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Stolen looks

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By Ulysses3DArt   |   
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"I often wonder if you know... I mean, I think I'm subtle but am I really? Stealing those looks whenever I think you won't notice because you're so sexy. I know we talked about this the first time... we... that there won't be feelings involved... I know I promised you that. And yet... I won't say it, I know you'd be annoyed and rightfully so... my feelings are my own and it's best that way."

Tariq and Jon during their travels together before they moved into the mansion and before Tariq met Richard.
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Well, he definitely has good taste!

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Wormwood77Hobbyist Digital Artist

Can you blame the man for sneaking peeks?

On the other hand, it may be a bit of comfort that he's well worth a peek or two himself - or even a right ogling! :horny: revamp

Ulysses3DArt's avatar
Ulysses3DArtHobbyist Digital Artist

He's definitely worth a peek :D In this case it's him worrying about the feelings that he starts to have for Jon. He promised that he'd be okay with just being friends. Oops.

Alvacon's avatar

Aww, poor Tariq!😢 Who wouldn't get a little hung up on a guy like Jon, especially when he was their first time?! This is a great render of two completely delicious guys, but now I need to dig through your gallery and find some shots of these two happily cuddling with their future mates!

Ulysses3DArt's avatar
Ulysses3DArtHobbyist Digital Artist

This isn't the most romantic of moments but here's Tariq snuggling Richard. I haven't got that many of the two after Richard's redesign, but this was the first of those. :D

Fire and Water
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DresdenskinsArtHobbyist Digital Artist

Tariq looks beautiful. That expression... it conveys exactly what you wrote. Excellent work!

Yaulendur's avatar

Oh my, does Jonathan always go commando?

Ulysses3DArt's avatar
Ulysses3DArtHobbyist Digital Artist

I'm actually not sure but it seems he forgot his jockstraps here since they are at the gym :D

achillias-da's avatar

Beautiful image, title and text! And Tariq looks magnific again! :happybounce: :hug:

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haiderxx-darkgroundxProfessional Traditional Artist


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I’d look at Jon too. Frequently.
joekr9's avatar

Poor guy! He can't help stealing a look at that. Maybe he's concerned the blond would be resentful.

Ulysses3DArt's avatar
Ulysses3DArtHobbyist Digital Artist

Heh, oh no, not at all. He and Jonathan have slept with each other several times by then. Tariq is just worried because he starts having feelings and Jon said they are friends with benefits, nothing more ;)

joekr9's avatar

Aww, only friends with benefits? By the way, I started watching Hollywood on Netflix. Have you seen any of it? I love it. It's got supposedly real personalities in it, such as Rock Hudson, Vivian Leigh, Tallulah Bankhead, Rory Calhoun, etc. I wrote "supposedly real" because I don't know if all of the lines and action are accurate. Very fine performers in it. Lots of gay stuff, including love. Ever read the book (autobiography and biographies) Full Service? They might have gotten some of the ideas from that book.

Anyway, I love your work. I always do.

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Ich kann dich gut verstehen, Tariq. Aber dir ist klar, daß man dir garantiert auch hie und da so hinterherschaut?!:D

Oh, sie bieten beide einen tollen Anblick! Und Tariq's Blick sagt wirklich alles; das hast du wunderbar hinbekommen. :heart: :heart: :+fav:

Ulysses3DArt's avatar
Ulysses3DArtHobbyist Digital Artist

Haha, ja, ich glaube er weiß das, aber er ist eher der schüchterne ruhige Typ :D

SomersetDude's avatar

Very hot! :love:

Frozenaccess's avatar
FrozenaccessHobbyist Digital Artist

I mean no one blames ya Tariq poor baby

Ulysses3DArt's avatar
Ulysses3DArtHobbyist Digital Artist

Right? I don't blame him either :XD:

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