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Reading is sexy

Isn't it? Nate doing some research between adventures. A nice glass of Merlot, books from his library, a warm fire and comfy pants. Maybe a bit too comfy, they seem to be sliding off. Enjoy :heart:

(inspired by a picture of Jensen Ackles)
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this looks fantastic :)
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Oh I love it (and I got the Jensen's inspiration) I love how you did it, love the light, I am thinking about an illust of Merlin and Arthur near a fire like that :)
What fireplace did you use ? It renders so well
Nate is *very* sexy, bravo :)

PS : Still have to answer you private message, will do it ASAP and thinking of you a lot
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It was never like this when *I* was at University... :XD:
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This is charming. I love a good Merlot - An Australian vintage, perhaps? - and a hot guy with pants already part-way down. Only needs a little coaxing...
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Wow, this is like totally me! Except I'd be having a glass of Reisling.... okay that's a lie I'd just be drinking from the bottle because I'm trashy that way lol.

Oh! Does Nate have a butler? A badass butler like Alfred?
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*lol* Sorry for replying to this so late ^^; Yes, Nate has a butler, a mix of Alfred and the guy from the TR movies ;)
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Nice, very nice :-)
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Indeed, reading is quite sexy... I'm sure the book is interesting, too.
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