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Angelique Borgia



Here's my photo - it was taken in march, but now is used as contest entry.

The pretty vampire on this photo is Angelique Borgia, descendant of the famous Lucretia Borgia.
In her human lifetime, she was fascinated by occultism and darkness. She loved the night creatures, even if she was afraid of them. Angelique believed that vampires exist.
When a mysterious murder was raping and killing teens in her city, she was sure that he's a vampire and that's why she wanted to find out who is he.
And she did.
She was his next victim. Well, almost.
One night, when she was investigating, a stranger attacked her. It was him, The Murder.
She was right, he was a vampire - a cruel, blood-lusting creature with animal instinct.
Angelique was terrified - she didn't wanted to die! When he wanted to bite her, another vampire appeared.
Both vampire guys started to fight, and finally The Murder was killed.
Angelique thought she is safe. But she was not.
Her rescuer demanded her blood in return for being saved...
She didn't managed to disagree, the stranger bite her...
"If I'm going to die now, why did you saved me?!" - she screamed and cursed him for this.
"You don't need to die"
Angelique had no other way but to drink a drop of her rescuer's blood and turn into vampire.
From that moment he became her Master and she had to carry out every his command.

But she liked it.
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