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*Children = Refers to those of 12 and under in age.

Okay guys, I'll just tldr right now the biggest threat to youtube creators at the moment is actually Youtube and how youtube is going about things updating its rules and implimenting its bots, but its being fueled by COPPA's vagueness in the law. So, go give feedback to both youtube and the FTC. Lots of links at the bottom.

Lets talk about the FTC and COPPA first. *COPPA is a law that is meant to protect children (12 and under) on the internet from having their information taken by companies without parental consent. This is why many website require people to be 13+ when making accounts. Coppa itself isn't the thing that's bad as making sure children don't get taken advantage of by nasty companies and websites is a good thing, and the FTC wants CHild-directed content on Youtube to not do this. (again, yeah that's good.) The thing that is concerning is how vague they have what is define as "children's content". (Lets not yet talk about the possible of FTC suing creators mentioned all over the place for not labeling their content rightly, especially found in the FTCs video conference(link). I need to research that more first, and see where this ends up Dec 9 if things change and Jan 1, and how viable that actually is.)

Youtube *highlights what COPPA determines is "children directed content" HERE. The bullets that concern me the most on that page is the second one referring to your video's audience "Children are not the primary audience, but the video is still directed to children based on the factors below." where even if you aren't targeting children with your content, if it seems like they might like it it may be included. And then Bullet number 6 "Whether the video includes characters, celebrities, or toys that appeal to children, including animated characters or cartoon figures." All the other bullets make obvious sense, but bullet number six accompanied by number two is what's got me concerned for the entire art community on Youtube. Characters.... animated characters... cartoon figures. Look at your own content right now. Isn't what you draw literally those things? Is all of those things "for children"? Aren't there mature artworks and animations that exist? Pokemon. Mario. Your own characters that acts as a persona/fursona? Anime... its not something just for kids but its all being blanketed under that label.

What does youtube do with videos or *channels labeled as "made for kids"? HERE's a link for that. Youtube plans to release a bot... yes a bot to determine if your content is directed towards children. A machine is going to look at your videos and see you showcasing your fanart, animating your character, and all that to determine if your audience is for kids. Bots don't understand context, and the only thing its going to understand is "cartoons are for kids" regardless of the context of the video, the actual intended audience. As an example, Hazbin Hotel (a mature themed animation on youtube), their creator has been struggling with their content being labeled "for kids" because it is an animation. Happy tree Friends. Can you imagine these type of things being mislabeled as for children 12 and under to see? That's a huge problem because of how vague what counts for children's content is.

I'm frustrated at all this, especially at youtube, because the FTCs rules are so vague that youtube's bot is going to flag everyone. Youtube should go about complying with the law themselves, too, instead of pushing onto us to Babysit youtube to make sure they aren't doing anything illegal, and babysit 12yrold we don't even know are watching. Fucking youtube didn't have to make the "punishment" for children's content be a purgatory either. It's damning if the bot decides yewr video too colourfewl uwu. I fear it's gonna be like Parody Youtubers who have to fight youtube's system with everything they post. It gets old real fast. And the last big concern is if Mature Animations or Gameplays, and such get mislabeled and now little Timmy is watching Hunie Pop and videos.

Now, here's how to follow up with this. Send a Message to the FTC HERE about how their vague rules is leading to the chaos that is effecting creators by December 9th. Send Youtube Feedback, too! You can find that at the top where your icon is in the drop down. This isn't just about the FTC needing to know how its effecting the community. Youtube needs a good slap in general.

EXTRA: If you DO NOT want youtube to play Targeted ads on your Videos, go to Youtube Studio > Settings > Channel > Advanced > Scroll all the way down > disable interest based ads. This is the bullshit that got youtube in trouble in the first place. I mean, I'm pretty sure most artists channels don't get monetized to begin with, but hey, I found a button that can be extra helpful for all of us cartoon and animated creators out there in this situation who might get steamrolled just for sharing speedpaints. Removing targeted ads does not effect your channels rating. it removes the ads that display based on cookies. I ain't monetized nor plan to be through youtube anyways. This can be a helpful tool.

In conclusion, I fear all art-based creators and animators are gonna get steamrolled even if unintentionally in a worst case scenario. I've already prepared for the worst and downloaded all my vids on youtube just in case. Yell everyone's ears off in both the government and youtube staff for being so vague. Vague is bad in laws. Hentai is not for kids, and Bots aren't smart.

Send the FTC a Message: FTC's Video:


Youtube's New RUles:

Youtube's plan for Kid's Content Videos and that they are using bots:

Youtube's own Video summary:

here's Different Youtube Lawyers looking at this in their perspective...




You can check out how panicked everyone is on youtube right now just by going to youtube and seeing how uncertain everyone is about where they stand in COPPA's eyes and youtube bot's eyes. Lockstin, Jim sterling, and Arlo are interesting ones to hear about. Very different types of creators with different reasons for their views on this. it's all interesting.

New: GOING TO ADD THIS!!! This is how to turn off targeted advertising on your channel.

Turn Targeted Ads Off on Youtube
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You know it's not like there are some video games that are ment only for adults 
Uluri's avatar

As mentioned as an example, Hunie Pop for an adult game ive seen lets plays on .

I know that as well and they are in the same category, but the video game folks are representing themselves about the situation in full force. I have rarely heard any of folks talking about artists and people using personas m (aside from Arlo a gamer who has a persona). Artists and animators are being sorely underrepresented on youtube in this situation right now and dA is an art community where im sure plenty make youtube art content.

(Sorry for the long reply. Wasnt sure if you thought I was forgetting about gamers)

supereeveefan12's avatar
I was being sarcastic
Uluri's avatar

AH. I'd have gotten that if it was in italics. Couldn't catch it. sorry it went over my head.

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Hoenstly- It feels like those running Youtube genuinely don't know how simple some solutions are. Theres ways of doing it without screwing up everyone zndnfnfn
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YouTube’s algorithms always end up screwing creators royally
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Fear the bot overlords. No one is safe from Algorithm-sama.

shinragod's avatar
YouTube never used to have this issue.
It’s a buncha moralist BS
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So yeah, if things get fixed up and okay (i'm doubtful because youtube hates everyone) great! If chaos ensues, well I guess I won't have a youtube anymore.

Why can't youtube get one of those gosh darn buttons like porn sites but instead "are you 13+ or have your parent/guardian's permission"??? XD

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Even if they did have such a button they're more than likely going to lie and click it even if they aren't because there's no real way of confirming if they're actually telling the truth or not unless they mention it.
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You'd think that parents letting their kids watch youtube in the first place is consent enough for the ftc. >u> Frikken youtube, why'd you have to break the law and record children's information in the first place?

but like, I remember watching a video where if ya say "no" then instead of execute"boot user" instead execute "turn off info gathering/targeted ads on site". Thought that was a nice idea.

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Because people there don't know how to be smart
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