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Tuesday August 8th: Last day to vote folks!

Just a wee reminder that voting ends today. You have just over 11 hours at the time of writing to submit your vote for the Image Panels Challenge. More details below!

You can check on the voting time left on the front page where there is a countdown ticker.

Thanks! :)

August 2017 Challenge -Naru's Gnarly Pot Pourri UCL

Hello all. Here is August's Ultra Fractal challenge for you. This month we are looking at a colouring formula that has a wealth of possibilities - Naru's Gnarly Pot Pourri in tma.ucl

This one WILL be a challenge for many of you. The author himself, Toby Marshall, has this to say about his colouring:
"I have added my usual plethora of bells and whistles, including the same set of textures found in my other ucls, Morph parameters, etc. In addition I have added the plane curve trap shapes found in "Painter's Traps". It is a monster. I counted 1180 user-selectable parameters and functions. Luckily you will only see the ones usable at any given time.

First the bad news: this ucl is agonizingly slow. Some of my beta testers gave up on it for that reason. I have done my best to optimize the code and eliminate unnecessary flops, but at the end of the day it is still very calculation-intensive. I tried making a stripped down version but the rendering time remains the same, so you're going to have to live with it. This is an explorer's coloring. It is designed for those who don't mind spending some time mining parameters and functions for the gems that can be uncovered. I have found it not-unfriendly, but the range of possibilities can be daunting. However the rewards, in terms of dynamic and interesting new element shapes and textures, can be great."
1180 parameters? Wow. :faint:

Don't be put off by that number, though, there is a default "Simple mode" loaded automatically when you open this colouring that gives more limited options. Secondly, don't forget that this colouring was written in 2009 - computing power has moved on some since then so hopefully the demands of this colouring won't be too hard on your computers and laptops. And thirdly, you don't have to look at all of the available parameters! ... but I do strongly suggest that you at least dig around a little and play with a number of them. Take your time... do a bit of exploring ... save interesting layers as you go along and hopefully you will find some awesome shapes and textures to make it all worthwhile!

Those of you that like to read up on parameter functions and such can look up this one in Toby's Help file tma.txt which you should find in your Ultra Fractal --> Public formula folder. Scroll down the text in the file a bit to find the relevant section on Naru's Gnarly Pot Pourri. You'll find quite a lot of detail and usage tips there.

So, that's the challenge this month - to explore and use this monster colouring. You may use any formula you like on the Formula tab (but check these are Public and not Private ones please!!). The effect of the colouring should form a major part of your image - please don't hide away a single layer of this underneath a stack of other layers. If many Pot Pourri layers slow down your computer I will understand if you don't use too many of them but at the very least the effect of the colouring should be visible in your image. OK?

As always you are encouraged to share your params if you can. If you don't want to reveal all your secrets then at least consider sharing a sample layer that shows how you achieved an interesting effect of the colouring. That in itself would be helpful to others seeking to learn more about using UF to the full. Thanks!


Examples of Naru's Gnarly Pot Pourri

There are not too many examples of this colouring in DA's galleries
but here are a handful of the best to inspire you:
:bulletblack: Metallic Twist by Jimpan1973 :bulletblack:
:bulletblack: The Coral Sea by Jimpan1973 :bulletblack: uf2294_hd by 0Encrypted0 :bulletblack:

:bulletblack: Shades of Naru by FireLilyFractals :bulletblack: Naru Mac by FireLilyFractals :bulletblack: <da:thumb id="112133182"/> :bulletblack:

Challenge information and rules
Rules for this month's challenge
:bulletgreen: Images must be made with Ultra Fractal software.
:bulletgreen: Submissions must clearly and prominently show the effect of Naru's Gnarly Pot Pourri colouring
:bulletgreen: Images must be new and uploaded to DA on or after:  August 1st 2017
The challenge ends on August 31st 2017
:bulletgreen: You may enter up to FOUR images to this challenge. If you have any problems please note the group, not the admins.
:bulletgreen: You MUST mention this challenge and add a link to this journal -OR- our group icon in your comments.
:bulletgreen: Submit your entry to the Challenge Folder: Aug 2017 Challenge - Pot Pourri
:bulletgreen: After the challenge closes we will ask the group members to vote on their favourite three entries.
A selection of winners will be featured in the group journal a week or so later.

General rules
:bulletred: NO Fractal Manipulations or imported images are allowed.
:bulletred: NO Private Formulas allowed.
:bulletblack: You may use mappings, masks and texturing created by UF (but no imports).
:bulletblack: Watermarks and signatures must be small and subtle.
:bulletblack: Minimal post-work only allowed e.g. enhancing colours, sharpening and adding a signature or simple border.

Sharing parameters
Pixel: Gift We strongly encourage you to share your parameters publicly if you can, as part of the ethos of this group.
A tutorial on how to store your parameters in your DA area can be found: Here
As always, only formulas from the Public database are acceptable if you intend to share your parameters. Please check.

Questions or don't understand something? Please ask first as we do not wish to offend or upset anyone (and ourselves) by refusing an entry.

Thanks and have fun! :wave:

Some news about Ultra Fractal 6

A few days ago I read a comment by Frederik Slijkerman that Ultra Fractal 6 is nearing completion. Asked about the release date his reply was: "After the summer! Just finishing the help file and remaining bits."

I have no real idea about what features UF6 will have so I am curious to see how it is even possible to make an already great program even better. It will be a full nine years since the last major release, though, so hopefully some new ideas and features will be introduced. I have made a few small suggestions myself so will be keen to see if any of these have been taken up.

This could be an exciting release, I can't wait! :woohoo:

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Shadoweddancer's avatar
Sounds very interesting.  I've used Naru's Gnarly Potpourri before and gotten some intriguing images.

I can't wait to see what goodies have been added to UF 6.  I hope it's not too expensive, my budget is a little tight at the moment.  
Velvet--Glove's avatar
Glad you like the idea of this month's challenge! And I'm sure you'll come up with some lovely entries. :aww:

I'm eagerly anticipating UF6 too. I hope it will be worth the upgrade and have some good new features! As for pricing, hopefully there will be an upgrade cost that is fair and reasonable. Fingers-Crossed - NaNoEmo14 Day 12 
DaffodilB's avatar
Am so looking forward to UF 6, to see what Frederik has done with it! And I've used Naru's Gnarly Potpourri before, so am somewhat familiar with it already!
Velvet--Glove's avatar
Glad you like the idea of the challenge, Michelle. I see this morning that you've made a start already, good! :thumbsup:

Yes, UF6 has been a very long time coming! Sleepy  It was supposed to come out last year so, given these delays, I wouldn't be surprised if it's Christmas before we see it! :lol:
DaffodilB's avatar
Well, we've waited this long - guess an extra month or two won't be that much of a strain, lol! But the man actually does have a real day job, and needs to keep it, so - there's that!
Gerda1946's avatar
I love this colouring, is very nice to work with and give so many different results!! So let's go for it!
And about UF 6, we wait and see :D
Velvet--Glove's avatar
So glad you like the idea, Gerda, and I'm sure you'll come up with some great entries. :thumbsup:
Gerda1946's avatar
I will try my best Chris :D
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