Art Feature no.1: Crimson

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The first of my art features. So, forgive me If it seems a little unstructured.

For those of you who read my journals, apologies if you are seeing this again. I decided it would be better to run these in a series of weekly (every weekend) news features, as opposed to plain journal entries. I have also added another piece to the feature.

It took me a long time to decide what theme or series I wanted to start on. After some deliberation I settled on colours. I realize it's been done before, a fairly common theme, but I feel its a fun and important one. After all, use of colours is what can really make or break the mood behind a picture.

So, we will start with:


Photography & Photo-maniplation:
RED DELIGHTS by simoneyvette:thumb145900438::thumb144156574: My Perfect World by Wagner Yew and snail by Dunadan-from-Bag-End:thumb67151838: Red essence by oozzee

Traditional Art:
Ruined: Red, Red, Red by offcolor:thumb145907840: 'cause I know you like red. by marendins

Mature Content

Deep Red by The-SixthLeafClover
red voice by Denoro Full Moon Offering IV by fobiapharmer

Digital Art:
Raging Red by AmorinaAshton Raven by elgrimlock Prince of China, by heise by X-seven Fatal Stage by Ryohei-Hase

Sculptures & Misc
Red Dragon by Richi89 Cacodemon by PhilGullett*

*You just know I had to get a cacodemon in there somewhere. ;3
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