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Trouble needs a place to sleep

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The rain was hammering down on Oxford street. Surprisingly few people braved the torrential downpour, especially for a Saturday night. Benjamin hurried through the rain, the drops drumming on his brolly. He was on his way home, back to his little coven. They were squatting in an abandoned building near Soho Square at the moment until they would find a better place to stay.
He crossed the street towards Tottenham Court Tube Station when he suddenly stopped. He felt the presence of another witch and a powerful one at that. Ben looked around and became aware that he, too, had been noticed. A few feet away, drenched by the rain, but completely unfazed, stood a young man, probably his age.
He wore a plain white shirt which clung to his slender body, the water ran down his bare arms and had turned his eyeliner runny. The dark make-up accentuated the young man's incredibly green eyes. Benjamin had never seen eyes like that. They looked at each other for a moment as the rain continued to fall around them.
Finally, Benjamin smiled and came closer.
"Hi, I'm Ben," he said.
"Jonathan," the other said. His eyes seemed even more alluring this close up.


How did Jon meet his first boyfriend, you ask? This is how. Shortly after being kicked out of the London Coven for misbehaving and breaking into the forbidden library.

I know that the animated rain and the frozen cars seem a bit odd but let's say the street is clogged. Which isn't uncommon for London, after all ;)
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Ariel-XHobbyist Digital Artist

Oh wow! :wow: rvmp That is a really nice rain effect! Jump test

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PSK-PhotoHobbyist Photographer
Wieder sehr toll geworden, mag die Stimmung und Details wie die Tropfen auf die Schulter klopfen etc.
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BornAngelAuthorHobbyist Artist
this is gorgeous!!! I loves it so much!
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galidorHobbyist Digital Artist
That is so cool! You even got the rain splashes on his arm!! :wow:
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Wormwood77Hobbyist Digital Artist
Great image; you can just see that even being down on his luck, he's quite indomitable!Love 

By the way, even the Romans back in the day bitched about England in general and London in particular being too wet and cold for them... Nod 
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DresdenskinsArtHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm glad I got to see this on my laptop earlier as the rain effect doesn't work on my phone. The image is still spectacular. The way your art blends with your background is seamless.
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CupidonArtHobbyist Digital Artist

I love how you can actually see the rain hitting Jonathan. Very nice!

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I'm available.
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haiderxx-darkgroundxProfessional Traditional Artist
wow thats really amazing
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Unglaublich, was man mit Photoshop alles hinbekommt. Die Beleuchtung zusammen mit dem Regen läßt ihn wirklich klatschnaß aussehen. Wunderbar gemacht -- und verdammt, sein Blick ist genauso düster wie das Wetter! Perfektion!!! :D (Big Grin) Heart +fav 
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E-Bru-BilderHobbyist Digital Artist
Ganz wunderbar! :)
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Forbidden library? What a bad boy.
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This is cool!  Was it difficult to create this?
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Hauntingly beautiful. I really love it.

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Ulysses3DArtHobbyist Digital Artist

Thank you so much! I wasn't sure if it looked alright.

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Reminds me of the Rutger something character in a Sci-Fi movie with Harrison Ford. (My memory is not cooperating.) But your work is always so beautiful.

Ulysses3DArt's avatar
Ulysses3DArtHobbyist Digital Artist
Rutger Hauer in Blade Runner, yes. The "Tears in the rain" monologue. That is such a flattering comparison. Thank you! :hug:

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Ah, yes! That is what I was trying to think of. Thanks for jogging my memory.

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There's room in my bed.
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Ulysses3DArtHobbyist Digital Artist

I definitely wouldn't kick him out of bed either. ;)

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I hope your bed is big enough for all three of us.
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MysticartdesignHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow.... cooler Regen ... sieht Hammer aus ... 🥰
Ulysses3DArt's avatar
Ulysses3DArtHobbyist Digital Artist

Danke :) in Photoshop erstellt :D

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MysticartdesignHobbyist Digital Artist

Ganz toll auch die Tropfen auf Schulter und Hand .. also sehr gelungen

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