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No 583 - Vanillish



Vanillish doesn't move that often, and spends most time hanging on flat vertical surfaces like cave walls. It uses hot air to propel itself backwards when it need to move fast. The icicles that form while they wait often break when the Vanillish lands.

Vanillite and Vaniiluxe:

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I hope I do a proficient job at giving a decent critique.
Okay, just like the Vanillite and the Boldore line you posted, this is incredibly clever. You are certainly a creative mind. I do think that you could have kept it more true to the original pokemon, though, if you had colored it blue, even though gastropods are, as far as I know, always the orange-y color you have yours here. Also, if you had put on two large spines on either side to represent those nubby icicle arms, that would have made it seem much more like Vanillish. The eye and mouth markings would look better if they were more prominent too. You must have been going for entirely realistic, though, since you did not use unnatural colors here.
Moving on, the contrast you have in this piece due to your color choices is quite pleasing. The composition might have been a bit better if Vanillish was moved to the left a bit to fall on the line of thirds, but it is certainly not bracing. Honestly, you did a wonderful job. I think the amount of detail in the Vanillish should be identical to the amount of detail in the foreground, but other than that, the background is simple and pleasing.
Obviously, most of the improvements I mentioned are things I would have done, and what you did still stands as immensely unique.