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The Left 4 Dead HUD Desktop



IMPORTANT! It seems that this skin does NOT work on any resolution with a width below 1280, due to the bottom meters being too large (they'll overlap on 1024). Sorry! D:


It's been a lot of work, but I'm happy I finally managed to finish this project. Now you can also make your desktop look like you're playing a game of Left 4 Dead!

Here's the full list of features on this skin:
* Survival clock: local time clock, pc uptime, 'I Hate...' quote, skin version.
* Right panels: date with customizable launcher, GMail Checker with GMail inbox launcher, skin update Checker with update URL launcher (a molotov appears whenever an update is available), Recycle Bin (a first aid kit appears whenever there's something in the bin), L4D game launcher.
* Right health: CPU load, customizable launcher (the survivor thumbnail).
* Team mate info: C Drive usage, D Drive usage or battery meter, memory, 12 customizable launchers (the thumbnails and items).

The HUD skin is very customizable: the main weapon can be changed to fit the current wallpaper, every launcher (there are over 15 of 'em) can be assigned to a program, folder, URL, registry key or Rainmeter !bang, the D Drive usage meter can be replaced with a battery meter for laptop systems, etc.

The skin will adjust itself to your screen resolution, and you can easily change the various functions of the skin. It's your desktop!

There are also 10 widescreen wallpapers included (in-game L4D screenshots without HUD). Of course, you may also make your own!

I hope you enjoy using this skin as much as I enjoyed making it! Please read the ReadMe file before using, and let me know if you encounter any problems.

Featured on Lifehacker Oct 28 '09: [link]

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Awesome! I am so tired of going through pages and pages of the same, bland, boring colored, "computery" skins that have nothing interesting going on and just lame boxes. This is a nice and unique one, not to mention frigging rad because it's a video game. I love this and the Portal ones.