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Divided 5-Gallon WIP

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My 5-gallon tank, which I have been working on for the last couple months when I can afford new things for it. Originally was meant as a breeding tank, but the fish were not cooperating, so I decided to set it up as a regular tank.

Left side: Rainbow (fancy tricolor crowntail/double tail mix)
Right side: female bettas Ruby (red female at top) and Echo (at the bottom)

The right side was originally home to Comet, but Comet is a very lazy betta who spends most of his time lounging around on the tank bottom. Ruby needed room to swim and Echo needed a place to heal, so I moved Comet out and put the girls in.

Ruby is recovering well from a battle with dropsy. Echo spent most of her time hiding in the big tank and her fins were getting chewed up by the other females. Both are very active. There were some interesting freakouts on their part for the first day or so, whenever Rainbow started flaring at them, but then they figured out The Pink Nutball is behind a wall and can't do anything but flare. So now they just ignore him.
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alterideProfessional General Artist
Nice gallon :aww: Rainbow is gorgeous <3
Bettas seem quite a temper to raise though - I often read of flaring, battles and one being chewed up by others :/
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^_^ Rainbow is a stunning creature. And a very temperamental one. He's definitely a betta to keep alone.

Some bettas are like that. And some are the opposite. My super delta, Comet, is very laid-back and lazy. He'd be a good one to keep in a community tank with tetras and maybe some cories, if I had the room for a big enough tank. Some male bettas are even calm enough to be kept together... if the tank is 55 gallons+ and very heavily planted. It all depends on the personality of the individual fish.
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alterideProfessional General Artist
*comes from Comet's pic* Not only super-lazy, seems to love playing transgender. Happens often, having females who turn out male ?
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XD;;; I've had three who transgendered on me. Comet, Gem, and Shadow were bought as female and decided to gender-swap. Am hoping Missy and Ruby stay female, since they can share the sorority tank, and I am out of single tanks.
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alterideProfessional General Artist
Ah, so males are better kept alone in their own tank ? OMG, you must have ALOT of tanks scattered over your place, no ?
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It depends on the betta. Some are best kept alone, others are calm enough to be kept in community tanks with small, non-fin-nipping fish like neon tetras or corydoras. Or even shrimp tanks. Though some bettas do develop a taste for shrimp >>

^_^; I have 9 active tanks and one empty in storage, and 13 bettas. And all 13 are in my bedroom ^_^;;;;;
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alterideProfessional General Artist
O_o' 9 ?!! OMG Your bedroom must look like it's lined with fish tanks XD
And don't forget Fuzzy the Watcher - one tank he is looking at particularly ?
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Fuzz is on top of the shelf in the closet ^_^ I have a 10-gallon sorority on my dresser, five tanks on the desk, two on the bookcase, and the divided 5-gal sits atop my laundry hamper. Most of them are fairly small. The 10 is the biggest, followed by the 5.
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