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Bathroom conversation

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"And I mean, I know where he's coming from with this, but it made me so mad and..."
Richard had long since stopped listening. Tariq went on and on but at this point, Richard only made sure that he was nodding or making a sound of agreement at the right moments.
It wasn't like he didn't enjoy Tariq's company. Far from it. He'd actually prefer him in the tub now, even though the thing was way too small for them both. But they could squeeze together tightly. Instead, Tariq was ranting about a fight he and Jon had three hours ago. Three hours. 180 minutes. An eternity, really. Richard would be over this by now, not even thinking about it.
However, he knew that Tariq needed to get it out of his system and for him, it was really enough just to be with the Ifrit. This adorable mix of insecurity and eagerness was unlike anything Richard had experienced in a lover before. Tariq quite literally was his opposite, a creature of fire, while his element was water. Tariq seemed to overthink everything and Richard usually just rolled with things. Life was too short to waste it on doubt or regret.
"I wonder if I should apologize to him."
"Would that make you feel better?"
Tariq smiled. "Probably."
"Then you should do it," Richard said.
"Thanks... sorry, I really needed to talk to someone."
"I don't mind."
Tariq stopped and looked at the long fishtail which hung out of the tub. "When did you...?"
"I transformed a while ago. Just wanted to see if you would notice," Richard said, chuckling.
"I'm annoying, aren't it?"
"Far from it, fire boy... could you get me a towel? I should get out, I think I'm growing gills in here."
Tariq gazed at him for a moment, both narrowed their eyes, trying their hardest not to laugh first. It was Richard who lost that battle and he soon found himself in a kiss with the Ifrit. So listening to those little rants was more than worth it.


More domestics. I apologize for the simple background (which is stock: Bathroom) This rendered for 19h and still looked grainy in places but my painted look treatment fixed that, I'd say. First appearance of Richard in his merman form. ;) 
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obiebluHobbyist Digital Artist

I love this composition. Did I miss this on Twitter?

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Ulysses3DArtHobbyist Digital Artist
Hmmm, I think I actually never tweeted this one. Now that you mention it.

Thank you 😊
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Lovely scene, my friend! And Tariq looks incredible handsome, as usual! :clap: :hug:

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DresdenskinsArtHobbyist Digital Artist

I can SO relate to Richard in this story... it reminds me of whenever my partner talks about politics. He's so passionate about the subject, and it bores me to tears, but I listen (or more accurately, I look as though I'm listening, and nod in all the right places until he's done). I do try not to wear a similar expression, though. I wouldn't want him to think he bores me senseless with political talk.

Tariq is looking great here... they both are!

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Wormwood77Hobbyist Digital Artist

What a lovely scene! I'm sure they'll both fit, with a bit of a squeeze (and the squeeze would probably make it all the more fun:giggle: )

But you've started something here; now I want more fishy Richard... ;)

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Can two fit into that tub? They could try.

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:D Was für eine niedliche Szene! Richard's verträumter Blick zeigt deutlich, daß er ganz woanders ist mit seinen Gedanken. Mit Tariq kann ich übrigens mitfühlen - ich tendiere auch dazu, etwas, das mich geärgert hat, stundenlang mit mir "herumzuschleppen".

Und Richard hat wirklich einen wunderschönen Fisc hschwanz! Hellblau steht ihm gut! :heart: :+fav:

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I'm really loving these domestic scenes! It somehow adds a whole extra layer of realism to drop in on your characters in these sweet, simple little day-in-the-life moments.

And that beautiful blue tail! I'm kinda wondering, is the color just an aesthetic choice, or a clue that Richard may be related to the blue men of the Minch, and may have or develope similar storm raising powers?

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I’m totally fine with aqua lad.
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FrozenaccessHobbyist Digital Artist

The more I learn the more I am Richard in terms of silliness and Tariq in terms of over thinking

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Ulysses3DArtHobbyist Digital Artist

Same, really. I can really relate to Tariq in overthinking stuff all the damn time and dwell on every detail. And to Richard for making stupid jokes like that :XD:

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FrozenaccessHobbyist Digital Artist

100% same. Haha though I would 100% be the "shift forms to see how long it takes them to notice" type even if not xD

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