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Harry Potter: Old Magic, CH 55
Chapter 55: Sneaking into Hogwarts and Aftermath
The passageway they had discovered was choked by weeds and roots growing through the space. It was apparent no one had been discovered this tunnel yet this year though no doubt with all that was going, someone might dare it.
Annoyed, Mulciber and Nott used their wands to clear the path all the way to its end then lighting their wands they began their trek. It was a rather long walk and a cold one being this far underground and being winter.
It took the adults some forty minutes to traverse the distance. In that time they never heard or saw Kreacher. They hoped the house elf hadn't got himself caught. They didn't want this trip to be a worthless endeavor.
While his erstwhile and temporary partners worked their way towards their destination, Kreacher had managed to safely appear, hopefully unnoticed, in one of the high towers of Hogwarts. He was hoping, with the hour being so late, that it would be unl
:iconulyferal:ulyferal 2 0
Harry Potter: Old Magic, CH 54
Chapter 54: Wednesday Morning Upheaval
While four Slytherin students were learning to change their point of view of how the world should work when cruelty and hate aren't involved, people of the wizarding world were learning some disturbing news from their wireless.
Unlike muggles though, the wizarding world didn't hang out near their radios or carry them around so dissemination was slow at first but as the day moved on more and more people heard the astonishing news. The creatures they thought simple minded (like giants, trolls, centaurs, etc.) or just beasts were, in actuality, as intelligent, powerful, and very capable of using magic as human wizards were. And what was more important, these magical beings wanted to be accepted by wizarding kind as equals with the same rights and say in how they would be governed as the humans did.
The message was shocking, intriguing, and terrifying at the same time. The Daily Prophet tried to discredit the message as someones idea of a po
:iconulyferal:ulyferal 1 0
Harry Potter: Old Magic, CH 53
Chapter 53: A Course Change in Life
The enticing smells of the food made the boys waiting for Dumbledore to pass judgment on them made them want to squirm in their seats but they held themselves quiet even though their stomachs were making loud complaints.
"Gentlemen, please go ahead and eat your food, but do so slowly or your poor stomachs will make you regret it. Once much of your hunger as been assuaged, we'll just have a casual discussion about the lessons you learned today and see if they have succeeded in making you realize the error of your most unacceptable behavior at breakfast this morning," Dumbledore advised them.
Leading the way, the headmaster set to eating his own meal with some enjoyment as the stress of the past day's events had disturbed his own appetite and with the successful and positive conclusion of those same events, he found himself ravenous.
The boys winced at the reminder of how they had ended up so hungry in the first place, but set that aside to f
:iconulyferal:ulyferal 1 0
Harry Potter: Old Magic, CH 52
Chapter 52: Found...One Slytherin Rat
As the breakfast drama was playing out in the great hall, Fawkes appeared just outside the kitchens and took a perch upon a dentil that projected out from the cornice that ran along the ceiling of this corridor. Since he had asked for this meeting, he had to be patient until breakfast had been served, which by the sound of the activity beyond the doors he waited outside, hadn't occurred yet. He idly wondered what might have transpired to delay it ... ah well, will hear about it when return to my familiar's office.
A loud swooshing sound filled the corridor announcing the departure of a large amount of containers upward. Only a few moments later a broad shouldered and taller than normal house elf slammed out of the doors and strode up to him.
"Good morning, Firg," Fawkes greeted the elf warmly.
"Rare to see you down here, Fawkes. Important it must be, hmm?" Firg asked, getting to the point as was his wont.
"Indeed. Much to tell. Do you hav
:iconulyferal:ulyferal 1 0
Harry Potter: Old Magic, CH 51
Chapter 51: Tuesday Morning Surprise!
After the best night's sleep since coming to Hogwarts or even when he was at home, Draco woke to the sound of unfamiliar voices. He grinned widely. It wouldn't take long before those voices would be familiar and welcome. For now they simply meant what he had been wanting so long ... safety and security. What a great feeling that was.
Throwing his bedding off with glee, he bounded out of bed and grabbed his bathing things before heading off to the bath. After an invigorating shower, he dressed quickly in his new robes.
"Well don't you look bright eyed and alert this morn," Robert said, smiling down at the newest member of his house. It pleased him to see the happy, relaxed expression on the pale face that had once worn the look of worry and anger. This went a long ways toward making him more at ease with the former Slytherin.
"I am, thank you. And I'm starving," Draco said, grinning from ear to ear.
"You aren't worried about what is going
:iconulyferal:ulyferal 2 0
Red Fox Sketch by ulyferal
Not much to say.  Staring at this drawing I can't believe I actually did this.  Haven't done anything with coloring nor drawing for two years now.  Sigh! Only boring things going on right now is what everyone else does this time of year: lose the weight gained over holidays, doing taxes, listening to a blithering idiot that's our current president, and clearing out old files and junk.  The usual boring stuff.


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Thanks to :icondarksevern: for drawing my avatar and making it look fresh and new.



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