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Moment of silence

Do you hear the sound of sunlight?
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Sweetie Belle got hit by a taxi in Manehattan and the girls just got the news that their friend is never coming back. 
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Looks like English countryside.
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Your art is so detailed. Its refreshing to see MLP characters out of their perfect technicolour world. Would you mind if i feature this in :iconsketch-ponies: ?
Ulyanovetz's avatar
I'd be pleased to see my art published in your group. You're welcome.
LockeRobster's avatar
Awesome, you should join and post your other works there.

I've just gone through your gallery and its just so captivating. Each piece is so immersive, its like you live in this world and your chronicling the events. At times its seems like a very dark place to live, but there are glimmers of happiness.

I'm gonna watch to see how things progress in this world :)
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Thank you for such an inspiring comment =)
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wh- where's Sweetiebell?
Ulyanovetz's avatar
I don't know, but she is supposed to be OK
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The universe you incant with your pictures are those of fantasy. Inspiring and beautiful.
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i just can't get the feeling that Sweetie Belle isn't coming back :( but this is an amazing piece of work!
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I think its referring to ABs and Scoots parents...
nice job really great details keep up the good work/)
DoomSp0rk's avatar
This picture is literally worth a thousand words. The first four of which should be "Where is Sweetie Belle?"
Does Sweetie's absence relate to the title at all?

Damn I love this artwork.
Ulyanovetz's avatar
Don't worry, Sweetie is alive.
mindofnoodles's avatar
This is really good don't know why it wasn't in my favorites already.
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Wonderful picture, I only wish that i was as good at digitally drawing

When i first saw this, the first thing that came into my mind was "Where's sweetie belle?", I guess Scoots and Apple bloom must be waiting for her to trot down that road...
On the other side it could be more ominous, both of them waiting for a friend who's not coming back

Overall, I love all the little details you put in and am envious of your ability to draw Tree's and Clouds, If you Requested a critique on here I'd rate it :star::star::star::star::star:
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Ponies with tractor tires and electical wires?! What mad world is this?! D:
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Well, ponies DO have at least one hydroelectric power plant (episodes "Mysterious Mare-Do-Well", "It's about time"), so they need wires anyway. Also, these wires could be used for telegraph connection, not for power supply. As for the tractor tire- I just wanted to draw it. Wooden rim of a carriage wheel would look even much weirder than a tractor tire anyway
Charlesdeleroy's avatar
I prefer to believe this is some strange alternate Ponyverse where humans suddenly exploded and ponies appeared.

AlnairLindalwe's avatar
Man, you're mad. You should reconsider your selective perception of the show. :)

Ponies have building cranes, so why not build themselves a tractor?
And what about Twilight's research machinery oh-so-full-of-wires?
Charlesdeleroy's avatar
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