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...Gosh, that was an adventure. Everything was a complete rush, photos of the PC insides, getting questions prepared, trying to do my weekly "chores" doing a tango between a PC in safemode with no internet, and a semi-functional laptop without proper software and drivers, shoveling files around using USB sticks and harddrives and then realizing I couldn't print anything... I really just want that one day off this week, I was already resigned not to get two, is it really that hard? -_-

I also had to help my mother buy a new smartphone on the same day, because her old one randomly decided that all the networks it could find were, "like, totally laaaame, like, I'm not connecting to any of those laaaame wifi networks! who needs wifi anyway, when you can, like, pay money to go online via stallite amiright"?

"Huawei P8 lite" being the WLAN-shy phone in question, if you're wondering. :roll:

...And after a month of trying to figure out a solution including a full software reset (which did nothing), and the help line in three different places scratching their heads, a new phone it is then instead.

And my local electronics store was a complete bust. And the bigger, better store 30 minute busride to the city ---- also was a complete bust. Thankfully I phoned there in advance to ask if they would have anything that'd fit. And it turns out the entire store chain probably doesn't really give two hoots about graphics cards that aren't 400 € expensive mostrocities that couldn't even fit inside my poor 2012 Windows 7 computer.

So I had to go to a Conrad Electronics somewhere I'd never been, 40min bus ride away ---- having to prepare everything in advance so I'd have it on hand, which took half the entire day today and several hours yesterday.

In the end, I got to the Conrad-store an hour and 15 minutes before they close, after ending up running around in circles trying to find where my connecting bus is supposed to stop and running (and missing) another bus because my guesswork about where it was going was off. Was worried I wouldn't find a graphics card that fits properly by half a centimeter or something like that, but the guys at Conrad were extremely helpful in picking one that's basically like my old one (and also super-cheap) - except for one improvement, it doesn't rely on a cooling fan ---- and thus I imagine it'll be less likely clogged full of dust again in 2 months, see this old journal from 2015:

(And while that picture is from 3 years earlier, yes, I am aware that's what ultimately killed the graphics card. I was already planning to clean out the PC this weekend, but the card had other plans.)

Currently waiting for everything to install properly, screen is still in this awkward "stretched" mode you see during safe-mode.   [FIXED NOW]

And, also, while I was there already anyway......... I bought an 8 GB RAM stick! Now my 7 year old PC (formerly 8 GB RAM, now 16 GB of it) suddenly runs like Sonic the frigging Hedgehog! Hah! I knew that was why it was being slow. I knew it!

So in the end, it's 23'o'clock now, I've had some terribly hectic days finding out where to buy, prepare for asking the right questions with photographic aids, getting there and back again. And in the end, I have a better PC than I started with --- pending the proper graphics card driver installation to fix the stretchy screen, which...... just crashed, huh. Eh I'll figure it out later.

Now, it's time for me to eat dinner. At 23:06 in the night. Yaaaaay.


Half hedgehog, half toaster...
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I'm a Brony now. Bronies are cool.

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Favourite style of art: Roger van der Weide.
Operating System: Roger van der Weide.
MP3 player of choice: ...err wait the last one was wrong DOh x.X
Shell of choice: 3 red ones, since those are "homing shells" >:-D
Favourite cartoon character: PONIES. >;-D
Personal Quote: "therefore, this car shall be destroyed!"



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