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July 19, 2007
"The Amaranthine Throne" by *ultravioletbat almost tricked me: I would have never known that this was traditional media if it wasn't listed as such. It has the smooth, polished look that most artists can only achieve with digital airbrush techniques. There are enough little details to entice you to look around the picture more than once, and the foreshortened perspective draws you right in.
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The Amaranthine Throne



First piece I've done as part of the Dark Gemini Project with fellow artist :iconsangluna:.

Versa, one of the two twin demi-gods of mystery, beauty, creativity and duality. Sitting on the throne in his dilapidated shrine. With a little feline friend no less.

I used this piece as a challege for myself. I can be so timid about actually using foreshortening in this manner. I need to do it more and stop being 'scared' of using it XD This one isn't perfect by any means, but hopefully its a good step for me in the process of learning ^^

You can view Sangluna's depiction of Vice (Versa's twin) HERE.

Holy crud a DD? How'd that happen ;) Thank you all so, SO much!

Also, I just want to say, I get a lot of comments about the texture of much of my images. My boyfriend is of the belief that it's the texture that people confuse pieces like this for digital.It is indeed a traditional piece, marker and watercolor pencils. That texture you see (mostly noticable on flatscreens) is actually a watermark. If you open the image in its full size in internet explorer you should see what i mean when you select the whole image ;)
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Those legs are really cool.