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Ducking the Slings and Arrows, Lesson 7
Lesson 7: Never take you eyes off your Kitten
Don't you growl at me mister!" Callie snapped at the big tom then quickly gave her son a warm hug and kiss. "Now you be good for daddy," she said, setting him on the floor again then turning to glare a warning at her husband, "I told you last month, I had a meeting of the council and the doctor's office had changed Brendan's appointment. You have to take him so stop complaining. I will see you later." With that, she picked up her briefcase and went out the door.
Feral stood staring at the door a moment before turning his gaze downward to his son...who was no longer there. He blinked and quickly looked around.
"No..." he bellowed as he just managed to catch their one year old from pulling a lamp to the floor. He swoop his son up into his arms and admonished him with a " touch..." with which his son blithely ignored him, giving his father a broad grin instead.
Feral sighed. Brendan was a curious kitten...always needing to touch and inves
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Ducking the Slings and Arrows, Lesson 6
Lesson 6: Never Ignore Your Kitten
Felina had to fight to keep from laughing but it was a losing battle. Her uncle's expression was priceless and she wished she'd had a camera right this minute.
Just minutes before, sitting in his chair at his desk, Feral had been playing with his four month kitten when the phone rang, placing his son on his left knee, he bounced the kitten gently while he spoke with his wife on the phone.
Halfway through the call, he gasped then stared down at his son in shocked dismay.
"What's wrong Ulysses?" Callie asked, concerned.
Ignoring his wife for the moment, he held the phone between his neck and shoulder as he raised his son to eye level.
"How dare you wet all over me?" He growled, glaring at the kitten.
Brendan merely gargled and gave his father a sweet smile. A laugh in his ear drew his attention back to his wife.
"What's so funny?"
"You! I take it you didn't remember to change him when I dropped him off...hmmm?" She said, totally amused.
His face blushed
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Ducking the Slings and Arrows, Lesson 5
Lesson 5: Kittens Wait for No One
"Feral!" The Commander barked into his radio, his eyes staring at the incredible mess Hard Drive had made of the downtown area
Crashed cars due to non-functioning traffic lights and destroyed property was everywhere. It would be hours before this mess could be cleared away enough for traffic to flow smoothly again.
The SWAT Kats had managed to nab the techno thief but not before he did the damage Feral was staring at now. Grumbling under his breath and about to roar orders, his radio had interrupted him.
A way too familiar voice yelled at him from his radio. He blinked in shock, realizing she had gotten his dispatcher to patch her through. Her first few words let him know how she managed to go around regulations to make the call.
"Ulysses! Get your tail over to the hospital now! I'm in labor and need you and I don't care what you're will not be late for this!" Callie shouted. "Owww...damn...that hurts!" She interrupted herself to cry out in
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Ducking the Slings and Arrows, Lesson 4
Lesson 4: Interpreting Your Mate's Behavior
"You look awfully tired, Uncle," Felina commented when she saw the Commander that morning.
He gave her a scowl and a grunt but otherwise didn't respond as he made himself a cup of coffee. Sgt Fallon was home sick so it wasn't waiting for him, making the start of this day that much worse. He couldn't wait to see what else it was going to throw at him.
Felina sighed and stared at him. "You made Callie pissed again, didn't you?" She said shrewdly.
The scowl was joined by fangs of displeasure as Feral turned away from the coffee area and headed for his desk.
Shaking her head, his niece followed him. "You know, I've never seen the Deputy Mayor lose her cool so often as she has lately. She always struck me as a very level headed and calm she-kat. You were tardy for several important occasions in the past, but she, though mad, did forgive you, so her current behavior couldn't be linked to that ...hmmm..." she observed more to herself than the disgru
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Ducking the Slings and Arrows, Lesson 3
Lesson Three: Never forget an Anniversary
"You...good...for..nothing...tom!" She screamed.
He ducked as a glass trifle bowl, given to them for their wedding anniversary three years past, went flying to join the ugly vase someone else had gotten them, against the wall near his head.
"I tried to get home...really I did!" He yelled back, ducking yet again and covering his face just as a spray of fresh flowers slammed into him with its accompanying vase and water.
"Owww! Damn it, Callie that hurt!"
She screeched at him unintelligibly, reaching for something else to hurl. Knowing when he was losing, he hurriedly went back out the door he shouldn't have bothered entering. Slamming it shut behind him, he groaned and leaned against it, wincing when yet another piece of bric a brac hit the door behind him.
As he rubbed his sore head, an older neighbor poked his head out the door of his apartment to investigate the noise and stared at the miserable tom in concern.
"Well, hell! What the heck did
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Ducking the Slings and Arrows, Lesson 2
Lesson Two: Don't be Late for Your Own Wedding
"Where is he?" She asked worriedly, pacing back and forth.
"Uh, maybe he's stuck in traffic?" One of her bridesmaids asked hesitantly.
"He's flying here by chopper," Callie said tartly, staring out the window for the tenth time.
The wedding was already twenty minutes overdue to start and the groom still hadn't appeared nor called. All the guests were sitting in the garden, talking and wondering what was going on.
Suddenly a loud roar filled the air and a sonic boom rattled the building. Callie blinked as she saw the Turbokat take a holding pattern above the wedding area then panel opened below its belly and a basket began to lower.
A dirty, wet and disheveled looking Feral clung grimly to the basket as it set down on the ground and he quickly scrambled out. The basket was hauled back upward then the jet moved off to a nearby field to land.
The groom ran across the lawn, ignoring the loud questions yelled at him. Shaken and worried, h
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Ducking the Slings and Arrows, Lesson 1
Lesson One: Never Stand Up Your Date
Author's Note: A short, hopefully funny piece on the various pitfalls of dating and marriage.
"How could you have stood me up like that? I was soo embarrassed..." she seethed, hurling his report back at him.
It hit his chest and fell to the floor as he stared at her in shock. "Stood you up?" He asked bewildered.
Nearly screaming, she stormed up to him and stabbed her finger into his chest to emphasis just how pissed she was and hissed, "The Mayor's Banquet! The one that was on the calendar for three months!"
Paling, he swallowed in dismay. 'Oh crud! How did I forget that?' Raising his paws in a defensive gesture, he said shamefacedly, "I'm sorry, Callie. It completely slipped my mind due to the back to back problems at Pumadyne. I was swamped trying to solve it. First, ..."
"Save it!" She spit, tired of the same excuses. "You weren't swamped, your enforcers were. All you had to do was delegate but nooo that's too easy!"
"Oh, now you're not being fai
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SK: Psychic Alien Invader - Ficlet
Author's Note: A little ficlet based on the story Psychic: Alien Invasion
Waves of pain pounded in his head and trying to block it with his usual methods didn't seem to be working and he couldn't hear Reon except as the barest whisper. He nearly panicked at that since he could always hear his mate. What was wrong with him?
They'd just come from a riot in the Amirre Province. It had been more difficult then usual for him to get the crowd to calm and listen to reason. The people here had a legitimate gripe, their elected leader and his council had passed a truly stupid and ruinous law and their constituents had rose up in arms against it.
Once he'd calmed the masses of rioting groups, order was restored but he had some harsh words with the leader, that was about the time his head began to pound.
He should have been able to push the pain away then Reon would pull it from him and give him nearly immediate relief but this time nothing seemed to be working. H
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Chapter 6: Guarding the Celestial Hinge Pin
Asar continued to gape at Bast, unable to wrap his mind around what she'd just told hm. It seemed inconceivable that Feral, of all people, could hold the fate of the universe in his paws. Adding to that, was the fact the tom most likely didn't know it himself.
Though, come to think of it, Feral had to know something as Asar's brief probe told him the tom had broken from his family over failing to embrace his destiny, whatever that was. That he came from a magical family with a very long history of guarding Kat kind was equally surprising to the Guardian. There was a lot about the Feral family he needed to get informed about ASAP, he realized.
Shaking his head, he finally got his thoughts corralled and focused on the unenviable task he knew they, he and Bast, were now given without a choice on their part of whether or not they even wanted it.
"Sorry, ma'am, I was momentarily overwhelmed by the information," he said rather lamely.
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Chapter 5: The Fates Shocking News
Bast wasn't much for honorifics like her fellow Gods, preferring her servants to be straight forward, though polite, and obeying the proper etiquette for conversing with a God which he had done. Now he would simply get down to business.
"I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, ma'am, but I learned today that a God has been playing a dangerous game among the mortals."
Bast's eyes sparked but she didn't move or say anything. He took that to mean he should continue.
"I was almost too late preventing Shezmu from taking one of the defenders of the city you sent me to observe. The mortal is safe though badly shaken by the attack that had started more than three days earlier."
The Goddess hissed in shock.
Asar nodded, grimly. Yes, ma'am, I had no inkling Shezmu was even in the mortal realm much less in my vicinity. But what was even more shocking ... he didn't know I was there either. Now how is that possible?"
"It shouldn't be," Bast said flatly.
Asar nodde
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SK: For Love of a Princess, Ch 12
CHAPTER 12: Discussing the Past
Now she was very glad she had decided to talk to Chance and Jake tonight. She couldn't believe she had failed to remember something so important, she chided herself once she appeared in her apartment.
Looking around for a moment, she thought about taking a shower and changing clothes but decided against it with a groan of distaste. "No I'll be at headquarters even if no one knows that and I need to present a formal appearance to Lord Firelain. However, I should put my coat and weapon back on."
So saying she went to the closet and grabbed her great coat, swinging it on quickly then retrieving her weapon from the safe and tucking it into the holster beneath her coat. Leaving a light on, she quickly teleported herself out arriving in her office.
Opting for her office allowed her to return with no one seeing her. She let herself out of her office, relocking it behind her then heading for the stairs rather than the elevator. Again she didn't want to be seen b
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SK: For Love of a Princess, Ch 11
CHAPTER 11: The Discussion
Jake led the way into their tiny cramped apartment. Feral wrinkled her nose at the mild fustiness of the odor but said nothing. Nothing says male like musk, she shrugged mentally. Other than that, it was surprisingly tidy if dull.
An old beat up couch with a truly awful floral design graced the small rectangle living space. There was really only room for that a scarred coffee table, a small three-legged end table, a single lamp with a barrel shaped shade, and, of course, a huge but very old TV set. She suspected most everything here was from the salvage. The old oak floor was partly covered by a very worn, but still serviceable, persian rug. The kitchen was a small cubby with the usual compact fridge, four burner stove, microwave, and sink with only a few cupboards. A very short hallway led to a single bath and two bedrooms opposite each other. She had not been up here except once when Burke and Murphy used to live here. Then it was a pigsty plain and simple.
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SK: For Love of a Princess, Ch 10
CHAPTER 10: The Messengers are Briefed
After escorting her guests to their quarters, Feral sighed and leaned against the wall of the elevator. Though she had told her secretary and the knights that she was done for the day, that hadn't exactly been true. The work day usually never ended for her until well after and it was only three pm in the afternoon.
She still needed to write up her report on Dark Kat's capture for turn in to city hall and there was the matter of speaking to the SWAT Kats. That should be an interesting conversation especially if she surprised them with a small amount of magic. The thought of what that arrogant pilot's face would look like made her smile.
Her secretary eyed her with surprise as she walked past and into her office. She paused at the door a moment. "I still have a few things to get done so please see that I'm not disturbed. You do not have to stay when your shift is over."
"Understood, sir. Unless it's necessary, I will see you tomorrow."
She nodded at
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Missing the ocean

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 14, 2018, 10:27 PM

I was born near an ocean and being landlock all these years sometimes makes me wish I could fly back to the blue waters of the Pacific.  However, my family is settled inland and I'm too old to move since my family support system is where I am now.  So I must take trips when I can afford it.  Like now.  I'm taking a flight to see my mom who is growing frail and I don't want to leave too much time to pass without seeing her.  So the ocean beckons and I can't wait to heed her call even for just a short while.

Summer Project 5 -  Reflections by SanguineDiamond


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zutarianxtaang Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aaah! Hi! You might remember me from, oh, several years back on Fanfiction and such, I was a younger reader of yours (when I shouldn't have been oopsies, but I'm 23 now, how time flies, I was a fan from 2011 I think?) and I wanted to pop in and say Hi, I've missed your work and seeing you around. I hope your days are going good and you're doing fine! I still look up to you immensely as an inspiration. You're a great write and you actually inspired me to do a lot of writing myself, actually! 

So I wanted to pop in and say thank you for being such a wonderful person, writing beautiful works, and giving me so much to aspire to be like. Or, well, not be like, but you know, have a good idea of what I want my own writing to be compared to I guess? Ah, I'm bad with expressing myself, I apologize.

But anywho, I do hope you're doing well and your health is good too! 
ulyferal Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
How sweet of you to drop in on me.  Sorry to say but things in my life have gone down hill starting with my husband's early retirement (this particular event has prevented me from writing at all.  Since he has no friends, he follows me around so I have no privacy), my only brother died as did too many other relatives, then we moved to a new home in 2015 (with my husband barely helping at all....seems he's mostly given up on life...sigh).  All that put me in the doldrums for a long time.  I'm only now attempting to take back my life a little at a time.  I had stopped writing but forced myself to do something every year for NANOWRIMO with some small success but never took up writing the rest of the time.  I do miss it and my time on my favorite forums where I had a lot of friends including you (yes I remember you).  Lately many people have been reading my stuff and begging me to get back in the saddle.  I will try to pull myself back into the swirl of things again. 

I am glad you are moving on with your own writing.  I'm happy to have served as your muse.  Thank you for all the kind words and I hope to be more visible in the writing world again.  Hope you're doing well in your own life.  Keep in touch and best wishes to you.
zutarianxtaang Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's nothing to drop in on an old time friend, especially one I used to talk to constantly when I was still heavily in the SWAT KATS fandom. You deserve the kind words, and I don't mind saying things how they are. You were a great person then, and were never condescending or rude and understood my curiosity for the taboo and such. You helped me understand a lot of things, especially about myself, through your writing. I kind of came out of the closet about two-three years ago (Bisexual (among other things) and very proud of it!)

But jeeze, that sounds awful. Your husband is a good guy no doubt but that kind of clinginess seems like it borders on insanity inducing. I personally would go crazy with that. And I am so sorry for your losses. I lost my grandmother a few years back, along with an aunt (My dad's older sister) and several great-relatives. It's been rough, so I understand your pain. (The woes of growing up with a very much older generation all of your life.) I do hope your husband finds another outlet, and lets you have your writing time back. Not even saying that as a fan, I'm saying that as someone who understands what it's like to have your writing muse interrupted in such a way. It's psychically exhausting and just draining not to have that kind of proper outlet anymore. 

I wish you the best of luck in pulling yourself back into the saddle! I'm rooting for you and your muse! And I'm glad you're doing NANOWRIMO as well! Anything to try and get those ideas and juices flowing. I do hope to see you in the writing world again as well, you were an inspiration to us all with your characterization that was nigh flawless and prose that engrossed so many of us for hours. (I know it captivated me for hours, so, I think I can speak for a lot of us.)

(Super duper flattered that you remember me though, like gosh. I used to lovingly refer to you as "Mom" when I was talking to other swat kats fans, hope you don't mind that.)

I'm doing good! Fighting a lot of mental and psychical sickness. I was born with shoddy health issues and they just all piled up as I got older. It's a lot of medical bullcrap but I'll live, as the saying goes. I'll do my best to keep in touch, but life is usually busy with hospital visits and spending a lot of time in health offices and therapy offices and such. Otherwise, I'm good, and quite content for the most part, I suppose, but I do hope things get better for you too o3o!
ulyferal Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you sweetheart for your kind words and understanding.  Congrats on being yourself too.  I have a transgendered (daughter to son) and his journey has been an uphill battle with many illnesses and mental health issues.  Just as one gets solved another rears its head.  We soldier through and celebrate the victories (like: getting his new birth certificate and driver's license at last...just last month) and try to minimize the hell of constant medical issues.  My youngest has married her long time girl friend in March.  Both of my youngest kids live at home and except for my son they hold jobs and all three pay me rent.  I much prefer having them under our roof (and we do have plenty of room) then struggling with housing like my oldest had when she first left home (she lives across the US from me).  With my younger kids at home, I keep my sanity dealing with lazy and woe-is-me hubby.  

Will try to keep in touch (which I'm really bad at right now) as I try to get my life and health back.  Hope things for you get better too.  Keep a positive attitude!  That more than anything else can help you cope with the periods of bad health and help you get well faster.  Has worked for me.  I even had kidney cancer and got through that with my kidney intact and cancer free (without chemo).  All the best!  (And no I don't mind you calling me mom.  I have kids that pass through my home when they are in need that call me that too).  ^~^
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