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Accepting requests: No
Accepting trades: No
Accepting commissions: No

Note that all sizes are determined for A4 traditional pieces. Smaller pieces, of course, may be less and larger ones more. Additionally, for both digital and traditional pieces, prices are estimated for a single character on no or limited background. Unless specifically agreed upon, I withhold all posting printing rights.

Traditional Sketches: Done on bristol board or toned paper.
Base Price=£35     Add a character +£30     Full background +£35
Like One of Your Cretaceous Girls by ultravioletbat

Mature Content

The Color Pink by ultravioletbat

Traditional Media: On bristol board with a variety of mediums, namely marker, ink, colour pencil and watercolour.
Base Price=£150     Add a character +£100     Full background +£100
The Amaranthine Throne by ultravioletbat ORLY? by ultravioletbat Chilling Out by ultravioletbat

Digital**: Add +£15 if an A4 print is desired.
Base Price = £130     Add a character +£100     Full background +£100
Music by ultravioletbat Sound Snail by ultravioletbat Alexey Argyle by ultravioletbat

Character Sheet: Will work very closely with the individual to ensure the reference is accurate to their needs.
Base Price(2 poses) = £150     Extra Pose +£85     Expressions +£25 per head    Additional detail inset  +£20

Mature Content

Ultraviolet Character Reference  v.2 by ultravioletbat
Xochi the Axolotl by ultravioletbat Ilinoth the Ice Lich by ultravioletbat

EDIT: Since I just replaced an old journal I didn't want up any more, I've hidden comments to avoid any sort of confusion ^_^ (Posted the FAQ at the small hours of the morning on Feb, 10th, 2009) Any new comments from here on, will be left visible :)
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