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Mid-week update

Wed Jul 23, 2008, 5:13 PM by trystianity:icontrystianity:


I was going to just update the old journal but decided that there was so much to talk about that I might as well start over. :)

As some of you might know, having read the Forum, I took off for a few days at the beginning of the month.  I traveled out of town and had no access to a computer, so I expected things to be done on the initiative of my fellow admins.  As you might have realized, this did not happen, and I came back to a gallery that was sooooo far behind I'm not sure we can ever catch up.  (Just kidding more later). Plus everything that happened to you happened to me too.  dA updated, UF updated, even Firefox updated then Microsoft decided to put out SP3 and killed Milliebot and I lost all my commands. :( We are all in the midst of rediscovering out navigation skills.  Then I had a few snafus in my personal life and they kept me out of UF for another week or so.

Am I Ranting yet???

After running around like a scalded cat for another week I decided to make some changes.

The Chatroom personnel will remain...these are good kids and are there and willing to talk to anyone. :laughing:

LonesomeFaery simply left without a word and has been deleted from the roster.

Mythos721 was trying to learn the Gallery but gave up.  He's since found new ways to drive me goofy...goofier? :blowkiss:

milleniumsentry has been kind enough to offer to assist in the gallery.  OK so I pulled his leg just a little. ;)  I may be looking for a new Gallery admin in the future if I don't hear from rgepsilon soon.

We are not changing the Gallery!!!

Even though it is more complex to put images in the Gallery, we will continue to proceed as usual.  It is the best way to notify you Members and Members-to-be of new images.  Besides I'd go stark raving bonkers if I had to write one of these journals every couple of days! :eyepopping: :rofl:

More Orbital Trap Challenges

Circular Gate by mehrdadart :iconmehrdadart:

Just Dreams... by Resetblue :iconresetblue:

New Members

:icon0urobuos: :iconwizerkizer: :icondwalker1047: :iconresetblue: :iconruns-with-triangles:

And last but not least Check out the Tutorials page ! !

Zooreka has given us some videos to watch as a new resource!  Make sure you read his description thoroughly you might have to download some things to make them run better. He does recommend Quicktime, and there was something you might need listed there for sound "issues".

'til we meet again,

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I know I'm late again!

Sun Jul 20, 2008, 7:18 PM by trystianity:icontrystianity:


Hope all my Fractal Friends had a great weekend.

Due to a shortage of entries for the  Masked Maddness Contest and the release of the new version of  Ultra-Fractal, I have decided to switch the dates on the Challenge and Contest.  So I'm going to feature the Orbital Traps Challenge Images today and give you all another week to work on the Masked Madness images.  So Voting will be next weekend, instead of this one.

Orbital Traps Challenge Images

:thumb89346281: :iconmythos721:
:thumb89469894: :iconchazagirl:
The Temple of Avalon by Golubaja :icongolubaja:
Forbidden Delights by InfiniteIterations :iconinfiniteiterations:
feel the heat by evilpj :iconevilpj:
:thumb90667639: :iconmythos721:
Orbital Traps Challenge by rocamiadesign :iconrocamiadesign:
Trap Factory by Velvet--Glove:iconvelvet--gloves:

We have New Members

:iconjaedle: :iconmagica-28: :iconziosergio: :iconrocamiadesign: :iconcquake: :iconlittle-bunny-foo-foo: :iconoutsidefate: :iconjankoboys6: :iconfractal-maker:

Thats all for this time,

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The June/July Challenge

Sun Jun 22, 2008, 10:13 AM by trystianity:icontrystianity:


Good Morning, Ulta-Fractal Members

Please make sure that you have read the instructions for our Contest Mask Madness  in our last journal,… is one small addition, brought to my attention by TwilightAmbiance.  Please include your parameters in your Submission Note.

New Challenge - Orbital Traps

Velvet--Glove has come up with her Challenge for us to try. She has decided to introduce us to the OCA Orbital Traps.  A lot of fractals contain some form of this OCA (it's where all those flowers and hearts come from. :))

Below is a quote that I lifted from the note she sent me, (with her permission) that contains more information and ideas.

"Create an image primarily using Orbit Traps (UF3) in dmj.ucl. This versatile colouring is one of my favourites and one that I use, to some extent or other, in every single image that I create. By setting this challenge I hope to encourage all users, novice and experienced alike, to focus on finding out more about what this single colouring can do. I recommend you turn on the "Expert" mode to see and fully explore the full range of available parameters ~ read the hints in the Fractal mode window for tips on using some of the params. Things to try include experimenting with multiple traps, moving the trap centre and investigating the possibilities presented by limiting the iterations.
Other colourings may be used for things like texturing or framing but the main thrust of your image should be based on one or more layers of Orbit Traps (UF3)."

:bulletgreen: The Challenge starts NOw June 21  and runs until July 27.

:bulletgreen: Send a note containing a link to your image.  Please have the words Challenge Submission on the subject line.

UF chat stampie by ArtistInWaiting

We have been having a really good time with milleniumsentry in the Chatroom.  Not only are we learning a lot, but it sometimes turns The Comedy Hour when SethraLavode.  arrives. They aren't in the room every evening, but keep checking in during the week and on weekends.

We'd also like other talented UFers to help out answering questions...making suggestions...unsticking the stuck, etc.Right now all you have to do is drop in...we can set up a schedule if you's like.

That's all for this week...I think I've covered everything. :phew:


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As you know :iconfardareismai: won our May/June Congest...and thus warrants a feature.  She has also come up with the new contest and I will be giving the details to you Sunday

It's Sunday!!

Here is the idea FarDareisMai has for us to attempted.  Since it is rather difficult for some there will be a special chat arranged later in the month.  Or just drop in and see who is there to discuss this with you.

Anyhow the name of the contest is Mask Madness  And it entails working with masks and gradient transparency.  Each  layer but the bottom layer must be masked or have some transparency in its colors for removing an area or for blending puposes.  Tough one huh?  Blew what was left of my little mind! :)


:bulletred: The image must be created specificlly for this contest.  It cannot be an old image or a reworked image.  The image must be created entirely in Ulta-Fractal, the exception being your signature if you choose to add it.

:bulletred: You can submit only one entry.  Once an entry is submitted you cannot change your mind and submit another image. the second image will be rejected.

:bulletred: Post your image in your Gallery, then send us a note with the words Contest or Contest submission in the subject.  Please provide a link to the image in your gallery.

:bulletred:Your entry may be submitted starting today Sunday, June 15th. The Deadline will be Friday, July 18th, with Voting starting on Sunday July 20th.  Winners will be announced the following Sunday.

Good Luck!

Featured Images

I am giving only a few of my favorites from her Gallery...please stop by and choose your own.  This is  very small sampling of what she does, and I'm sure you will find your own favorites. :)

Burgeon by FarDareisMai Dissonance by FarDareisMai Xerograph by FarDareisMai Orb III by FarDareisMai Abundance by FarDareisMai L'estate by FarDareisMai
Molten by FarDareisMai Aphrodite's Pearls by FarDareisMai

I recommend that everyone view these works in "fullview", to make sure you see the texture work.

update to follow,

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June's A Bride's Time!!!!!

Sun Jun 8, 2008, 10:12 AM by trystianity:icontrystianity:


Yes, we have our winner!  In fact looking over the vote quickly I believe that everyone must have voted for our #1 Image.:)  They all were stunning and I'm so glad that all of you entered.  I hope everyone had fun coming up with your ideas.

Since I have kept you waiting for so long, lets get on with the Show!

:w00t: !!!1st Place !!! :trophy:

A Brides Day 7 by Ultra-Fractal

:w00t: !!! 2nd Place !!! :trophy:

A Brides Day 8 by Ultra-Fractal

:w00t: !!! 3rd Place !!! :trophy:

A Brides Day 1 by Ultra-Fractal

Congratulations Winners!

Thank you, each and everyone who entered or helped to make this Contest one of out best yet!

As in the recent past our 1st place winner will be choosing the theme for our next contest.  And our 2nd place winner will be choosing the next Challenge, against which you will pit your skills.

Also the Winner's image will be placed in the featured image on our main page for the month (or until we get a new winner in the next contest)  There will also be a feature Journal later in the week.

UF chat stampie by ArtistInWaiting

milleniumsentry has been offering his time in the Chatroom.  Now there's a fractalist with some neat tricks!  Stop by and  learn a few, or get help if you are stuck or...or…or….

Have fun fractaling!

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