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April 6, 2015
Grimmjow Jeagerjaques by ultramarineandwhite

The artist's style is exceptionally breathtaking yet hauntingly beautiful, and she has captured the character magnificently. The background is simple yet powerful in its own way with the combined allusions to the white fortress of Hueco Mundo, Las Noches, and Grimmjow's destructive power or his 'aspect of death': Destruction.
Featured by TheCreativeJenn
Suggested by blackstorm
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Grimmjow Jeagerjaques

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Tatoonthesky's avatar
this is absolutely amazing, congrats for the daily deviation, this piece totaly deserves!!!!! NIIICE!!! *0*0*0*0*0*
Wolfyxe's avatar
This is absolutely breath taking, stunning, beautiful, stunning, entralling, and could go on and on with the list XD But it really is such a wonderful piece! My art teacher used to say that for average, someone only glances at an artwork for only about 3 secs and move on? But i guarantee you that I've been marvelling at this masterpiece ofr more than an hour! I'm not kidding!!! An how you drew the different forms is so perfect, the usually scowl on grimmjow, and the crazy grin he wears when he fights in his resurrecion form.
JUST PERFECT! I believe wee need an applause for this! Please don't think im exagerrating tho, it really is wonderful!
kimber13's avatar
I love this so much.
Etwas-Schlau's avatar
Words cannot express how perfect and beautiful this is.
EJtheDemonKid's avatar
That's SO cooool!
khamarupa's avatar
This is just gorgeous!!
joeFJ's avatar
Wow... wish I had seen this before going to drawing my own fanart. Best Grimmjow fanart I've ever seen.
Rosie-chan17's avatar
ApplebeeJuice's avatar
oh man this is top notch
a-sociopath's avatar
HikarixDraws's avatar
This is beast mode, excellent job man keep it up
Walis's avatar
This is SO AWESOME.  You have done such a spectacular job here, from the eerily glowing colors to the outstanding composition.  And, I mean, what better subject matter, too?  ;)  Congrats on getting a DD, and thanks for getting one on a Grimmjow fanart!!
Angie-Pictures's avatar
Beautiful work! Congratulations on the DD! :iconflowerheartplz:

Daughter-of-Shadow's avatar
This is awesome.  I really have to complement... well, everything.  :love:  I mean, damn, that Grimmjow is badass.  I just happen to be rewatching Bleach right now with someone who hasn't seen it before, Grimmjow's fight in Los Noches is coming up, and now I'm even more excited.  Awesome.
MiahyrionPorp's avatar
This is amazing! :retarded-drool: 
travelie's avatar
0o-Nekotee-o0's avatar
Stunning and gorgeous...
The faces, both expressions, the bodies...
All the blue...

I'm hooked... it's beautiful !
misstresshero's avatar
I want one please like a kid in a candy show
Ice-Shade22's avatar
he`s always been my fave
Nitrofires-Revenge's avatar
Gorgeous! I love his piercing blue eyes 
Ururuty's avatar
so great! you have so many cool works
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