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Shapeshifter Bonbon - ''Precious Memories''

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© 2017 - 2020 UltraTheHedgetoaster
This is a submission for :icondocwario:'s tumblr, "Ask _____ Bon", where Bonbon is a shapeshifter. =P

Ever wondered what Lyra was reading in here? Well, now we know. :bucktooth:

Thanks again for the 1 month subscription! ...Which ran out half a month ago. I am not a very fast artist. ^^;

Other Blank-Bon comics: "Sky-Bon", "Bon-Fire"
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Bonbon has the power to turn herself into building blocks, an egg, a motorcycle, a toaster and a book.
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UltraTheHedgetoasterHobbyist Artist
Oh, you ain't seen nothin' yet if you haven't checked out the accompanying tumblr: askblankbon.tumblr.com/   ;)
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Why does Lyra have a second horn in panel 3?
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UltraTheHedgetoasterHobbyist Artist
what the... :O_o:

well, that's not supposed to be there. I probably derped when changing the rotation of the horn, somehow. ^^;

Either that or Lyra is secretly a duo-corn. ^^;
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So she's a greater Equestrian mimic, then? . . . Not canonically, of course.
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Meanwhile in Lyra's head... :XD:
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UltraTheHedgetoasterHobbyist Artist
Go on..... :iconimthinkingplz:
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Actually, the comic showed it... :XD:
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lol, that was interesting and cute as well.
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*cruises by in a Flutterarri*
>8E.... Way you at, Liar?....
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UltraTheHedgetoasterHobbyist Artist
Flutterarri. :P

:iconfluttercuteplz: "WROM WROM!"
:iconfluttergaspplz: "What is this world filled with so many wonders..."
:iconfluttershyderpplz: "No, seriously, it's all just going by in a blur, I can't see anything"
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Don't worry, gurl. Just keep lookin fly.... >8)
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Talk about a Necro-BON-icon!

...Yeah, thats about all I had to say. Not much else.
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dis iz just dafuq :-? (Confused) :-? (Confused) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) 
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catluvr2Hobbyist General Artist
So now BonBon is book horse? Somepony needs to tell Twilight... ;P
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Oh i know about "Ask bon" XD
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PegaSeraphHobbyist General Artist
I agree!
Nice but confusing...Confused :D (Big Grin) 
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AmrasFelagundHobbyist Writer
Such an endearing little backstory there. And I love that that's what Bon Bon has inside her book form...!
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DCLeadbootHobbyist Digital Artist
Heh, heh... weird indeed... a shapeshifting pony? :XD:
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UltraTheHedgetoasterHobbyist Artist
There's more insanity (and shapes) where that came from: askblankbon.tumblr.com/ =P

The artist also has great surreal pony-art on their dA. :nod:
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