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Sat Jun 2, 2007, 2:07 PM by trystianity:icontrystianity:

The group

We are a group of fractal artists dedicated to learning and improving our skills using Ultra Fractal, a premier fractal generating and editing program. Written by Frederik Slijkerman. and introduced in 1997, Ultra Fractal incorporates layering and masking capabilities and with it’s hundreds of formulas, coloring algorithms, mapping transforms and a very robust gradient editor, the creative possibilities for a fractal artist are truly endless.

Ultra Fractal is available for a 30 day trial period at and the Standard version is $59 (US), the Animation version is $129 (US).


We are willing to share our skills and knowledge of Ultra Fractal to any that are willing to ask for help. We welcome anyone that has a desire to create fractal art using Ultra Fractal, but we are a program specific group. You must own a registered copy of Ultra Fractal and be currently creating fractal images with the program. If you work with other programs that’s ok, many of our members use other programs for fractals and other forms of art.

The skill levels of our members range from people very new to Ultra Fractal to those that have been using the program for years. We can all learn, however, and this group provides several ways to do that: We have regular monthly Challenges and periodic Contests. We have some excellent tutorials written by group members. You can join us in our Chat Room live and we also have a forum where you can ask and answer questions.

Becoming a member.

:bulletgreen:  1. You must own Ultra Fractal and have several images recently created with the program in your gallery and then

:bulletgreen:  2. Add us to your watch to keep track of updates.  :+devwatch: and then

:bulletgreen:  3. Send us a note with the subject line "Join" letting us know to add you as a member.  :emailsend:

(Note: If you are new to Ultra Fractal we may require that you work through the basic tutorial that comes with UF before adding you to the group. Post your tutorial images in your Scraps gallery and send us links to the images. You can find the tut in UF by going to Help/Tutorials or you can find it online at .)

Our gallery.

:bulletred:  We allow three images per seven day period for each group member to be placed in our gallery.  Contest images will also be placed in our gallery to help with posting the contest voting journals, but contest images will not be considered part of the three per seven-day period. Back-to-back submissions that exceed the limit will be deleted.

:bulletred:  To submit gallery images, first submit the image to your own gallery, and then send us a note with a link to the image.

:bulletred:  Placing an image in any gallery more than once on the same day provides no help to the artist, so if you send us an image the same day you post it, we wait until the following day to place it in our gallery.

:bulletred:  We would prefer the gallery reflect work that can be done using just Ultra Fractal. We don’t mind post work (brighten/contrast/sharpen, etc.). Occasionally we receive works where other elements have been incorporated into the fractal. The general rule is that these images are allowed as long as approximately 80% of the image was created in Ultra Fractal.


We want our members roster to reflect members that are currently active in the group and one way to help show that activity is through gallery submissions. We go through our member roster about every 6 months and if you have not submitted any work to the group gallery within the last 6 months or so, there is a chance that we might drop you from the member roster.

We realize that life intervenes, and that people sometimes work in other art forms for a while. We keep a list of the members that are dropped from the roster and if you have started working again in UF and want to submit some work to the gallery, just send us a link to the image(s) and we’ll immediately add you back to the member roster.

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