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Ghouls and Ghosts


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Ghouls and Ghosts


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Innocence - A London Nights Short Story

Everyone makes mistakes in their lives. It’s part of who we are. Some mistakes are minor. Some are bigger. And some have terrible consequences. It’s how we deal with these consequences that defines who we are as a person. Do we face them bravely, head on? Or do we run from them? And if given the opportunity, how far would we be willing to go to undo what we have done? Jonathan Bouchard has made a terrible mistake and it cost him dearly. And tonight, in the heart of London, the borough of Westminster is the stage for a play that will decide about the young witch’s future.  Westminster, London, 2004 Jonathan had to hold himself up against one of the marble columns. All strength had vanished as soon as those double doors closed behind him. He stood alone in the entry hall of the Witch Council. Light streamed through the high windows of the room, even though it was nighttime. The Council Chamber existed in a pocket dimension, hidden away right under everyone’s eyes and yet unseen in

"Canon" Prose

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A light in the dark

Male Tomb Raider Art

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- insert clever title here -

Doctor Who OC

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Date Night

Jonathan student concept - discontinued

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Night over London

The Lily and Velkan Mysteries spin-off

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Darkness rising

Jon, Dick, Velkan threesome - discontinued

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Charming rogue

Jonathan supernatural thief concept - discontinued

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Those carefree days

Jonathan Haunted Past Concept - discontinued

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Happy Halloween!

Jonathan Vampire Concept - discontinued

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13th Doctor Cosplay #3


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30 days OTP

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Forever starts tonight - Pg. 1

Forever starts tonight unfinished comic

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Life Stream


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13th Doctor Cosplay #4

Doctor Who

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I wanna fucking tear you apart

Vampire Tales

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Moon over London

Other OCs

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The Archivist


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Elf in the dark (Throwback to 2008)

Random Art and Stand-alone

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Scribble me this

drawn stuff

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Snow from FF XIII in Dotnia

3D Dot Game Heroes custom characters

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Olympian Gods

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Birthday Boys


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I'm a Lady


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