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Sun Sep 14, 2008, 12:03 PM by trystianity:icontrystianity:


Now that I've emptied the buckets in the kitchen and realigned the sump pump hose so it points away from the basement, fed the cats and walked the dog...:phew:  I think I can take a few minutes to sit down and show you the entrants to our Alien Museum Contest. At least until the next thing meows, barks, or splooshes!

The votes will be accepted starting today through Friday, the Winners will be announced next Sunday.

Here they are!!!

Alien Museum 1 by Ultra-Fractal

Alien Museum 2 by Ultra-Fractal

Alien Museum 3 by Ultra-Fractal

Alien Museum 4 by Ultra-Fractal

Alien Museum 5 by Ultra-Fractal

Some of you will have noticed that most of the entries did not appear in the gallery until last night.  This had a positive and a negative effect.  The positive part, is that we have tried to make an early decision based on "popularity" of your favorite artist a thing of the past.  The negative side was that the "signature only can be added in your favorite graphics programs, like PSP or Photoshop"; was not followed. This rule was made several years ago, when it was decided that we are voting on fractaling skills, not skills in other programs.

Voting Rules

:bulletred: You must cast 3(three) votes.  One for each of your choices; First, Second, and Third place in that order so the point system works properly.

:bulletred: Send us a note using the word VOTE in the subject line.  Send only the numbers of the entries, in the order that you wish them to place.  For example #3, #7, #1, would be--3 = first place, 7 = second place, 1= third place.

:bulletred: Only members may vote.  Once you have voted you cannot change your vote, if you send a second note it will be disregarded

:bulletred: Votes will be accepted starting date, Sunday and ending date, the following Friday.

The Winners will be announced September 21, Sunday.  

If there is a Tie, the Administrators will hold a separate vote to break the tie.


WOW!! I did it! :w00t:  Only 3 interruptions!

Happy Fractaling,

Banner header by *Velvet--Glove
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LMarkoya Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2008
mdichow Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2008
Ultra-Fractal Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2008
Hi Manus,

The other 2 are a secret??? :D
Please reread the Voting Rules again.

ArtistInWaiting Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
Oops... I meant Manas. :blush:
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September 14, 2008