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"This feels so much better..."

My very first pic done with my new PC :) Poser works like a dream on this one, even DAZ works better ;)
Poison Ivy in the style of the awesome Arkham Asylum game. I loved her re-design for the game *_*
EDIT: I tweaked the pic a bit, gave her more of those vine thingies and added the deep red lips and nails she had in the game. I forgot those and a friend of mine reminded me ;)
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Here she comes...

Unlike the mostly original characters of your other renders, Poison Ivy doesn't need an introduction, so she makes her great entrance with due self-confidence. Positioned in the center of a square canvas, she's literally at the center of attention.

See the face and see that smile...

Being positioned slightly above her, the viewer's attention is immediately drawn to her face, which is framed by the boldest colors in the whole scene and fully lit. Her piercing eyes and her slight smile convincingly convey her sense of superiority, which isn't diminished by looking upwards to the viewer, an angle often used to portrait hierarchy. Though in this case, it's reversed and one can imagine the viewer hiding in a tree. Her looks make it clear that she's got the power, even when she's just having a walk in the park.

This lady's serious make no mistake...

The image has an interesting visual concept, where a lush and bright left side is countered by a darker and dirty right side which is barren and still open for her to leave her mark on. But even though the two halves are very different in brightness and detail, the image is very balanced, the bright lushness on the top left is countered by an equally weighted darkness on the bottom right and the other corners match as well.

She'll cast a spell that you may never break...

The postworked magical effects are nicely done. They really fit into the image and look “natural” and not overblown. She doesn't have to put much effort in making the grass and flowers grow, it just happens as she moves on.

Poison Ivy is a great rendition of a supervillainess.