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PerneseDragon |template| open P2U

By ulv-f
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I'm not really into "Dragonriders of Pern" but I like the design of these creatures, and wanted to draw random one (I used this page for reference, forgive all mistakes -> theweyrsresources.weebly.com/d… ) .
This is a very simple shaded template, but maybe someone will find it useful.
I'll draw more templates like this in the future.

Please comment below if you're interested in buying one (it's only 5 USD). Or just send me a note.
You will get:
*.PSD file (dragon's size 5684x4199 px). Inside:
-separated layers for:
1. Lineart
2. Base color
3. shadow color
4. Light color
5. 2nd light color
6. Eye color
7. Claws color
8. Background

:bulletblack: I accept payment via PAYPAL (5 USD) or dA :points: (400)

-The template belongs to me. You can't claim the template as your own or try to sell it for money or any other goods. But - if you'd like to make adoptables / characters on it, you may sell them as long as you credit me as an actual author of the original template.
-No reuploading and sharing the template.
-You may modify, edit, recolor the template or add any other features, accessories. You may even modify the lineart and turn the dragon into another dragon species.
-You may use it for creating your characters, adopts, or for RP forums, etc.

Please, when sharing your work, credit me as an author and add link to my dA profile.
Thanks! :heart:

Program: PhotoShop cs6
Tool: Huion 1060 PLUS Graphic Drawing Tablet
Total time of the work: about 4,5 hours


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Artwork and YCHs that I do not share on deviantart (+18 themed). -

Template © :iconulv-f:

Pern Dragon race (c) Anne McCaffrey
My artwork can not be published, reproduced, copied, edited, uploaded or used in any way or form. The artwork of mine is not free-to-use!

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© 2017 - 2020 ulv-f
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You still up for points on this one? 
ulv-f's avatar
Yeah, sure! Just send the points whenever you're ready and I'll note you with the .psd file asap. c:
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Would love to use it for adoptables, and can send the payment via paypal! wolfmutt13@hotmail.com
ulv-f's avatar
Sure thing! Invoice has been sent and I'm also writing a note with the .psd file. C:
Ah, and if you didn't receive the invoice, let me know please (my paypal sometimes works slow).
DirewolfLilith's avatar
I have not received the invoice yet, but I will keep checking back and will let you know when it arrives! 
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Ah, in that case just use the link, please: www.paypal.me/ulvenF
Just type '5 usd' and I know it's you. :)
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I'd like to use it for adoptables! I will credit you of course ^^ Can I pay via Paypal please? :meow:
ulv-f's avatar
Sure thing! Please send me your paypal address (for invoice) and I'll send the file. C:
KhaliaArt's avatar
KhaliaArt@centrum.cz :la:
ulv-f's avatar
Invoice sent (and note with the file). ;)
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sent! ^^ thank you!
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Charizards more dangerous cousin
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This is so amazing! I love the pose you used for it.
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Thank you very much!
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Amazing! I love it. ♥ *-*
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Will def keep an eye on your templates like this! Looks great!
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I'm glad! There'll be more, for sure. :)
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I'd like to use the Ulv <3 What is your paypal luv?
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I'm sending a note to you! C:
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oh wow thats so beautiful 
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