bastard in front of him. The demon watched as (Name) finally received their boxed pizza. He checked it, before he used a credit card to pay for their lunch, and the two left the Pizza Hut. Damien whisked the pizza out of (Name)’s hand, checking and seeing that he actually got the toppings Damien wanted, fighting himself from showing that he was touched. The two took a ride around town, stopping at a field with a nice view, secluded from the town. It wasn’t exactly in the middle of nowhere, but it was away from everyone else. Damien parked, and (Name) looked even more confused than he’s had all that day, getting out of his truck and looking around. Damien pulled down the tailgate and sat on it, setting the pizza beside him. (Name) checked his phone where he stood.

“You gonna fucking stand around there?” Damien said, and (Name) looked at him. He shrugged, and walked over, sitting beside him.

“You got a girlfriend?”

Damien had just put a piece of pizza in his mouth. He choked and pulled it out, coughing. “What??”

“I'm just asking, Jesus. Do you have a girlfriend or not?”

“No. I don't.” Damien wiped his mouth and watched (Name).

“Oh. Thought you were with Polly?”

“No, Jesus Christ. Polly doesn't really do “dating,” she says it's too… oh what was it… bland? I dunno, ask her.” Damien was confused. Why was he asking about girlfriends? “You got a girl?”

“Nah, I'm way too gay.” (Name) chuckled. “Some cute guys around here, though.”

Damien laughed. “Yeah? You got your eye on one?”

“Well… kinda…” (Name) rubbed the back of his neck, laughing nervously.

“What's he like?” Damien needed to know what this guy found hot, he just had to know.

“Well, he's an asshole.”

Damien was an asshole.

“He also likes to tease me a lot.”

Damien liked to tease (Name)

“He doesn't really like talking.”


God damn it what was he doing wrong?

He laughed. “Sounds awful. Why do you like this guy?”

“Oh he's super hot.”

“How hot?” Damien took a bite of his pizza.

“Hot as hell, man.” (Name) took a huge bite of pizza. Damien had to fight the urge to groan. (Name) had just deepthroated a pizza slice.

“I dunno, hell is pretty hot. I would know.”

“Oh shut up, you fucking asshole.” (Name) shoved his shoulder. “Eat the fucking pizza.”

Damien laughed and ate, trying to think of people who fit (Name)’s description of his crush. Brian? No, he didn't tease him that often. Liam? Oh fuck, was it Liam??? Was (Name) crushing on Liam??????

He was gonna kill that hipster freak.

“Are we done here?” (Name) asked, back to being a cold asshole, “I feel like shit for skipping, and if Amos finds out, I don’t know what he’ll do.” (Name) grabbed the last slice of pizza and basically swallowed it whole, before pushing himself off of Damien’s tailgate. Damien was angry, wondering how this guy could live how he does?

“Yeah, I guess.” Damien huffed, burning the pizza box in the dirt, leaving the ash there. Damien watched (Name) get in his truck, leaning against the windowsill like he did before.

He wasn’t sure if the two were bonding, or if they were getting along. It was too complicated and vague, and he usually wouldn’t fuck with shit like (Name) and his lack of caring for anything, but the guy wouldn’t get out of his fucking head, and everything he did made him want to be closer to him. Damien climbed into the driver’s seat and started the engine, and drove away from the field.

“Hey.” Damien looked over at (Name), “thanks.”

Damien was stunned, suddenly forgetting how to speak as (Name) looked at him. Locking eyes, the look of (Name)’s eyes did things to Damien. The sun was starting to set, so the warm colours of orange and yellow were brilliant against (Name)’s <tone> skin. (Name) was somber, no frown lines, and his eyebrows were relaxed, no pursing of the lips; it was amazing to see him not look like he was about to disembowel him. His eyes reflected the sunlight, the colour intoxicating. He could drink up the sight of (Name) basking in the warm sunlight for hours. Maybe even years. They both had the time, that was for sure.

Damien was so fucking boned.

(Name) was the most beautiful person he’s ever met.

From his perfect <style>, <colour> hair, his amazing eyebrows, his bright <e/c> eyes, his cheekbones that had tiny specks of freckles, the jawline he wanted to hide his face in, the sharp collar bones he wanted to leave love bites all over.

Damien needed to calm down.

But how could he?

He had one of the most fucking attractive person in his car, looking at him with tranquility etched into his face.

Though, (Name) looked hot even if he looked angry.

He was also one of the snarkiest motherfucker he’s ever met. He was able to take a joke, and make them as well. Wasn’t afraid of upsetting someone with what he says, took virtually no shits.

Damien realized that he was too busy being fucking gay that he never replied to the other, so he had to quickly think of something to say.

“It was nothing. I was getting tired of you being a fucking emo like the Coven and moping around and looking like an angry fucking Pomeranian. I was getting sick of watching you sit around all fucking lonely and study your ass off. You realize how boring that is?” (Name)’s calm expression shifted to anger instantaneously.


“Take me back to the school.” Flat tone, gruffy (Name) returns.

(Name) didn’t speak after that, looking away from Damien. So much for getting along. He felt like they were back at square one, and Damien was gonna kick himself in the ass later. The car ride was awkward, and you could feel the anger radiating off of the immortal beside him. Damien tried to think of what to say to keep the other from hating him forever without apologizing, not wanting to ruin his pride. Turning to look at (Name) again, he noticed he somehow fell asleep against the open car window, wondering how the hell he was able to fall asleep in a car ride as rickety as theirs.


Ah, gym class.

The perfect excuse for Damien to purposely hurt people with no real repercussions.

Dodgeball was one of Damien’s favorite sports; hurling a rubber ball at someone’s face sure was fun. Though, the maroon shorts were annoying and he felt showed a little too much of his leg for his liking, but he dealt with it. Damien was standing next to Oz, who was feeding his small shadows pieces of candy. Damien just watched them inhale the hard candies, completely bored with what was happening. They hadn’t started class yet, the Coach was late. Groaning, he flopped down into a seat, sinking in the chair and rolling his head back.

“At this rate, we’re never gonna play!” Damien complained.

“Calm down, we’ll play soon enough. Someone popped all the dodgeballs, so Coach had to pump some new ones up.”

“Oh yeah, I forgot I did that last week.” Damien remembered, Oz sighing. “Hey, I haven’t seen your emo friend all day today, is he fucking dead?” Damien asked in the harshest tone.

“Well, knowing him, he probably resetted himself to get rid of some school stress. He does it pretty often.”

“God, all you say is ‘reset’, what the fuck does that even mean?!” Damien was tired of vague terminology!

“Hello lesser landbeings!” Miranda chimed suddenly, standing next to the two men.

“I’m royalty! Only Oz here is considered a peasant.” Oz glared at him, well, his eyes narrowed and he doesn’t have pupils.

“I really hope we don’t have t play today. My serfs aren’t that good at that game.”

“Why not, you know, play yourself instead of having people play for you?” Damien asked.

“Me? Doing things?” Miranda asked incredulously, “rather not!”

“Good morning students!” The Coach entered the gym finally with someone following behind him with a wheeled cart full of rubber balls, “sorry for the delay, we had a little problem with the equipment!” Coach rumbled out, Damien looking at whoever was setting up the dodgeball game and seeing (Name), eyes widening slightly.

“(Naaaaame)!” Miranda called out, making Damien even more stunned. “Can you come here for a minute?” SHe asked sweetly. (Name) looked at her, before walking over to the girl, “do you think you could convince Coach to not have me play again today?” She was batting her eyelashes. There was no way (Name) would fall for this, Damien thought. This guy was way too smart to fall for Miranda’s scheme--

“Sure. I guess.” (Name) shrugged.


He was walking away, and Damien couldn’t help but look at (Name)’s legs when they moved. He forced himself to look away, looking at Oz as the small shadow thing on his shoulder wiggled and kept opening and closing his mouth. Damien didn’t want to be gay today, or really gay anyday. Though, his gaze kept falling back on shorts-clad (Name) talking to Coach.

Damien didn’t know he was into legs until this moment.

Muscled calves and thighs, bandaids and scratches littered all over the surface of his skin, dark grey Adidas running shoes that were shown lots of love.

Though, his arms, as he remembered, where just as good.

Broad shoulders, toned arms, and the softest hands.

He could vividly remember the sensation of his hands on his neck from carrying him.

“Alright, time to split up the teams!” Coach boomed as (Name) relayed the good news to a happy Miranda.

Two teams, one against the other. People were readied in a running stance for the balls laid out for the grabbing. Damien locked eyes with a couple of the kids, a sinister grin plastered to his face and spooking his fellow peers. Looking around the people on the opposite team, Damien was surprised to see how serious (Name) was, looking around at the people on his own team, Damien’s team, then the dodgeballs. Once him and Damien locked eyes, Damien nearly died on the spot when (Name) grinned mischievously and licked his lip in anticipation.


The whistle was blown, and kids scrambled for dodgeballs. Damien was able to throw some and hit the other monsters around him. Quickly, people started to drop, the dead players dejectedly walked off the court, kicking the stray balls back into the court. Damien was laughing maniacally, shouting threats with every ball thrown. He was enjoying himself greatly; an incredible adrenaline rush fueling him. With each person he hit, the more excited and aggressive he was getting. Hell, he even killed Oz with a ball to the chest, and Damien watched Oz ball up his fists, and toss the ball to someone else on his team.

Both of the opposing teams were dwindling quickly. Normally, it was a pretty clean sweep for the team he was on to win. Usually, they would have ⅔ of his team left by the end of the game, but he only had a third of his team remaining. Now he was angry, wondering who the hell was challenging him and his superiority in dodgeball. Scanning his eyes around the room, he watched as the female alien beside him was hit in the face by a ball. Following the trajectory of the ball, he found himself locking eyes with (Name) once again.

God dammit

<E/C> eyes wild, enchanting, and wicked.

Teeth grinding the bottom of his lip in concentration, biting down.

A devious grin.

A ball in his hands. Fingers digging into the red rubber ball.

Damien wished those hands were digging into his--

He stumbled back as a ball hit him in the chest. The court went silent, watching as Damien grinned at (Name) and walked proudly off the court. Anyone else he would have killed, but (Name)...

He was special. He deserved to win.

Damien kept walking until he got to the showers, locking and barricading the door, his back hit the tiled wall as scenes of what he could have done flashed through his mind.

He could have pinned (Name) to the wall and demanded a rematch.

Kissed him on the mouth if he refused.

Dragged him off the court and wrapped his arms around him in the locker room, confessing everything.

He sighed and showered the sweat off, hoping the gay thoughts would go with it.

Once he stepped out of the shower with his normal clothes back on and saw (Name) shirtless and smirking-- he knew it hadn't worked.

Damien sighed and walked out the doors, heading for his car. He really shouldn’t skip this much but he was way too distracted and couldn’t focus on anything but that look in (Name)’s eyes.

Damien would bottom if it meant he’d see that look again.

He’d do anything to get (Name) to look at him like that.

He sat in the car, the heels of his hands pressed into his eyes. He didn’t want this anymore. He just wanted things to go back to the way they were before his mind decided he was falling for some immortal asshole who can’t stop fucking getting into his head with the hot shit he does.

He sighed and smacked the button on the side of his seat, reclining it.

He was still lying there when someone knocked on the passenger window.

“Damien! Open the door.”

He looked over and had to close his eyes for a moment.

(Name) was watching him, a look in his eyes that made Damien’s heart go crazy and made his stomach churn and made thoughts he never wanted to think again fly through his mind.

He unlocked the door, sitting up and yanking his seat up with him. “Yeah?”

(Name) got in and sighed. “Let’s go.”

“Go…?” Damien asked, turning on the car anyway. “Go where?”

“Don’t care. Drive, dumbass.” (Name) rolled down his window.

“Fine.” Damien didn’t look over, knowing he would lose his mind if he did.

He drove in silence, painfully aware of the man sitting next to him, and the hand on the center console that wasn’t even that close to (Name)’s thigh or his arm that he desperately wanted to be closer to him.

He shook his head to clear it, pulling into an old field and getting out, not even waiting for (Name), knowing he would catch up.

“Damien, what the hell is wrong with you?”

‘You’re what’s wrong with me. Your eyes and your smile and your hands and your lips and those freckles you can only see when you smile. The way you look at me when we’re playing dodgeball and the way your lips just barely move when you read and the way you sit in my car and look out the window. Your eyes. Mostly your eyes.’

Damien thought all of that in a split second and wanted desperately to tell (Name), but…

All he did was shrug and pull out a lighter.

(Name) huffed. “Fine. Just sulk then.”

Damien stood, glaring at him. “Just sulk? What is it you do every day again?”

He shouldn’t have said that.

(Name) glared up at him. “Fuck you Damien.”

He gritted his teeth. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you, you gay piece of shit?”

Oh god he shouldn’t have said that.

Oh god he looked like he was gonna cry.

Damien reached for his arm. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…:

(Name) threw him off. “Don’t fucking touch me. Don’t you fucking touch me you fucking asshole.” He stumbled away, fighting back tears.

“(Name), please I’m sorry--”

“Get away from me.” He took off running, heading back into town.

Damien hopped in his truck and drove up beside him. “Get in. I’ll drive you home.”

“If you ever get anywhere near me again I will kill you.’ (Name) just kept walking.


“Do you think I’m kidding? I want nothing to do with you. I never want to see your face again. You’re more of a fucking awful person than I thought. I almost started to like you, too.” He turned off into an alley too small for Damien to follow him through.

Damien yelled and slammed his hand on the steering wheel, driving back home, wanting to slam his car into a tree just to cause damage.

And maybe because there was a chance of death.

He didn’t even make it home before he had to stop and get out. He walked into the woods, nearly crying. He collapsed onto a fallen tree, head in his hands.

Now he’d done it. He’d ruined his one and only chance.

His phone rang. He glared at it and answered.


He heard quiet laughter. “Hey! Where are you?” Polly’s voice was too loud, too bright, too… too everything. “I got some new drugs we gotta try and--”

“Fuck off, Polly. Why’d you even call me?” He stood up, his hand balled into a fist.

“Woah, calm down, Dami!”

“Don’t fucking call me that, Polly. You and I both know nobody wants to interact with you unless you have drugs. I don’t wanna get high with you and have to keep you from wandering off an annoying everyone else like you always do. Seriously, do you ever shut the fuck up?”

Something was definitely wrong with him. He meant none of that.

Polly was silent for a moment. “Fine. You know what? I don’t care. Have fun, asshole.”

He sighed as he heard the click of Polly hanging up.

Now Damien was even more pissed off, despite knowing that she had every right to hang up. He growled and screamed a ‘fuck’ that echoed in the empty woods, chucking his phone straight into the dirt. First, he upsetted (Name), and the guy wanted to burn him alive probably, then his best friend, who was one of the few who could actually handle him at levels of anger that he was experiencing now. Damien balled up some of his hair with both fists and tugged, cursing out a ‘dammit’.

He didn’t know what to fucking do! He’s never had a situation like the one he was in right now! He ruined his one chance to get (Name) to like him. That shit on its own was hard, just to get the guy to even smile his way was a fucking 100m marathon it felt. Now he was severely pissed off, crying, and destroyed by Damien’s snarky ass mouth. Sometimes he wished someone would sew his mouth shut, so he didn’t fuck everything up like he always did. Damien wasn’t sure what he could do to fix what he’s done.

“Motherfucker!” Damien slammed his foot into a dead log, stumbling back when it didn’t budge. He spun around and punched a tree, dropping to his knees from the pain of the blow. His knuckles were already bleeding. He stood up and stumbled back to his car, eyes clouded with tears, not from the pain.

From the realization that he’d just alienated the only two people who cared about him and he had nothing left anymore.

Hate and Romance || Damien LaVey x Male!Reader II
Shit man feels bad man

COAUTHOR - poisonmantis

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