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!!! Gnarly Dude !!!

Sat Aug 5, 2006, 11:26 AM by trystianity:icontrystianity:

I was looking at the group gallery recently and I noticed that there were not very many Gnarl images. Gnarl formulas are very interesting and if you've never played with gnarl formulas or OCA's then you are really missing an opportunity.

I have chosen a few gnarl examples from the UF Params Database so you can see the beauty of these formulas:

AdvGnarl-SmokeAndMirrors by Ultra-Fractal   GnarlDemo-2 - Mark Townsend by Ultra-Fractal   mandyGnarl4a by Ultra-Fractal

20041218-fBm_Gnarly_Traps_Exam by Ultra-Fractal   lunchtimeGlyph2 by Ultra-Fractal   Gnarl_Ungnarled by Ultra-Fractal

(Note - These images are copyrighted to to the respective artists.)

Pretty, no? So the contest for August is:

!!! Gnarly Dude !!!

Yep...time for some gnarls. The idea for this contest is that we will create images where each layer uses a gnarl formula or/and a gnarl coloring algorithm. For example, a layer might use the formula Mandy Gnarl (tma2.ufm) with Trapestry-x (tma.ucl) as an OCA. Or you might use a standard julia with Soft Gnarly (mt.ucl) as an OCA. Or you could use Advanced Gnarl (mt.ufm) with Gnarly Orbit Traps (mt.ucl).

Get the idea?...Any combination of gnarls. The point being that every layer uses either a gnarl formula or a gnarl coloring algorithm or a layer could use both.

You can find gnarl formulas in:


You can find gnarl coloring algorithms in:


There may be more, or some of you might have private formulas, but these should get you started. And here's a tip: Play with all of the settings in the formulas and in the coloring algorithms to get some very nice effects.

Here are the Gnarly Dude Contest Rules:

:bulletred: Each layer must use gnarl in either the formula or the coloring algorithm. Or a layer can use both. Params will be required to confirm.

:bulletred: Repeat: Paramaters will be required. Just paste them into the note that you use to submit your entry.

:bulletred: Image must a new creation. Not one previously posted in your gallery, or even a derivative of an image you've done before. Entirely new.

:bulletred: Image must be created entirely in UF. (Minimal post allowed)

:bulletred: Post your entry in your gallery and then send us note with a link to the image. Use "Contest" as the note subject. (Don't forget to include the parameters.)

:bulletred: Entries allowed from members only. You may only submit one image, and you cannot change your entry once it has been submitted.

:bulletred: Deadline for the Gnarly Dude Contest will be Monday, August 28th (Midnight Central Time). Voting will run from August 29th through August 31st (Midnight Central).

:bulletred: The winner(s) will be announced Friday, September 1st. The first-place winner will be the Artist of the Month for September with the winning entry as the Featured Deviation for the month of September.

Good luck everyone and if you have any questions or comments, send us a note or feel free to leave them with this journal.

Other News

There is also another contest being conducted right now. MelonLogic is running a contest with the theme of "Seduction". There are some good prizes, it is not restricted to UF and you can read all about it at =MelonLogic's Fractal Art Contest journal.

And while we are discussing contests, we are actually putting the finishing touches on the UF group tournament that was discussed a few months ago. We will have two divisions, Advanced and Beginner with great prizes for each group. We are talking to some top notch UF'ers to set up a panel of judges for the preliminary rounds and then the group will judge the finals. Stay tuned for more details.

That's all for now. Let the contest begin!


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