July 2017 Challenge - Image Panels

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July 2017 Challenge - Image Panels

Hello all. Here is July's Ultra Fractal challenge for you. The theme this month is "Image Panels" - please read on for full details and rules...

So, what do I mean by "panels"?
I will be looking for two or more clearly divided areas within your image, each containing a distinct fractal design of some kind.
These areas could be the same design in different colours or complimentary designs in each space (e.g. a common theme like Four Seasons). You could also consider a single design that is cut up to fill the panels (e.g. two halves of a Julia form) or a single design structure placed over panels which have different backgrounds. Some of these ideas are shown in the feature below - have a good look at those. Just try to find design/s that all work together in some way.

The following panel compositions would all be acceptable, just remember you need a minimum of two distict panel areas:
  • Diptych (two panels)
  • Triptych (three panels)
  • Square image with four equal square sub-panels
  • Any other combination or number of panels you can come up with! See below for some examples.
In addition there are a few simple rules you must follow if you choose a more irregular arrangement of panels:
  • Panels can be different sizes but must be square or rectangular in shape.
  • Panels can be randomly placed within the image if you wish, like little windows or individual pictures.
I was inspired to create this challenge by seeing a fairly new "Panels" transform (mapping) in jam.uxf which enables a variety of interesting and more unusual design spaces. This transform could be particularly useful to new users who may be unfamiliar with making panels - if this is you I've added a  few instructions on how to use Panels at the very bottom of this journal to help you get started with it.

Here are just a few of the type of compositions you could maybe use with this transform, if you wish:

Note: Right click --> View image to see this at full size

Tip: Note that any "borders" you specify in the parameters of this new Panels transform may look different if rendered at a different size to the on-screen image. So be sure to check the spacing and adjust as required for a larger picture or if you are rendering large then reducing again for viewing.

You can, of course, make your panels in any way you wish. Just make sure the fractal elements are the major feature of your image.


I found plenty of great examples of paneled works to inspire you... have a look at the following for some possible ideas you could adapt in your own work:

Panelled images inspiration

:bulletblack: Fun Picture by miincdesign :bulletblack:
:bulletblack: Julia Diptych by FireLilyFractals :bulletblack:  Triptych Barnsley by Jimpan1973 :bulletblack:
:bulletblack:  Variations by rocamiadesign :bulletblack: A Fractal for All Seasons Quad by wolfepaw :bulletblack: Triptych III - Asahi Kusabana by graphicMADness :bulletblack:

The following images have parameters if you need some practical examples to help you:

:bulletblack: Tripanorama by FractalEyes :bulletblack:
:bulletblack: Inside Job by beautifulchaos1 :bulletblack:
:bulletblack: Disfigured spiral by renatamag :bulletblack: Triptych parameters by Beesknees67 :bulletblack:

Challenge information and rules
Rules for this month's challenge
:bulletgreen: Images must be made with Ultra Fractal software.
:bulletgreen: Submissions must clearly and prominently show at least two distinct panels containing fractal designs
:bulletgreen: Overall design should be artistic - panels must look good together using a common theme, colour; a meaningful series of designs.
If this is not obvious please explain in your comments what unites your panels.
:bulletgreen: Images must be new and uploaded to DA on or after:  July 1st 2017
The challenge ends on July 31st 2017
:bulletgreen: You may enter up to FOUR images to this challenge. If you have any problems please note the group, not the admins.
:bulletgreen: You MUST mention this challenge and add a link to this journal -OR- our group icon in your comments.
:bulletgreen: Submit your entry to the Challenge Folder: July 2017 Challenge -Image Panels
:bulletgreen: After the challenge closes we will ask the group members to vote on their favourite three entries.
A selection of winners will be featured in the group journal a week or so later.

General rules
:bulletblack: You may use mappings, masks and texturing created by UF (but no imports).
:bulletblack: Watermarks and signatures must be small and subtle.
:bulletblack: NO Fractal Manipulations or imported images are allowed.
:bulletblack: Minimal post-work only allowed e.g. enhancing colours, sharpening and adding a signature or simple border.

Sharing parameters
Pixel: Gift We strongly encourage you to share your parameters publicly if you can, as part of the ethos of this group.
A tutorial on how to store your parameters in your DA Sta.sh area can be found: Here
As always, only formulas from the Public database are acceptable if you intend to share your parameters. Please check.

Questions or don't understand something? Please ask first as we do not wish to offend or upset anyone (and ourselves) by refusing an entry.

Thanks and have fun! :wave:

Brief instructions on how to use the Panels transform

1. Make your first fractal layer
2. Go to the Mapping tab. Browse to the file jam.uxf in your Public folder and open the Panels transform
3. Play with the params to see how they work. Decide on your layout and which panel you want your fractal in.
4. Make the Solid colour of the transform transparent. You should now see just a segment of your fractal.
5. Duplicate this layer and pick a different panel for this second layer. Change the design or colour.
6. Keep going with new layers until all panels are filled.
7. A plain colour layer at the bottom of the layer stack will serve as the border colour around all panels. Use a pixel formula with Basic colouring and pick the colur you want. You could add a texture or tiled pattern here instead if you like, it doesn't have to be a plain colour.

CSS by Velvet--Glove
Adaptation of a Journal CSS by ClaireJones
Header image by AnnaKirsten
© 2017 - 2021 Ultra-Fractal-Redux
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Lieque's avatar
Hi Chris, About one of my contributions in July I had a question by a note  ( 13th.) . Can you please  read it , I am curious about your answer.
Velvet--Glove's avatar
I'm sorry, Liesbeth, I can't find it. There is no note to the group on that date and if it's a message underneath your image submission then I can't find that either.  I have hundreds of messages to look through and they do not have dates just times given as "one day ago" or "2 weeks 3 days ago". Not helpful. :(

Please link me to the item in question or re-state your question in a note to the group, perhaps? Confused 
Lieque's avatar
It was a note to you, not to the group. at the 13th op July. Doesnt matter.

Here is my question:  little imperfections
from Lieque
to velvet-glove

Hi Chris , In these fractal are some dots I don't like..... I remember once you had a good tip to eliminate things like that. Forgotten it however.... Can you give me a bit help again??

Ten degrees Julia by Lieque
Velvet--Glove's avatar
Ah, I see. I don't think I got that note. :confused: If you sent it to velvet-glove then that is somebody else, not me.

Specks in images can have different causes. In this case I can see in your params that your spots (on the circles) look suspiciously like extra iterations so the first thing to look at is formula iterations or sometimes looking to see if there is a "Limited Iterations" param on the formula or colouring.
The solution here is actually pretty easy - just increase the number of iterations on the formula tab (currently at 100) to something like 500. Your spots will magically vanish!  It's all about magic 

Other types of spots or marks could be tackled with Blob Clipping which I recently wrote a tip tutorial on. Perhaps that is what you are thinking of? That would not have been a good idea here, though, because you have four affected layers with several different colours and complicated colour interactions between the layers, it would have been very difficult! It's a great tool for some situations just not this one.
Lieque's avatar
:D (Big Grin)  What a misunderstanding situation..... I didn't know there is another Velvet Glove.... Indeed I mean your first advise. I changed the fractal and: wow, it looks much better!! And that by such little "acne"..... Thanks a lot.
Your second tip I am going to examen! Thanks, Chris! Hug 
Gerda1946's avatar
Little mistake in your instructions Chris. It should read uxf. :D (I got a question about it.)
Velvet--Glove's avatar
Thanks, Gerda! All fixed now. :)
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