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But here we stand on opposing sides


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But here we stand on opposing sides


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32. New orders from the Council

Unaware of the controversial discovery, local Head Researcher Dr. Isaac Erhlich was up and working. Late at night, again. The vampiric doctor tilted his head and examined his papers one last time. The answer was in front of him. He knew it. But he couldn’t grasp it. He sighed and threw the papers to the side. He scratched his beard and reached behind his desk. He picked a blood bag from a small cooler. He sunk his pointy fangs through one end and sucked the red liquid. His desk was in the middle of a room only lit by blue computer screens and small Ivosy generators. Suddenly a huge blue eye artifact descended from the ceiling followed by two robotic arms. One arm handled a small screen device to the man. [[Beep. You have a calling. Boop.]] It said before climbing back to the ceiling. The Everist Council required his presence. He assigned some testing queries to BLUE and left the laboratory using the railways. Soon he was at one of the many fortified entrances. Usually the

Where the Lost are the Heroes.

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Leave it all behind!

The Cavallian Empire

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Oh my, graveyard dreams

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I will be silent.

Project of D

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Tropical Spirant

Gifts, Contests and Trades. ETC

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WIP: Zacharias sees you


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Kurt von Baeleroth

Old art

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Peace field.


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