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Waterfall Glade

Inspired by a TR Legend Artwork... damn those cheap textures of the cliff >.<

EDIT: This piece is getting a huuuuge amount of attention lately which honestly came as a complete surprise to me as it is 4 years old and certainly has its flaws since I was only starting out on 3D rendering back then. Anyways, many people keep mentioning Nate looks like Jake English, I have not the slightest clue who that is until I googled him after the like tenth comment mentioning him. *lol* I guess it's the glasses too which Nate is usually not wearing
This is my male Tomb Raider character Nathan Thomas (named in complete unawareness of Nathan Drake back then *d'oh*) and not Jake English. There are a lot of more recent artwork of him in my gallery too.
Having said that I'm incredibly grateful for all the attention this piece gets, for all the comments and favs and I still can't really wrap my head around this *lol* Thanks guys!
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I have always been a huge Tomb Raider fan and I remember seeing this picture somewhere back in the "day" (I hate saying that as well) and I thought WOW that was incredible. I never really came to DA that much so I never knew where it came from, and now here I am and stumbled upon it again and actually see the creator. I LOVE your work. This brought back a lot of memories for me! Now only if we could have a sexy male Tomb Raider that actually looked like this I would be down. lol :heart:

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Thank you so so so very much! I'm sorry for the late reply but this means so much to me. Been a bit under the weather lately emotionally but seeing people still come back to this after all those years and your lovely words really mean the world to me! :heart:

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Well just know that anytime you need a pick me up....hit me up cause I will have lots of encouraging words for you because your talent is beyond amazing. :heart:

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Thank you! :heart: I really should go back and make some updated art with him. He's got some more recent pictures in my gallery but I haven't touched upon that topic much the past years.

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I enjoyed exploring your work. I make a living as an illustrator- very different in tone than yours- I tend to work in more of a whimsical category... but just wanted to say that there is something about some of your early work that I respond to really strongly- works like "Antivan Memories", "Antivan Boots", and even "Smoke on the Water"... I am not sure what you were doing in your process but the end result has a fine art quality. It feels more hand done than some of the later 3D work - which at times are challenged by a certain deadness of the eye that the models can get- not always as the one here reads great. (please don't read that too negatively- just an observation and a challenge with 3D in general- how to impart a soul to the eyes...) Just something about the illustrative texture of those early ones is really nice. Don't abandon it. Keep up the good work.
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First of all thanks a lot for taking the time to write a critique.

I went back and looked at the pieces you mentioned and I think I see what you mean. Back then I used very radical postwork shading in my works, Smoke on the Water is a pretty good example for that. I just felt that a lot of detail went lost by this and most people preferred lesser shaded pieces too. I tried to find a balance between getting rid of the "videogame look" of my renderings (hence making them differ from the "usual" 3D renders you see) and a not too distorded "drawn look".
The eyes are always a problem in 3D and I started paying them a lot of attention, especially in my more recent works.

Thanks a lot again for writing the critique.
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I love this. The design is clever and spot-on; it manages to be a funny parody, an insightful critique, and an attractive and sexy piece of art in its own right.

The low-res cliff texture actually adds to the video-game-terrain look, but I docked some points on technique mostly for his accessories.

The straps have the infinitely-thin-infinitely-flexible look you can get from CG (especially the right backpack strap) and they don't hang realistically on his body. The backpack straps should be tight on the top and front of his shoulders to give the backpack a sense of weight (they can be looser at the bottom).

The gun straps are supposed to be tension fit to his thighs, so they should be very tight all the way around; you definitely shouldn't be able to see light between them and his thighs (they might even be tight enough to make his thighs bulge around them a bit).

His boots are too shiny. Even brand-new leather has tiny creases in it and doesn't have that "perfect" CG polish, and these shouldn't look brand-new anyway. They should have crease lines around the ankle and over the toes.
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Thank you so very much for taking the time to write this extremely fair critique.

I'm still amazed how much attention this picture is still getting given the fact it is 4 years old. Back then I was in rendering for about... I think half a year or a little more when I first created Nate.
All the things you say which are a bit off are completely true. Back then I didn't know much about materials and shaders so the boots look really shiny and the clothing he wears are actually meant for a female character and weren't really fitting for him. I became a lot better with tweaking stuff like this since then.

Thank you very, very much for your critique. I barely ever get some so I stopped asking for them all together.
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Honestly it's all nitpicks; the concept and execution are both pretty much rock-solid.
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Klasse Bild ... Tomb Rider ... in männlich Love 
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Hehe, same here. This picture is still making the rounds. It's six years old by now. This is what he looks like today: Tomb Raider (Dirty Business) by Ulysses0302
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Very nice! It helped me for my outfit for Second Life. 
My blog:……
By all means make this game. He's bloody hot. The straight guys get Lara and the gay guys get Nathan. Well yeah, Nathan Drake, but this guy is just as hot too.

I'd be quite ok with it just as I'm quite ok with Lara Croft. Men and women should be treated equally indeed. If you're ok with a hot half naked guy like this in a game, you should be ok with a hot half naked girl in a game.

Now if only we can get Nathan Drake to run around like that, hmm.... :P
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Well, I'm guessing the reason for all the attention is because of tumblr. I just saw it reblogged there. I have to say, it's certainly an interesting piece, quite well modeled. I don't know if you wanted to do a male Tomb Raider to the point of the ridiculousness of the clothes (Nathan Drake certainly doesn't dress like that while going on missions, although it would be interesting if he did). How can you gallivant around the place with short-shorts and a tiny tank top? If you're in the middle of the jungle, any person with half a brain would wear long pants, not just for the bugs and other plants, but simply to avoid getting scrathes all over (it's very annoying, trust me).

Can I ask what did you use? It looks very very very well done! Congratulations for all the attention you're getting, you certainly deserve it :)
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awesome job. very sexy ;]
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Wow that's just awesome!! 
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I think it's getting a lot of attention because of the article by Cara Ellison on newstatesman dot com... I came here from there.  It's called "There's no sexism in gaming" :D 
Have to say, this is really good, I'm looking forward to checking out more of your stuff :) Especially since this is your work from four years ago... 
Like I said, Looking forward to it!
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I discovered this amazing piece via this article > Excellent read btw with excellent art, what's not to like?

I demand Naughty Dog consider this design (with a minor adjustment for a bigger package ...a bit like actual Drake in U1 & U2) for Uncharted 4!! Get on it ND, make it happen! :shakefist:
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i admire your work and talent and can see why this rendering is a fan favorite love the jungle scene. you should add
king kong to the equation character vulnerable captured by the giant gorilla then escapes.
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I really want this to be a thing! Please get hired by a games company who consider androsexuals their primary audience.
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