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Snom and Knife

Snom © Pokemon/Nintendo

Oh baby snom, why don't you come over here and help me with my cooking? Here is my Kitchen Knife. *Stabby toss

ehehehe! Gore Season for Art I am posting has Begun. I am marking gore season with this Snom today! From here on out you will be seeing various artworks themed around gore and blood, and if I open for commissions I would love to work in that theme.

I have a couple Pokemon-themed gore, and plenty of gore for others to post up as well. I hope to really enjoy this all the way into the end of october. I'm so excited to draw some cute bloody things and share them with everyone!

Free to Use and repost (non commercial use)
- Can use as icons or customization, etc
- when sharing please credit and link back to this post or my profile
- NOT for monetary/comercial purposes

BELOW is a list of places that I will or won't be posting my gore art. If you don't like gore, I suggest watching me on either one of my SFW sites or a site that has a blacklist.

Sites I'm Posting Gore: Newgrounds◪ ✧ FurAffinityDeviantArtPillowFort◪Weasyl◪Inkbunny◪TwitterSoFurry◪FurryNetwork◪
Site's I'm NOT posting Gore: PixivFurry AminoArt Amino
Sites with an ◪ symbol next to them have a blacklist you can filter Tags
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Snom, run. RUN SNOM, RUN.

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hey! no stabby the tiny ice boi/gal!
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Nuu the poor Snom ;w;

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don't stab the smol snom!

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Protect the ice bug!

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