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Six Feet Under The Stars



Named after the song that kept getting played whilst creating it, although the message is far different from that of it's namesake: All Time Low - Six Feet Under The Stars.

The objective here was just to try create something a lot less noisy than prevous pictures; something quieter, something that I could put on my desktop without making my icons more difficult to find, something more 'tranquil'. That was supposed to be the original name for this, but then after putting the ocean waves into it, I started thinking about "ocean of stars" or "sea of stars". The first one was too similar to the Japanese RPG series, Star Ocean, whereas the alliteration of the second option just didn't do it for me (that, and I'm sure every poem about the stars has included that line it it somewhere). Google didn't help much either; first page results were about a seafood restaurant, an educational software package, or this news item about how the stars of Ocean's 13 donated a lot of money to Oxfam.

Google may still be our friend, but I don't think we can trust it to name pictures just yet. Kinda like how some celebrities shouldn't be allowed to name their children.

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Very nice work, love the colors you used.