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!!! May Challenges !!!

Wed May 2, 2007, 10:15 PM by trystianity:icontrystianity:

"Painting is a thundering collision of different worlds, intended to create a new world in, and from, the struggle with each other, a new world which is the work of art. Each work originates just as does the cosmos -- through catastrophes which out of the chaotic din of instruments ultimately create a symphony, the music of the spheres. The creation of works of art is the creation of the world."   --  Wassily Kandinsky (Reminiscences - 1913)

That Kandinsky...he's a trip, ain't he?

!!! April Challenges !!!

Wow...y'all did fantastic with the challenges last month. Very impressive. For April, the challenges were:

:bulletgreen: Double Twist

:bulletgreen: Bubbles

:bulletgreen: Log Cabin

And here are the challenge entries:

Challenge -- Double Twist

Double Twist Challenge - 1 by Ultra-Fractal    Double Twist Challenge - 2 by Ultra-Fractal    Double Twist Challenge - 3 by Ultra-Fractal    Double Twist Challenge - 4 by Ultra-Fractal    Double Twist Challenge - 5 by Ultra-Fractal    Double Twist Challenge - 6 by Ultra-Fractal    Double Twist Challenge - 7 by Ultra-Fractal    Double Twist Challenge - 8 by Ultra-Fractal

Challenge -- Bubbles

Bubble Challenge - 1 by Ultra-Fractal    Bubble Challenge - 2 by Ultra-Fractal    Bubble Challenge - 3 by Ultra-Fractal    Bubble Challenge - 4 by Ultra-Fractal    Bubble Challenge - 5 by Ultra-Fractal    Bubble Challenge - 6 by Ultra-Fractal   :thumb54000226:    Bubble Challenge - 8 by Ultra-Fractal    Bubble Challenge - 9 by Ultra-Fractal

Challenge -- Log Cabin

Log Cabin Challenge - 1 by Ultra-Fractal    Log Cabin Challenge - 2 by Ultra-Fractal

Hopefully everyone had fun with these, and they helped you further your skill with UF. Super job, everyone! let's look at our

!!! May Challenges !!!

Frr this month, the challenges invite the exploration of some formulas and colorings.

:bulletgreen: Any Slope Formula

:bulletgreen: Any Dan Formula

:bulletgreen: Ron's Attractor Traps

You can find slope formula's several places -- dmj.ufm, gnd.ufm, reb.ufm to name a few. There are even a few in Standard.ufm.
Slope hint #1 - Normally used with lighting ucl's but some work with any coloring.
Slope hint #2 - If the initial formula shows a blue screen, use outside coloring. If black, use inside.
Slope hint #3 - have a peek at Ron Barnett's slope tutorial --… --

With the second, just have fun exploring any formula from dan.ufm.

With the third, use Attractor Traps -- reb.ucl -- with any formula. Here's his tut if you need help --…

Here are the May Challenges rules:

:bulletgreen: Have fun!

:bulletgreen: Be creative!

:bulletgreen: If you have questions, ask!

Remember that the challenges aren't judged so there are no “winners”…the idea is just to use them for inspiration and to improve your UF skills. The deadline for May's challenge entries is Thursday, May 31st (Midnight Central Time).

ChAt RoOm

We are still hanging out in the chat room, sharing tips, params, meat loaf recipes, etc. If you pop in and the room seems quiet, just leave the window open and check in from time to time while you answer emails and stuff. Someone will find you in there soon.

I apologize for the delay on getting the transcript up from Mary's special chat session but I'll have it up tomorrow night. We haven't set a firm date for the next special session, but we are looking at sometime in June. We'll post information as it becomes available.

Nice UF Fridays

Let’s not forget Michele's challenges that she posts in the UF Group Forum each week. The challenges run from Friday to Friday. You can post a link to your challenge entries in the forum or you can post a link to your image on her blog -- --  Just look under Commentaries of the current week's challenge.

Any questions or comments just leave them with this journal or send us a note.



!!! UF Group Tournament Champions !!!

First Place Advanced                First Place Beginner
Washed Away by Funygrl                         Hall Of The Mountain King by BrotherNumsi
      :winner:  Funygrl  :winner:                     :winner:  BrotherNumsi  :winner:


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