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Deerling (Winter)

My Christmas gift to you guys. In case previous animations have been too much into the holiday spirit to be used all year round, fear not! I present you a Deerling emoticon set for use with every season. Enjoy! 
How to Freak Out a LaLLama
Spring Version:
Summer Version:
Autumn Version:

P.S. Some of the past emoticons may not work well due to my lack of knowledge of dithering. Worry not though, for these seasonal Deerlings are suitable for use on any colour of background and would thus work perfectly as a display picture.
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Oh Mein Gott,these are adorable!

Do u play poke on?
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Bulbasaur la plzCharmander epic laSquirtle I was a hardcore fan of Pokemon on the gameboy colour. I remember EV training the lil ones even before effort values were truly recognized by the game. Alakazam La Plz But I stopped at Emerald version though, as I didn't want to fork out the cash for a DS and now there the 3DS and X/Y version! I'd admit the new versions are really innovative and enjoyable, but I simply don't have the time to keep up with the times anymore. 
Wow, I wrote more than I expected. I'm assuming you do?
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Hory sheet that's a rot of writing..
I loved playing Pokemon on the GameBoy Colour. My dad had the really really old version where you hook it into a TV...
I used to play it all the time,but now its hard with keeping up with school,staying after school,and checking this daily that I kind of lost it.....And then here comes Arisu(my little sis)watching "Digimon" a weird version of Pokemon that gets really annoying.
As for the X/Y versions,I don't really think they're as good as the old version...
I'm going to try and get Escape From Lavender Town so I think..^~^
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A lot of writing? Look who's talking, haha, ;) (Wink) 

I've never heard of a version where you played on television, that must be an antique now! But I can totally relate to the lack of time for Pokemon. I mean, those things are addictive and to collect all the Pokemon, probably with a thousand over species now...IT'S NEAR IMPOSSIBLE! Mew La Plz 

I'm not a fan of Digimon as they often have weapons like swords or guns attached to the creatures making them really unnatural. As for Pokemon, fine you have things like Blastoise's water cannon but human tools are kept to a minimal. But they're different series I guess, so wouldn't be fair to do such a straight comparison...Shrug 

And how can you not like Pokemon X and Y? Mega evolution and 3D battles! Just when I thought Alakazam couldn't get more overpowered, Mega Alakazam just comes and takes the cake. Isn't Escape from Lavender Town a creepy pasta? I've never liked horror... :scared: 
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I don't really like horror,but I still play horror games.....huh.
Yeah,its a FrUking creepypasta.

Pokemon X/Y just seems to have a complex fighting..thing. and I usually can't do things like that.
And yet I manage Call of Duty.....

Digimon got really annoying really fast,and Arisu keeps wanting me to watch it. I tell her no because I'm fine with Pokemon. Now all I hear when I get home is the Digimon opening. I'm frustrated that Digimon is a word in my dictionary,and Prussia isn't.
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Haha I don't think how complex CoD is but I get a rough idea from playing the Halo series. Likewise, I prefer Pokemon over Digimon but that's really just my opinion. I guess the only reason I can recommend Digimon is for the sake of common ground with your sister. But hey, it's really up to you, haha.
Greizar - Caramell Dansen Flying_Calumon  
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Common little sisster is a crazy,perverted fangirl. And she's 7. And the n me. I'm the anime freak,drawer,geek,glasses wearing shy person. We can't really relate. I play horror/fighting/adventure games. She plays...girlie girl games. Not much in common.
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Well, it's not really my thing to get between inter sibling relationships, but I hope it works out for you two. Hug 
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Pokemon damn spell ccheck.
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